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The major reason we don't go into how crossbows work is that people can look it up. SO we don't have to go into specifics about it.

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I'm going to say right now that a draw weight of 1250 lbs is just plain unrealistic (I'm assuming realism is the goal here) for a hand crossbow, unless it were made quite sturdy, and the particular character wielding it possessed superhuman strength. 1k+ is pretty much a small ballista. Mechanical assistance very well could be used in a high fantasy setting for such an item as well, within reason. Heavily modified items would require a custom token, however.
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"…unless they were made quite sturdy…"
Well, there's the thing: Medieval crossbows (both light and heavy) were not made entirely of wood.  The prods, the bow part of the weapon, was actually made of high-carbon spring steel, so named for its ability to "spring" back into its most comfortable position (also because today we make automotive springs out of it).

As for the spanning device, these weren't really built into the weapons. They were more like accessories that could be attached to the crossbow when needed and removed when it came time to set the bolt. This is why crossbows tended to shoot slower than warbows, because of all the extra-steps needed to operate the damn thing.

Still, now were turning the suggestion forum into a debate so maybe we can take this to PM or General discussion.

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No need to debate this subject at all, it is closed. Let's just continue on with more suggestions now.

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Albrecht Krieger

Character Info
Name: Albrecht Krieger
Age: 31
Alignment: TG
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Fencer/Mercenary
Silver: 305
So, I have some armor suggestions, sorry…

Gambeson - A heavy jacket made of layers of quilted linen or cotton. It is very durable, provides shock protection for other types of armor and also doubles as everyday attire.

Padded Leggings - Leg armor made of padded textile helps to cushion other forms of leg protection. Who knew self defense could be so comfortable?

Arming Cap - A quilted cap designed to protect the wearer's head from his own helmet.

History: Padded armor actually has a long and glorious backgroung going all the way back to ancient Rome. It has been used as both under armor by Knights in plate armor, but also as dedicated armor on the battlefield by peasant levies. Fiore dei Liberi, a 15th Century Master of Arms, even writes that he wore it for all of his duels and credits it for keeping him alive.

A similar type of armor, sarashi, was a length of cotton wrapped around a samurai's midsection, keeping enemies from disembowelling them.

And since the only mail here covers the upper body…

Chausses - A pair of leggings made of interlocking rings of steel.

Mail Coif - A hood made of steel rings designed to protect the head and neck.

History: Around the time of the Crusades, knights and men-at-arms realized that only wearing a mail shirt was not enough protection when people started to aim for unprotected body parts. Crusaders were basically wearing a big, mail onesie.

Again, Japan had a similar counterpart. Samurai and Shinobi often wore suits of kusari gusoku (lit. "chain armor"). Tatami gusoku ("Folding armor") was basically the same thing with steel plates strategically placed for added protection.

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Do you think this would be a good idea? 

A Glass Rose

I have an idea on how to use it and I think it would be a beautiful item. It might be expensive since glass alone is difficult to create. But it might be a nice thing to add for special occasions or something. 

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Hi Trista! I actually might have Lore that would work for that >3> But it would be put on the backburner until… -screeching dolphins- done.

So we'll keep you involved!

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A canteen or something of that nature that can magically preserve a liquid, especially at its prefered temperature. (Ye old magic thermas). I always struggle trying to figure out how they would have kept perishables (like milk) back then.

I suppose you could sub with conjure food and say your conjuring things that are hot/cold into the canteen. I kind of imagine though that conjuring food was not always the best option, as you would have to spend magic to get substance to substane yourself and get back magic. Seems like no one would farm if you could easily substain yourself/others that way. Also if your character was not magically inclined.

Ok that's it. *runs away*

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