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Author: Angela Rose, Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:04 PM, Post Subject: A Mortal's Heart

PS: To understand please read the conclusion of Dalanesca and Xunatar's event :D

Author: Angela Rose, Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:18 PM, Post Subject: A Mortal's Heart

“Life and Death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.”

The day of the tournament came and the warriors gathered in the Valley of Vada. However, what they were greeted with was anything but normal. Angela and Dalanesca stood up on a rather tall building but it wasn’t so tall that humans could not see them. The atmosphere wasn’t menacing nor was it carefree.

“Attention all warriors who have dared to take on this bet. I’m not here to yell I told you so. I’m not here for glory nor fame.” Angela voice boomed just a bit. “I’m here to remind Dalanesca that it was the Mortals who brought down the tree in Parvpora. That you while not long-lived for the most part do not fall easily. You’ve had the wool pulled from over your eyes but I do believe that you still have the heart to fight.”

“In other words!” Dalanesca’s voice boomed and she held up a decanter. “You guys are going to have an A-MAZE-ING TIME!” Her laughs echoed a bit and Angela face palmed softly.

“Oh Dal…” Regaining her composure doors appeared on all sides of the building. “Inside you will find a room full of orbs. The maze each of you create is up to the individuals. There are five mazes… To get to the fifth you must endure the four domains that Dalanesca and I have. Life, Desire, Love, and Death. These are your challenges. Whether you are good or evil holds no bounds here. You are here to show you will not be held down by the chains of fate. Fate is fickle and changes just as easily as the ocean sends it’s waves. I wish you good luck. Oh and one more th—”

Dalanesca cut her off and threw her arms up, “To make this more interesting each time you make a combination of spheres you cannot reuse it! Also those of you lucky little contestants who chose to do this and get to the end will receive clones of our most prized artifacts! Good luck and if you die I get to see you later!”

The goddesses disappear and leave the warriors to enter the building… Where they will find the Mazes of Fate.

The Synth Drops:
Red Rose
Black Rose

Synth Prizes
Arc of Want
Moxxie's Panpipe
Equilibrium’s Edge

Special Prizes

Angela's Brooch
A beautiful brooch passed down by the goddess herself which allows the user to completely heal, instantly, every five days. The red rose ornament is most commonly associated with the mother of love and life, and embodies some her most well-known principles, as healing is a special part of life.

Dalanesca's Elixir
An elixir created by the goddess Dalanesca. When ingested it acts as the strongest aphrodisiac in existence. If too much is taken, it can be fatal.

Event Area

PS: Cymbel/Shiloh is the only one who has to do 18 holes of golf because she told me not to include it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Have fun you guys this event lasts until the end of the month! We will give out the special prizes for everyone who competes at the end of the month or if you complete the final maze just shoot us a pm and we'll gift it to you!

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