What we based Revaliir's cultures and languages on by area

Revaliir's common language is Adeluna Trade Language, but each region has their own special culture.


Apoy Island - Philipino/Polynesian

Adeluna – Northern European/Latinised

Mamlak – Swahili and other African languages

Ancense Mountains – Bengali

Egjora – Scandinavian and Germanic

Bohar Plains - Greek

Harena Desert- Middle-Eastern languages

Mo'mey Steppes – Belarusian

Vilmapolan – French and Latinised southern European languages

Highlands - Gaelic

Itjivut – Welsh for the ice elves. Humans: Icelandic

Endapano - Tolkien elvish

Sularia/Arri - Romanian/Turkish, Mash of all cultures in Revaliir as seen fit.

Yovaesh Port - Gaelic

Horae Island - Holly Black Fey, Tolkein Elves, Romanian/Turkish, and various others for each season.

Sihajja - Maltese

Valley of Vada -

Umbral Depths - Dark Elves, Drow fantasy lore (loosely)

Eyota Etu - Native American influences


Iria– Croatian

Ataiyo – Japanese

Komiteia – Tolkien Hobbits/Gothic Architecture

Haza Savanna– Hungarian

Karith – Chinese and other SE Asian languages

Koschei – Russian

Baltil - Loosely based on Dwemer(Elder Scrolls)/Chinese Inspired Artechture/Tolkien Dwarf Architecture

Abed – Hindi/Sanskrit/India

Gaharee - Hindi/Sanskrit/India

Jasumin Lake - Thai/Japanese

Feeorin Forest- Slavic influences, Some Celtic Lore, Holly Black/Cassandra Claire Fey Inspired

Kujishoku, The Spirit Realm - Japanese

Railoch - Close ties to Japanese, moshposh of different cultures in Parvpora

Varaz - Hungarian

Zets'Ki Cradle - Georgian, Architecture is more Art Nouveau

Sidhiel - Salvic influences + Tolkien Elves + Elder Scrolls High Elves

Bakulaw - Adelunian Common thanks to Alchemist Camp

Hoja Mesto - Multiple Asian influences

This is more about general culture, ethnicity, and language. Obviously many words will be altered and changed from the original language basis, but the above list works as a rule of thumb.