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May 20, 2018
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Zeref Adthorn
Over 1,000, looks 25
Sorcerer, fighter
The real Zeref Adthorn
United States
Jul 31, 2000

All About Zeref Adthorn

Name: Zeref Adthorn
Age: Over 1,000, but looks 25; Timeless
Race: Elf
Hair: Thick, raven black hair that’s attractively pulled back, save for part of his bangs on one side, hanging over his face naturally
Eyes: Alluring, golden eyes
Skin: Fair
Height: 5’7
Weight: 133 lbs.
Body type: Fit; Ripped
Magic type: Elemental, Dark magic

Good traits: Protective | Compassionate | Secretly sensitive | Caring | Loyal

Bad traits: Flirtatious | Womanizer | Possessive | A bit too proud


A lot can be said about Zeref Adthorn, for he is a very social man. However, the company he usually prefers is by women. He’s known as a womanizer and isn’t afraid to show it. Even if he isn’t able to spend the night with a woman -especially if she is betrothed or wed, for he will not lay with another man’s woman- he does take pleasure in flirting with her just to get under their man’s skin.

However, if one looks past his flirtatious nature, and even manages to see through his male pride, they will find that he is actually a very caring and sensitive man. Though he rarely allows himself to get involved in real relationships, whenever he does one will find he is very, very loyal, as well as protective, and possessive to an annoying point. But he means well, and is one whom will spoil his lady if he ever truly fell in love.


Zeref was born and raised in a wealthy home of nobility, also known as the Adthorn family, somewhere outside of Revaliir. In that land, there were three major noble families, his of course being one, the other being the Feynrand family, whilst the last was the Lockheart family. These three families had very strict rules, especially when it came to carrying on the family lines, which was very important there. If a child from one of the families failed to marry and have a child, they bring shame to their family, labeled as failures and disappointments, and sometimes are even disowned.

Zeref was the only child the Lady of the Adthorn family was ever able to bear before she grew terribly ill. The illness that had befallen on her had left her bedridden for years and years, so Zeref was raised by Nannies, and never really got a chance to know his mother. And when he reached the age of four, the illness claimed his mother’s life, and his father was forced to remarry so that they could have more children to help carry on the family line, in case Zeref failed to do so. However, his new mother was incapable of bearing any children.
It wasn’t until Zeref was ten when he learned that, upon his birth, his mother and father had arranged for him to marry one of the daughters from the Feynrand family. But there was a girl whom he had a severe crush on, and she was none other than Nelanna Ray of the Lockheart family, whom later changed her maiden name.

But his family would not allow marriage between the Lockhearts and Adthorns, simply because they would be granted more money from the wealthier family, the Feynrands. It was better for business. However, as Zeref and Nelanna got older, the two took completely different paths. Nelanna was broken-hearted because of her elder sister being disowned, and so she ran away. Whilst Zeref stayed to carry on his family line out of fear of disappointing and shaming his family. So he married the eldest daughter in the Feynrand family, his father retired and handed down the Adthorn land and belongings, naming Zeref the Master of the house, with his new bride as the head Lady. Unfortunately, though, he never grew to truly love his wife, but cared about her and gave her the best of everything as if he did. It was a loveless relationship, for both parties, but they dealt with it because of their surprisingly close friendship.

For years the two were married and continued business with the other two families, yet, they never had a child. And, to their dismay, his wife suddenly grew ill and passed away, just like his mother had. Though he held no romantic feelings for her, he was absolutely heartbroken by her death. Zeref never remarried, and failed to carry on his family line. Because of this, he had shamed his family and was forced to hand the family belongings and land to a cousin of his, whom was already married and had successfully carried on the family line with children of their own.

He had hit the bottom, and now had nowhere to go. So he left the land and took up being a merchant to make money, since he no longer had any, with hopes of buying himself a new home. The job had him traveling across the land and even into neighboring lands, the business not making him very handsome rewards. Until he met a wealthy businessman whom made him an offer. If Zeref became his partner in his weapon industry -helping him sell the weapons, help make contracts with other industries and nobility, as well as transporting the goods- he would pay Zeref a very handsome price and help him make a new start in life. Zeref, of course, accepted. After years of working as the man’s trusted partner, Zeref became far more successful and made much more money than the three noble families he grew up knowing.

Eventually the man grew too old to stay in charge and decided to retire, handing the business down to Zeref, making him the head. To get more customers, Zeref expanded the extent of business by having smaller branches built in neighboring lands. That way they could attract new customers, further and wider. Doing this made the business an even bigger success. One of the lands which his business reached was Revaliir, where he eventually decided to have the main building built after finding he held a great fondness for the land.

