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Character Info
Name: Luna
Age: Old
Alignment: CG
Race: Silky
Gender: Female
Class: House Fairy
Silver: 3576
Though the silky was most definitely unsure of what to think of the Novella she still stuck around without disappearing. It seemed as if he wanted her company and she couldn’t figure out why. It puzzled her greatly as she watched those blues of his but her face was still rather stoic. It had been a long, long time since she had ever spoken to anyone outside of Angela. Perhaps this had been the goddess’s goal? She could only speculate. The life of silky was rather quiet and secluded. Definitely not something Angela enjoyed.

Once more her head tilted and she had the most puzzled look on her face as he spoke. “No rules?” She had been bound by rules her entire life. If not by those of the Banshee than by those of the silky. It was an odd thing for even her to repeat. Quietly she moved closer to him and her sensitive nose picked up his strange scent. It made her nose twitch at first but she realized aside from Angela she didn’t actually think she had smelled another person before.

“There are good words to use with other people?” A general difference? Her eyes watched him with skepticism but he appeared to know more than her. “How do you know when you’ve used the right words?” Before in her past life if she spoke she had killed their hearing and well… She had killed them too but that was her job before. She couldn’t remember her life before being a banshee and Angela had theorized many things but truthfully it had been even before Angela’s time when she was originally born. Her memories were hazy at certain points. Thanks to the same activities every day the days blurred together on her as well.

The jolt of magic made her almost lose her balance as her senses were temporarily overloaded by the airship moving. Come to think of it… She couldn’t remember a time when she had been on an airship either. Skepticism was alive in her eyes as Killian invited her on his adventure. She supposed it could be said that it was their adventure now.

Slowly the fey followed him and outside the door, she peeked out and around looking to see if anyone was nearby. Always the same with the silky no matter where they went. “I know this place…” She tilted her head and found her way down to the ground. “I remember buildings though but I remember this structure too.” She rubbed the brown curls on the top of her head as she thought. “And screaming and death.” She pulled at her hair lightly as if trying to recall more but it looked like it exhausted her to do so.

“I can remember… things. Places.” She took a hand and rubbed at a bit of metal. “Like when this was new.” She obviously couldn’t remember that exact piece in her hand but she took a sigh. How long had it been?

There were footsteps and soon Luna was hiding behind Killian. It looked like she could only effectively hide in a place where she was dwelling. Moonstone eyes watched as people with pickaxes and rope went deeper down. “Mines. I remember mines but I can’t place where they exactly are anymore.” She shook her head and moved around him as two more folks came from the other direction. She was nimble in staying out of their sights and using him as a blockade of sorts. "Edelweiss… They called it at one point."

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