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Character Info
Name: Olvar Tyresus
Age: 24
Alignment: CN
Race: Lupundra
Gender: Male
Class: Wandering Shifter
Silver: 1349
Enemies also welcome and expected.

Frequent sass and disdain. Authority issues. Over-confidence galore.

Dramatic increase in hair, muscles, and attitude during new moons.

(Looking for 1 or 2 threads, word avg of at least 300 preferred. Feel free to PM!)

"What a monstrous sight he makes, mocking man's best friend."


Character Info
Name: Naota
Age: Appears 23
Alignment: CG
Race: Deity
Gender: Male
Class: Deity of Light and Dreams
Silver: 10770
Hey there!  Sounds fun :3 I have a few characters if Naota isn't your style lol

Naota: deity of light and strength 

Hiromi: vampire half demon lady (female) probably most likely to be an enemy lol

Dorian: evil sea witch (male)

Najima: overly curious fallen star ("male")

300 words isn't a problem for me :3

God Rules:
i. Has the ability to put any target into a deep sleep.
ii. Unmatched in holy magicks as well as light magicks.
iii. Can shatter illusions by bending the light to show the truth.
[ OOC: My main account but one of many! :D - Anton ]

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