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Character Info
Name: Neveah
Age: Appears Late 20s
Alignment: TE
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Class: Sorcerer
Silver: 234
[More like PG-13 but you never know]

Neveah heard rumors of the lost mines of Edelweiss opening below a ruins sight. Initially she wasn’t going to go because it sounded too good to be true. However, the money in her pocket was beginning to run low and scavenging off of corpses wouldn’t suffice for long term wealth. The vampire did not live a lavish life prior to her journey to Revaliir but she certainly did not want. The fact that all of her hard work and legacy was now for nothing had been devastating. Veah essentially had to start over but even that required coin. After hearing enough chatter about the possibility awaiting, the redhead decided it was worth the trip.

The journey would be the furthest she had ventured out since her awakening. The vixen made her way down to the docks during a moonless night and met with one of the seedier captains. “Ancense, huh? You know it’s all rubbish - that talk about riches from an ancient civilization,” he grumbled with a half smile in between puffs of his pipe. With delicate fingers, she plucked it from him and inhaled a hit of the spicy herbs for herself. “And you’ve never taken a trip just for the possibility of adventure?” Neveah replied and handed the pipe back with an even bigger smile. “All I’m saying is don’t be expecting too much,” he replied with a sigh. “I never do,” Veah answered and tucked her a pouch of coin between his chest and shirt. She patted the spot and began to walk away. The redhead paused and glanced back at him, “See you tomorrow night.”

The following night she boarded with him and the rest of his crew before traveling south east to Adeluna. Per their agreement, they made a pit stop to get her closer to the mountains they would return in three days. They agreed to wait approximately half a day for her before heading back home. She said a quick farewell and left the safety of the ship to make her way to the pass. The vampire could smell death but it wasn’t the pure scent that she knew well. Instead, it was soiled with unholy magic and overly sweet flora. She paused to allow her sight to shift given the incredibly low amount of light. Even with her heightened senses, the vampire began to feel slightly disoriented. The redhead glanced at her compass with a puzzled look. Neveah reached for her dagger. Quickly, she cut her forearm and wiped the blood on a tree. While this would alert others to her presence, it also was intended to help her find her way back. Then she grazed the wound with her fingertips to force magic forth and heal the spot even quicker.

The vampire knelt down to see some crushed leaves and looked forward and the faint path. She didn’t expect to be the only one lurking around but she couldn’t tell how recent someone else had been there. Neveah pushed back her cloak and shifted her whip and dagger forward. The vampire closed her eyes and drew forward dark energy. When she opened her eyes, her gaze was a deep plum and a toxic mist shrouded her hands. A demonic language poured from her lips as she tainted both weapons with unholy energy. “Fin,” she whispered, flicking her hands as if to shake off water. The mist cleared and her eyes transitioned back to green. A small part of her felt foolish for not trusting her casting abilities and instincts but on the other hand, she couldn’t be certain of her strength or magical arsenal anymore. The dark magic, however, she knew in her soul still existed. Let’s get on with it then, she thought to herself as she walked forward towards the entrance of the catacombs.

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