There, he had his own mansion built, and continued to lead the business, and a very successful life. But despite being the head of such a major business, he has a lot of free time, allowing him to adventure across Revaliir.

Adthorn Manor

Zeref’s home is a massive stone mansion known as Adthorn Manor, located in Endapano. It looks much like a small castle with its architecture, and is treated as if it was. Though it’s surrounded by forests, a great distance separates the building from most of the trees, with beautiful, well kept gardens, hedges, and stone paths.

Inside are many halls, massive living areas and feasting areas, a couple of kitchens, chandeliers in many rooms and a large number of bedrooms. It even has it’s own ballroom, where big parties can be held. A massive chandelier hangs from the ceiling, lighting the entire ballroom, and reflecting dimly on the beautiful tile floor. A few large, white pillars stand in rows, reaching the tall ceiling, each with red drapes hanging down them. Red drapes also hang on the walls, curving down and up again in a U-like manner. One wall is made entirely out of many decorative windows, whilst on the opposite side of the room is a set of two flights of stairs, each opposite of each other and curving to meet in the center of the room. There lies large double doors; this is where the host of the parties makes their appearance.

All of the furniture in the mansion is vintage, and clearly expensive, with the tables, chairs, wardrobes, beds, etc. made of fine and polished dark wood. Beautiful drapes cover all the windows, no matter how large or small, during the night and are opened every morning by the maids and butlers which keep the entire place clean and cared for. It’s a three story building with a large attic used as an extra floor, which is also kept clean. Beneath the building lies a cellar, as well as a basement, and extra bedrooms where the Servants’ quarters are. And, the servants, are all taken care of well and treated with kindness, this Zeref makes sure of.


Gender: Female
Species: High Wolf
Age: Over 1,000; Timeless
Pelt: Thick, jet-black
Eyes: Silver
Size: 6.56 feet long
Weight: 175 lbs.

Personality: Wise | Honest | Protective | Mostly serious

Details: High Wolves are magical wolves that are commonly larger than normal breeds. They are known for their wisdom, their ability to speak as well as their inability to age, just like the elves they usually protect. The Adthorn family usually used High Wolves to protect their home and family. At the birth of each newborn, the child is gifted with the pup of a High Wolf that serves as their own personal guardian and companion throughout both of their lives. They are loyal protectors of their masters, loyalty which can never be swayed.


Gender: Male
Age: Over 1,000; Cursed
Species: Raven
Plumage: Sleek, black
Eyes: Pale yellow

Personality: Playful | Mischievous | Devious | Never serious

Details: Murdax was once a man whom lived the life of a selfish thief and heartless murderer, until he was cursed by a witch as punishment for his life of crime. She transformed him into a raven, and stripped away his ability to age so that he would forever live a life of misery, misery the witch made sure he would always experience. There is no known way to lift the curse. But as time went, he had a change of heart and decided to try making things right, hoping the witch whom constantly makes him suffer will lift the curse. So he sticks with Zeref and attempts to do as many good deeds as possible. But old habits die hard.

Commune with Beasts
This spell allows the caster to communicate with animals. With great skill, the caster can even convince animals to fight for you; lesser skill sends all animals into a frenzy making them attack even the caster.
Predatory Bird
A large, majestic bird-of-prey, these birds are known for being skilled hunters with keen eyesight. These include eagles, hawks, owl and other large birds.
Found dwelling in both the forest and tundras of the world, wolves are versatile pack hunters in the wild, though occasionally tamed by the brave souls who can befriend them.
Silver Ore
A piece of silver ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
A simple block of wood. Maybe it can be used for something?
Bolt of Silk
A simple piece of silk. Maybe it can be used for something?
A thick, woolen blanket, perfect for keeping a person warm.
Houseware Tools
Includes the common items you would need for housework like pots, pans, brooms, mops, culinary, etc.
Noble Trousers
A pair of pantaloons with superior quality. Only the finest nobles and heroes can afford to wear these.
Noble Shirt
This garment, worn on the upper body, made from the finest fabrics. Comes in many types for both men and women.
Quill and Ink
A writing implement made from a long feather, used by dipping the tip into a pot of dyed liquid.
A little belt pouch for one to put their coins or jewelry into.
The pages in this bound book are blank, allowing the owner to use it to keep a record of their thoughts and activities.
Common Tunic
A simple garment which might resemble a long shirt that stops somewhere between the wearer's hips and ankles. The sleeves may be long or short, depending on the local climate.
Common Trousers
Sometimes called pants, this garment is worn on the lower body, and covers the legs. These trousers are long and extend down to the ankles.
A vehicle designed to carry goods, usually pulled by a draught horse or similar animal.
Includes one small horse or animal (non-rideable).
Simple, sturdy footwear, usually made of leather.

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