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Angela Rose

Character Info
Name: Angela E. Rose
Age: Immortal Looks 20
Alignment: CG
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess/Herbalist/Queen
Silver: 10765

In a previous realm, so long ago…

Standing among the broken bodies of a once wealthy and established house among the MoonCrest court, the assailants finished off the last of them when a man walked in from the stormy night. Though he was drenched, the demon gave a joyful look at the gruesome display. With nothing better to do than to cause some mischief, he had hired a group of vampire assassins to wipe out this house. He, of course, would pin the blame onto another. His reasoning was simply to see the court become unglued and for anarchy among them to spread. It was going to be perfect.

After he inspected their handiwork, he reached into his pockets and took out a bountiful bag of gold as payment. But just as one of them was about to take it off his hands, something struck him: a silver tipped arrow lined in runes. It was quick, precise and clean as he fell onto his back. Dead.

The others prepared themselves, but soon met with a similar fate, while the demon attempted to see where these attacks were coming from. The last of the group perished before his eyes and he let out a groan as soon as he felt a presence behind him. “Well, at least I don’t have to pay them. But good help is so hard to find these days.” He turned his head back slightly to see the slayer and chuckled a bit. The slayer, however, did not smile back, and instead kept a calm expression of cold resolve.

It was growing steadily more apparent that this one had great experience to kill vampires of this caliber, yet the demon was spared. For the time being. Whether it was to pry information out of him or not remained to be seen. The demon turned to see the slayer as he rose his weapon - a softly glowing crossbow - squarely at him, poised to strike whenever he felt like it.
Present Time:

In Adeluna, the God of Chaos was playing his hand in manipulating one of the esteemed heads of the court, seducing his need for power with words that suggested treason. Xunatar had been playing around with his head for weeks now, wanting to see what would occur should he gather more of his noble buddies to join him in a revolt against the Queen. It was purely for his own entertainment that he would observe the in-fighting in the court. If there was no revolt then he would see that the seed of doubt within her would grow. Grow until she grew mad and paranoid.

It would be very exciting to him, but he wasn’t aware that another presence was in the same city, one of his own likeness. Not until it was too late and who would be the one that was in the room with them? No other than Naota himself.

Standing behind the nobleman’s chair, Xunatar tilted his head before he started to chuckle. “What brings you here, Naota? Aim to see what fun I can stir up here?”

The other deity’s eyes narrowed, but the usual softness they had was nowhere to be seen. It was rarely there with Xunatar anyhow, but said gentle nature had been more scarce ever since the change of his domain. Without a word, The Dream Weaver walked slowly towards the throne, stopping just short of it, though never pulling away from direct eye contact.

This was not good, and he knew it. The God of Light would simply ruin everything he had worked hard for and he released the man. Not realizing what was going on, the panicking fool immediately left and was heard calling for the guards as he raced down the hall. “I suppose that it’s time for me to leave then, well now…Ta ta,” he spoke with a playful wave. It would be like that one night for the two of them, the one that he had clearly not forgotten from his youth. This time, however, Naota would not simply watch him disappear into the night.
A battle between Gods was something that hadn’t happened in ages; and yet when Naota’s and Xunatar’s powers collided against one another, the realm felt their might. Quakes rumbled beneath the earth, the air grew thicker and more ominous. Surely their brethren felt it as well. And in the moments to come, everything felt as though it stopped on a standstill.

Neither side wished to yield and it was because of that, that someone stood in and sought to stop their gripe. The clashing combination of energies fizzed into nothingness and the two deities were left in a world that seemed void of any color. They were surrounded by darkness and their anger turned to bewilderment. They occupied a seemingly endless room with a black and white checked floor.

“You two seek to wage a battle against each other? Foolish.”

A voice boomed from all directions, leaving it impossible for them to know where it was coming from. And more importantly, of who it was that they had infuriated.

“Search no longer, my children. I am here.”

A mirror materialized from the floor between them, unique in its feature of being double sided. Neither of them could see what the other saw in their respective reflections; for Xunatar, it was a large demon with dark skin and glowing red eyes. Its hair long and untamed and mouth hanging open. “Marblux.” The god sighed as he looked to the creature that was the King of the Crossroads, and his former employer. Of course, he knew that it was not him, but that blasted Voice. Its appearance was different for each of them, but the words it spoke were the same.
“I fear you have learned nothing from the last time a God sought to end another. I had punished Dalansca and Angela for their little squabble, but what should I do with you two? None are blind to the amount of contempt you both have for the other, and I know that letting this ordeal play out will surely bring the realm into further turmoil, the likes of which even you, Lord of Darkness, will not be able to savor. I’ve been watching you, it's clear that you wish to disturb the peace between the Gods.”

