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Kaya Silverheart

Character Info
Name: Kaya Silverheart
Age: 200
Alignment: TG
Race: Half Minadrias-Half Dire Wolf
Gender: Female
Class: Healer
Silver: 250
~The disappearance of her mother had been hard enough on the family; it had been Valandil that felt Kythe vanish first of all (but of course), the Ancient Dragon keening terribly as though struck a fatal blow to the heart, and in his way he was… to have his Bondmate ripped from him and sent who knew where had left him lost and half mad – the only solace the family had taken was that the Dragon was alive which meant that so too was their mother. Over a century, nearly two, had passed while they desperately tried to find out what had happened to her but to no avail.
Luna had given up; she had her own family to worry over now and had mother not told them of the thousands of other time she had found herself in other worlds? Why would now be any different from that? Kaya had been livid with her younger sister for such words and they had got into a blazing row until Valandil, still mourning but ever hopeful that his Bondmate would return home to him, had put a stop to it. And Raith… well Raith had ventured deeper into his own insanity in his attempt to locate their mother – he had always sworn blind that he hated the woman, that she was the reason behind his ‘affliction’ but Kaya believed deep down her younger brother loved his mother, for all his protesting.
When her brother had vanished also Kaya knew that it was related to their mother and set about tracking down her wayward sibling. It hadn’t taken much doing - Raith was far more predictable to her than he would ever admit and when she had found out where he had gone she had hurried home to inform her father and sister. Together they could confront the Gods and find out exactly what had happened to their mother and brother! Luna wanted no part, she had her own family to worry about now, she wanted to look after them… Kaya was angry at her but she understood and so she had travelled with her father and Valandil to the home of the Gods… time to get answers.

”Where are they?” The young woman snarled in a tone so like her mother’s that neither her father nor Valandil could help but smirk at the air of defiance to her voice. ”I know it was you; I tracked Raith here where did you send him? What did you do?”
”Only what your brother asked of us. We sent him to find your mother so that he could finish what was started from the moment of his birth.” Came the answer from the Deities in their lofty houses.
It was as Kaya feared - Raith had lost his mind entirely and sought out their mother to end their lives as he had believed they should have been years ago. She had never understood his single minded fixation on the troubles of his birth or the fact that he and mother had been saved but obsessed he was. ”Then send us. Send us after them both.” Kaya said.
”And why would we do that little halfling child? Why would we do such favours to you?” They laughed.
”Because if you don’t I will spend the rest of my days finding a way to rid this world of you lot and your tyranny forever, and don’t think I won’t.” She snapped.
”Ever the daughter of our Daughter.” The Gods hissed. ”Go then, go find your brother and your wretched, ungrateful mother but know this - you will never see this place again.” They snarled before there was a large snap and Kaya found herself falling from a great height…~

And that was what she woke to; the great rush of air and the lack of it in her lungs due to the altitude and shock. Too surprised by what was happening her instinct to transform or even just have out her wings did not kick in - though thankfully a looming shadow indicated that she might not have been ready but another was. Valandil’s large, black and red shape appeared from the clouds as he snatched her out of the sky alongside her father; carrying them gently within his claws as he flared out his own wings to slow their descent. ”We should have known better than to trust those fiends.” The Dragon snorted irritably as he turned on a wingtip and alighted upon the nearest mountain ledge that was big enough to support his weight. Satisfied that they were safe he placed Pol and Kaya down and furled his wings to his back. ”I can feel her… she’s here.” He whispered softly, his voice almost cracking at the relief.
”I swear we will find her soon Val, can you hold on a little longer?” Kaya asked the Dragon, placing a loving hand to his leg.
”I have waited this long, what’s a little more time? At least I can feel her more strongly now.” He sighed.
”Father? How do you feel? Are you alright?” Kaya asked, hurrying to his side and looking at him with concern, her copper coloured hair falling into her green-blue eyes. She adored her father; she had always been a daddy’s girl but she had felt the loss of her mother nonetheless and seeing him hurt by her absence had only fueled the girl’s determination to find her. ”We’re close daddy. They’re here.” She whispered as she clung to his sleeve, seeking her own reassurance in his presence.
Pol Silverheart

Character Info
Name: Pol Silverheart
Age: Unspecified
Alignment: TG
Race: Wolf-Shifter
Gender: Male
Silver: 232
The rush of the wind on his face as he fell was not something that Pol had experienced in many many years. His children had not yet been born in fact, and now as the air buffeted his face, he fell besides his eldest daughter, both of them measuring their lives in centuries.

Pol kept his eyes closed against the stinging winds and waited. There was nothing he could do about their current situation, even at the height of his power (which he was far from now) he would have been helpless in this situation. For creatures of the Earth, the Air was often a significant weakness. But Pol was not concerned. While he was powerless to do anything here, he knew that Kaya and Valandil were anything but powerless in this situation. So it was far from surprising when the old ranger felt draconic claws wrap around his torso and arrested his fall.

He shook his head slightly as his wife's dragon companion expressed his frustration with the gods of his world. Pol could not help but smile in slight amusement. "I have never known the gods of any world or plane to be anything other an obtuse, fickle, and/or working towards their own ends. But they do tend to do as they say, and I had no doubt that between the three of us we would be able to weather whatever storm they deigned to throw us into."

It wasn't long before Valandil placed both himself and Kaya down on solid ground, in fact it was much sooner than Pol would have expected. So as Kaya and Valandil confirmed what he already suspected, Pol began to take a look at the world in which they now found themselves. The terrain around them suggested a mountain, but even if they were at the top of a mountain range the air shouldn't be this thin.

Slowly, careful of where he was stepping, Pol began to make his way towards the edge of the small clearing where the trio had landed. As he looked over the edge, the sight of a vast land spread out below him occasionally obscured by thick cotton clouds. They were on a mountain, but one that floated high above the land rather than rose up out of it. The world below them looked at once tantalizing familiar and so different than the world he had known for the last two centuries. And somewhere out there was Kythe, his wife and partner. It had taken them so long to figure out what had happened, and longer still to determine how they could follow in her footsteps.

It was moments like this that Pol really felt his age. Physically, he was not all that different from where he had been in his mid-thirties, but he was nearly into his third century and had the scars to prove it. He would do anything to find his wife and reunite with her, but Pol desperately missed the days when the biggest problem they had had was teaching the triplets manners. Foolish him, he had thought, or maybe hoped, that the life of war, adventure, and death was behind them.

And now they were here, and Valandil confirmed this was the right place, though Pol would not have doubted it even without his confirmation. Would they ever return? Pol did not expect that was likely, and he'd made his goodbyes to Luna and his grandchildren, but knowing he would never see them grow was a wound that he doubted would ever close. He felt tears threatening to fall from his golden eyes as he remembered that Kythe had not been there to watch her children grow. There was no recovering that for her, but Kaya was here with him, and that was something. Raith was here too…which was an issue, but it was one he was sure that he and Kythe could solve together.

He turned to smile as he felt his daughter's hand on his arm, wiping away a tear as he did. She was always worrying about him when he should be worrying about her. Placing his hand on hers, Pol replied, "I am fine, Kaya. We've made it, and we will find her soon." He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and pulled her close. "The next step is for us to get down from here," he said gesturing to the ground far below them. "I doubt the gods were kind enough to place us exactly where she is."

Pol turned to look at his daughter. Of his two daughters, Kaya was the better suited to these kinds of tasks, but even being skilled did not always mean one was prepared for being hurled into a new and strange world. "What about you? I notice you did not change as we fell, are you okay? Traveling through the planes like that can have odd effects sometimes."

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