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Character Info
Name: Celeste Volkov
Age: Looks 19
Alignment: LE
Race: Vaewolf
Gender: Female
Class: Alpha Female
Silver: 614
Two thousand years had been spent burying her past and making a new life. Very seldom did she reflect on her life thus far. She moved on in her heart and at times she felt guilty. The vaewolf alpha knew that she could not hold it against herself. They had been wrong. They had wronged her. They, at the time, deserved everything she had given them. Celeste was the last of her race, at least of the type found in the Zujiuchu Mountains. She had killed everyone. Man, woman, and child. It had been a blind rage. A hate filled rage. In the span of only a few years, they had taken everything from her and worse were going to sell her like a slave. All for the sake of their mortality.

The Vaewolves were different. They were fiercely loyal and would choose to die together instead of selling each other off. They were bound by blood and a familial love that Celeste had never known but with Noih. They were her priority. Even on nights of the full moon like the very one Celeste found herself dwelling under.

Her body had shrunk during the day cycle. Her small lithe frame was easy enough to underestimate. She was, however, lightweight and fast which made her a fierce hunter and killer. Even now as she stalked the streets with her silver flecked skin did she think with a killer’s perspective. It didn’t take long to find one of the humans of Kurayo who had been mistaken to wander down the wrong path. It was quick. Her hand to his face, a scared look, a twist to their neck. Three easy steps. Was it always so easy to kill the weak?… She couldn’t remember.

That was when the first shakes of something happening came to her. It was an eerie sense of familiarity. Something felt wrong. Blood dripped down her chin and onto her close as she dropped her drained victim. What was this feeling? This wrongness in the area…

Celeste made her way home and silently went upstairs as she bathed and crawled into bed. It was still early in the night but the feeling would not go away. “Nemesis?” She knew that her wolf would not wander far from her on this night. She was more fragile even if she was vicious. Her crimson eyes wandered to him. “Something is wrong. Something feels wrong.”

But what?

Then the burning sensation that she was accustomed to began to miraculously vanish bit by bit. Not overly so but enough that it was actually pleasant to deal with. She shot up wide-eyed, most likely the most shock the Vaewolf had ever shown. “We need to go back. We have to go now.” She crawled across the bed and climbed down with a slip. “Something is wrong. Something is amiss.”





It was all hitting her at once but she didn’t know why. Outside she was hyperventilating. “WE HAVE TO GO BACK NEMESIS,” Celeste cried as she grabbed him and shook. “We need to go to the mountain top. SOMETHING IS WRONG.” Wholly… Wrong. There were tears in her red eyes and she didn’t know why. The littlest vaewolf slumped into a crying hyperventilating mess. She didn't understand… Was this anxiety?

"How blessed are some people, whose lives have no fears, no dreads, to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly, and brings nothing but sweet dreams."
—Bram Stoker, Dracula

Volkov Family Info
Celeste's History

Character Info
Name: Nemesis Volkov
Age: Around 4500
Alignment: LE
Race: Vaewolf
Gender: Male
Class: Alpha (lawfully mean)
Silver: 738
Nemesis had been busy observing Sergi’s training with the sword. The boy had promise, but he was also impatience, which reminded his father of himself back in the day. Ah, it had been so long since he thought about his youth but the time for reminiscing had ceased and he had sent the boy to his studies for the time being. Leaving Sergi to his own devices, Nemesis headed for his office when he heard his wife’s voice. It was unnatural to hear her voice filled with worry and he immediately headed off for their bedchambers.

“Celeste?” It was troubling to see her retire so early into the night, but then he glanced at the window, where he could see the twin moons in their glory. Perhaps she was inflicted by the curse again? It had made sense when he noticed her in her smaller form. Moving towards her, he sat onto the bed’s edge and patted her back. Still, something was off, even for the curse that was afflicted onto her so long ago. He just couldn’t put his finger on it. “Back? Back where, love?” The vaewolf looked truly confused as to where she was suggesting.

And then it seemed like she had snapped and left him breathless as she clutched onto his much larger form. Never had he seen her like this, her heart was racing too much and her emotions left her a wreck. “Celeste! Catch your breath…” He froze as he pieced together what she meant; it was the mountain top. The very one that he had met her upon, and the same one that she had been on when she slaughtered her kind and adopted the curse, to begin with.

He rose up to his feet and thought about the surrounding area- fortunately, it hadn’t been too long since they had both been there and he was able to make a portal crossing over to it. “Come now, let’s see what is plaguing you… “ He helped her up and assisted in moving towards the gate which they crossed through. Stepping onto the other side, he could plainly see that the village had been left in the same condition as they had last seen it. But just as he was about to comment on it, Nemesis noticed a faint scent. It was a bit like Celeste’s, but different.

His brows narrowed together as more scents hit his nose and he slowly moved further into the desolated town. Voices came to him, filled with worry and confusion and when he got close enough, Nemesis was at a loss. His mouth hung as he could plainly see Celeste’s kin, alive and breathing. The selling point was that their clothes carried millennias old stains of blood. Was this some sort of sick joke? Their eyes hit the tall stranger and he looked back at them, not knowing what the hell was going on.

“Celeste? What the devil is this…”

They should have been dead.

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