Among contemporary "deities", there are few as mysterious as the individual known only as The Nameless One. Most of my colleagues will tell you that they tend to just gloss over that title when chronicling "divine" deeds; yet this is not because The Nameless One doesn't interest them. Far from it. There just isn't anything to write about!

We know of several "deities" in recent times that have been reclusive, hiding away in pocket dimensions to avoid interacting with "unworthy" mortals. At the very least, however, we know the names of those "deities" along with their domains. With The Nameless One, that's not true. We don't know anything about them. We don't even know their age, sex, birthplace, domain or really any deeds other than that catastrophic event that took place in Karith some time ago. It's as if the individual behind the name was so much of a recluse that they didn't want to be found ever again; that or they committed such a despicable act that the rest of the "conclave" turned on them.

Whatever the case may be, everyone remembers what it felt like the day The Nameless One changed history. All depictions of them, whether written in stone, on paper or in any other non-perishable material, suddenly vanished. Everything crumbled to the ground with a single, loud cacophony, even in Parvpora where the "gods" were – and still are – weakest. Then, when the Great Erosion was over and it was time to rebuild, no one could remember what it was we were supposed to be rebuilding. We knew a "deity" had fallen or resigned, but we couldn't remember who they were or what their domain was. The ink in our records had gone blank too, as if The Nameless One had erased history itself.

There are rumors that not everyone forgot, of course, but the thoroughness of destruction makes these stories suspect. Either way, The Nameless One remains one of the greatest unknowns in modern times. Where did they go? Why did they leave? What horrors did they possibly leave behind? And why did their identity vanish from history? So many questions, so little answers: and yet all the intrigue in the world.

Personally, I intend to find out more. I've heard that a vault ascribed to The Nameless One has been discovered nearby. If true, this could be the discovery of a lifetime. Finally, a relic left untouched! We could finally know who this mysterious individual was!

Though I am a bit concerned by what the laborers have been relaying recently. Apparently they can feel something "evil" coming out of that vault, and there are "warnings" centered on its entrance. Preposterous nonsense, I say, but they could still damage valuable artifacts while bumbling about in superstition. I'm going there to oversee the operation myself and see if I can't motivate them to dig faster.

-From the journal of a former Senior Mage, Ruven, in the Department of Artifacts at Iria University, shortly before his mysterious disappearance alongside several of the apprentices under his tutelage. The vault mentioned here was never found during the missing persons investigations.