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Elizabeth Stormflier

Character Info
Name: Elizabeth Stormflier
Age: 27
Alignment: CN
Race: Half-Dragon Lightning Variant
Gender: Female
Class: Wanderer
Silver: 18
2 star sapphires please.

Character Info
Name: NoBody
Age: Too fricken old
Alignment: TN
Race: Celestial Being
Gender: Unspecified
Silver: 335
5 ectoplasm please

Check out the initial post for an updated full list of what Nobody is offering.
Shiloh Kyrie

Character Info
Name: Shiloh Kyrie
Age: 20
Alignment: LN
Race: Deity (Fae-touched Human)
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Silver: 4133
5 nevermelting icicles please!

"When all else fails, move on to plan B. And when that plan fails, move on to the next plan."

Looking for alchemy or synth items? I might have what you need: Synth and Alchemy Surplus
Extra event synths here: Event Synth Clearance Sale

Shiloh is the Ruler of Onslaught and the Thundering Tempest, or the Overseer of Luck and Misfortune

Her God Powers are:
I. She can utilize spatial distortion to redirect attacks aimed at her to target something else.
II. She can create a paralyzing stasis field with a diameter of 30 ft on a person or a fixed point within her line of sight.
III. She is able to reverse the polarity of one's misfortune into fortune, or vice versa.

Character Info
Name: LeSilve
Age: Looks early 30s
Alignment: CN
Race: Aerkai
Gender: Male
Class: Some dude
Silver: 329
2 obsidian shards please <3


Character Info
Alignment: TN
Gender: Male
Silver: 1025
Ectoplasm! I need myself some ghost snot! FOR SCIENCE!

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