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Character Info
Name: Akira Sno
Age: 13
Alignment: CG
Race: Fox demon
Gender: Female
Class: Curious child/ Venomancer
Silver: 443
Her brow furrowed when he admitted not requiring the consumption of food. While his reasonings as to why he put such a large feast before her sounded logical to her mind, Akira questioned the food he was clearly eating. ”If daddy no need food, why eat anyway? Akira hear eating when not need make you fat,” she said in a matter-of-fact voice. Despite this, however, she relented and approached the table, taking a single apple.

She munched on it thoughtfully while listening to her father. As beckoned, she joined Xunatar at the window, looking out at the grounds of his domain. Instead, her head was tilted up, gazing up at the deity from beneath her lashes. According to Neera, Akira was about a single year old when her mother perished, and it was through Neera’s care that she survived at all. What if her mother had tried to tell her father about Akira?

”Sur-vive-or” The child tested the word against her tongue. Carefully putting the bare apple core on the sill, Akira threw her arms around Xunatar’s leg. ”Akira understand, Daddy.” Disengaging herself from her father, Akira ran to the table and began to eat. Her body had used a lot of energy, and she was ravenous. Even with having a pair of women attempting to teach her manners, the child still ate greedily, barely taking the time to chew.

When she was done, she politely wiped her mouth with a napkin. Akira looked up at Xunatar with a sheepish smile. ”What daddy like do for fun, when not busy? Can Akira explore on own? Anything Akira need know about visit here?” She had noticed that her room was one of the brightest in the castle, but that suited her just fine. As it was explained to her, he was the deity of darkness and chaos, which led her to a plethora of questions. ”Daddy? Why Akira not dark, or chaos, like you?”


Character Info
Name: Xunatar Norcross
Age: Immortal
Alignment: CE
Race: Demon
Gender: Male
Class: God
Silver: 3403
Akira was quite the hungry mind, even as he could plainly see that she was starving in her tiny belly. “It’s more of an old habit, dearheart. It just comes to me to eat sometimes.” The fat comment made him chuckle as she drew closer to the table and took an apple. His explanation of how the world worked was a bit abbreviated, and hopefully, as she grew and matured, he would be able to offer her a more in-depth description.

“Yes, you are young but you are strong enough to live through the things that stood in your way. It was only a shame that I hadn’t found you back then.” His hand patted the top of her head softly. Even with the most recent trouble of someone she cared for and loved perishing, he would that she would make it through. Not anytime soon, but her father could see that as she grew, it would serve but another lesson to learn in life- that it was fleeting and one certainly needed to take full advantage of it or die with regret. She released him and started into the breakfast provided by him. She needed not to be proper while at the table, and she certainly didn’t hold back. The god simply watched her before turning back to the evening-like sky. The stars danced around, even though they were but illusions, and he took the time to draw upon them with a finger. They reacted with the movement of his finger with their own up until he heard the young one’s voice and turned back around. “I like to go out and explore. I don’t stay at home for too long before I heard the world calling for me. There are many things that we don’t know and I would like to know as much as possible. Remember this, Akira, knowing things can be a powerful tool. There are other things, but I can tell you about that later.” He made his way back to her side and sighed.

“Yes you may, but be careful of the woods around and more so the city that’s nearby. A lot of scary things are there. But fortunately, your older brother is in charge (for the lack of a better word) there and can protect you if needed. The beaches around are safe enough though. As far as this house goes, you can explore to your heart’s content”

He poured some juice into a cup and placed it nearby for her. “Perhaps because I didn’t have it back when you were born. Or perhaps you have your own road to journey, to see who you really on. Perhaps, later on, you could be like me or something else entirely. Your mother…was a good woman. I am something else entirely but you do carry both of us in your blood, dearheart. Only time will tell and you have the choice to have the path you wish.”

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Xunatar is the King of Nightfall and the Walking Paradox.
God Rules:
I. Xunatar can distort the reality of his surroundings within the realm.
II. He is unmatched in shadowy and mind-altering magic.
III. Can use the shadows around his surroundings to his liking.
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