Its eyes beamed at Naota, for him the vision in the mirror was quite different from what Xunatar was seeing on his side: a young boy with eyes like his own, though his hair was darker, his frame more waif like, and a sarcastic mouth - his only son, Mica. Which only added to the strangeness of the conversation, even if it was only an illusion. What disturbed him the most was that this was one of very few illusions The Northern Light could not break. It being an illusion cast by The Voice itself made that less than surprising of course, but still.
“You have good intentions, Dream Weaver. But the best of intentions are usually those that make the road to the inferno that much more sturdy. You are as much to blame as he is for wishing to fight. Now you both will…have an opportunity to prove your worth.” With a snap of the fingers, the darkness slipped away and revealed the world below them, a grey world that was Revaliir.

“We are an in plane close to Revaliir but just as far away. I have used the excess energies you poured into you attacks and twisted them to my liking for this game you will now play. With Darkness and Light, I have caused the world to fall into a time of twilight, neither day or night will come until this cease. With the powers of Dreams and Chaos, I have used them to allure the denizens of Revaliir to live through dreams, or nightmares. Of what they will be visited by is entirely up to you, my children.

The mirror began to sink back into the ground and in its place was a map of the realm, similar to what Xunatar had introduced in the conclave. Pieces that stood on this gameboard were that of ebony sculptures of great rulers and extraordinary heroes and ivory wicked monsters and criminals of legend.

“Move the pieces as you see fit and the world will respond accordingly. See if either of you can outdo the other in this game and perhaps we will see a victor.”


Revaliir has become the gameboard of two battling deities; each vastly different from the other, but occupying their own sides of the same coin so to speak. From one comes darkness and chaos, the joy of wickedness ; from the other spills light, hope, and the fantastical of the dreamscape.

As Xunatar and Naota make their moves on the ethereal gameboard that is Revaliir, areas will be over taken by them. Take heed of these areas as they are claimed, as each one will change and morph with the energy of the god that holds fast to it.

For any areas won by Xunatar, the land will become an endless night filled with nightmares and chaos from your darkest fears! Here there is no hope for good to reign supreme, and there is only anarchy. Violence and turmoil will reign supreme until the game is won, so stay alert!

On the other hand, for areas won by Naota, the scape is blanketed in the warmth of dawn: inspiring hope for what is to come. The areas will remain bathed in golden light, and one will be filled with happiness, all the while dwelling in a dream like version of the location filled with their inner most desires and fantasies (so long as they are not evil). Like Xunatar’s areas, Naota’s claimed locations will remain this way until the end of the game.

In this clash of deities, whose side will you choose?

Event Areas where the synth ingredients are dropping!:
Valley of Vada
Plains of Bohar
Eyota Etu
Kukishoku, The Spirit Realm
Yovaesh Port
Zets’Ki Cradle
Perditi Cemetery

Event Items:
Shadow’s Edges
Yume no Kizuna

OOC: Brittlez the lovable Admin
IC: Angela is The Weaver of Life and Love.
Angela's 3 God Rules
1. Angela has the power to heal wounds/resurrect on command.
2. Angela can bring out someone's inner love.
3. Angela can peer into your thoughts be it for desires, artifacts you seek, and earthly knowledge you might have.
Also: If you check Angela's temple you can see she can make Artifacts! Temporary for plot or if you have a custom item voucher I can whip up something for that!
Angela's complete family tree is in her temple!

Character Info
Name: Natsumi
Age: Appears 21
Alignment: CG
Race: Outsider (Planar Revenant)
Gender: Female
Class: Void Sniper
Silver: 3632
It has come to our attention that there is some confusion about the ongoing event, so here is some information to clarify:

Naota and Xunatar are in a soldierless war of sorts where they are converting areas into dreamlike paradises or nightmarish wastelands. The power of the two deities is clashing most heavily in the areas listed in the event announcement and forcing the inhabitants of those areas into living dreams. Depending on who has taken each location, the dreams could be violent nightmares(Xunatar) or blissful paradises(Naota). Either way, physics is out the window now as the two deities fight each other.

Obviously, you are not bound to wait for any of the areas to be claimed, and each area can be considered at your leisure. The point is to have fun with fantastical dreams or vivid nightmares made physical. What's more, people's dreams aren't isolated, so you can walk straight into another nightmare or dream as if everyone is still awake but dreaming at the same time.

If you have more questions, let us know. :)

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Dialogue: "speech" ~telepathy~ 'mental/silent/unintelligible'

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