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Character Info
Name: Dalanesca
Age: Immortal (29)
Alignment: CE
Race: Deity (Human)
Gender: Female
Class: Assassin/Rogue
Silver: 8087
Hello members of Revaliir!

Part of our plan to make this site a great place is to listen to and take into consideration everyone's comments and concerns.

We have a new policy on how complaints and concerns should be handled. We are asking that everyone follow the new policy, which can be found by clicking here.

If you have a general comment or concern that you would like addressed by myself, or Nemesis (our other moderator) in a public forum, please feel free to post it here! If you wish for your concern to remain private, please PM one of us.

For more sensitive or private matters, please refer to the above link for instructions on which channels to follow.
As your dedicated admins -slicks hair back in a cool way- we would love to know your comments or concerns!

Take this brief moment to ask about anything! Let us clear things up for you the best we can. We know Revaliir is a big world and all we can do is help you.

On behalf of the entire staff here at Revaliir, we ask that our members keep this thread respectful and logical. Please avoid mentioning any specific members (utilize a more private method of voicing concerns involving other members).

Thanks, and happy RPing!

No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold… nothing satisfies me but your soul

OOC: I'm Whitney!
IC: Dalanesca is The Reaper of Souls, or The Siren.

Dalanesca's God Powers/Rules
I. Dalanesca can manifest her power to temporarily send any non-divine to one of the Circulos Inferos in Luxuria Mortiferum.
II. Dalanesca can summon the Souls of the Damned from the depths of Luxuria Mortiferum to do her bidding in the land of the living.
III. Dalanesca can incite any desire within someone by merely looking at them, and just as easily with her mind.
Angela Rose

Character Info
Name: Angela E. Rose
Age: Immortal Looks 20s
Alignment: CG
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess/Herbalist/Queen
Silver: 8823
This is the new header or a mock-up of it. It could very well not even look like this when we are done: Header WIP

Keep in mind this is a work in progress!

To go into detail: The header is of the twin moons Canelux and Parvpora being overlooked by the Voice standing on the World Tree with the golden stag of the Canclave looking on. 

A header for our very own lore :)

OOC: Brittlez the lovable Head Admin and Server Mom
IC: Angela is The Weaver of Life and Love.
Angela's 3 God Rules
1. Angela has the power to heal wounds/resurrect on command.
2. Angela can bring out someone's inner love.
3. Angela can peer into your thoughts be it for desires, artifacts you seek, and earthly knowledge you might have.
Also: If you check Angela's temple you can see she can make Artifacts! Temporary for plot or if you have a custom item voucher I can whip up something for that!
Angela's complete family tree is in her temple! (Alternate link is in my profile)

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