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All About Ashok

I will update this as more stuff happens, and intend to rewrite it at some point, making it a more detailed and neater affair.

Ashok is a demon of deception and nightmares, his very appearance indicating as such. As a human, his hair is black and cut short, yet looks unnatural, the tips seeming to blend into shadow, as if unsure as to whether or not they should exist. His eyes follow this theme of the unnatural, with both of them glowing a dull orange, burning embers in a dying fire, the only things that don't seem to abide to a black monochromatic colour scheme. His flesh does not prove an exception to his strangeness, sometimes looking normal, and sometimes with the veins visible as a black web beneath his skin, hinting at hidden corruption.

The demon is manipulative and sly, holding allegiance to nobody, although he will rarely admit a grudging respect for those he deems 'worthy'. He enjoys talking to people, but often his questions are searching and personal, sometimes uncomfortably so. It is not in his nature to be violent or aggressive, but it is within his capability to be so if the situation requires or he is pushed enough, although it is usually him doing the pushing. He is a creature fascinated by dreams, both pleasant and terrifying, yet he doesn't feed off them. It is clear, however, that they have some effect on him - in this sense, he can be likened to a vampire, although he would strongly deny this if he ever met one, viewing them as lowly creatures.

Ashok's magic is based around sleep and dreams, with him able to see and induce dreams - or nightmares - in someone. This doesn't have to be done while the vicitm is asleep, although a strong-willed person will find it easier to rebuff his magic-laden advances. He also has the ability to become some nightmarish terror, abandoning his human guise in favour of some demonic shadow creature, akin to a tiger or wolf, his eyes retaining their inhuman colour. His hellish nature makes him vulnerable to the effects of the divine, as well as any summoning or binding effects; him being a creature of servitude means that he is far easier to enslave, several lifetimes of masters already having done so.

He is not of this world, and was summoned by a mage of the Iria Mage College, yet was a creature far beyond the abilities of the sorcerer who summoned him. He quickly found a way out of the bonds, and attempted to use his magic on his former master, becoming infuriated when it didn't seem to work, leading him to kill them with his bare hands, a rare feat for the demon. When this didn't send him back to his own plane, as it should have done, he was initially confused, before realising that before him lay a world of fresh nightmares, even if his magic appeared to be diminished greatly.

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