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Character Info
Name: Mirannda Sinopa
Age: 33
Alignment: CN
Race: Phoenix
Gender: Female
Class: Retired Mercenary
Silver: 926
That first word to pass through his lips haltered her steps, frozen in place. Hesitantly, the phoenix turned to look at him beneath those thick lashes of hers with a haunted expression. River wanted to pursue her? But she couldn’t drag him down the path of chaos she typically led. Especially with the unknown variables on the chances of Sin coming here. ”River…” Tears welled up in those beautiful eyes of hers as she closed the distance between them.

Both hands lifted to splay across his chest, one slid up to cup the base of his skull. All the while, her eyes pierced into his. ”I am not the right person for you.” Yet, she went in for another kiss. River was a very attractive man, sweet and caring. He is the kind of man she would have pined for before that stupid werewolf waltzed into her life. Allowing herself this little piece of weakness was almost too much for her heart to bear.

She pulled back to trail kisses along his jawline up to his ear. In between each kiss, she whispered a word. ”I’m a killer, a roamer, a lover.” Keeping her breathing under control was difficult as she stopped and pressed her cheek against his. While he couldn’t see it, she closed her eyes. ”I don’t want to hurt you, River.” Mirannda didn’t want to lose him. She clenched her teeth together, waiting to hear his response.

Death is only the beginning.

Character Info
Name: River
Age: Young 20s
Alignment: CN
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Male
Class: Spiritbinder
Silver: 634
Very gently, he wiped a tear from her cheek before it spilled too far down her face.  He knew then he would do whatever he could to keep her from crying again.  "Is that you talking, or your past, Mirannda?  I think whether or not I am right is something we should find out together," River said, refusing to let her put herself down in such a way.  He cupped the side of her face when she said that she didn't want to hurt him, and River understood what she meant.  But he already knew his answer.  "You won't hurt me, my dear.  Whatever fears you have, we will face them together.  No matter what happens, I want to be there for you," he promised.  Even if things did not work between them, he intended to remain friends, and to remain supportive of her. 

Pulling his head back so he could see her face, River kissed her again.  "Now come, why don't we enjoy the rest of this party?  We can worry about other things later," he said, his tone warm and protective.  Nothing else would ruin this night, he was certain of that much.  He could hear the music starting to pick up again, and he wanted to make certain that Mirannda forgot about the vampires, her fears, and anything else that worried her.  At least for the rest of the night.

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