What we based Revaliir's cultures and languages on by area

Revaliir's common language is Adeluna Trade Language, but each region has their own special culture.


Apoy Island - Philipino/Polynesian

Adeluna – Northern European/Latinised

Mamlak – Swahili and other African languages

Ancense Mountains – Bengali

Egjora – Scandinavian and Germanic

Bohar Plains - Greek

Harena Desert- Middle-Eastern languages

Mo'mey Steppes – Belarusian

Vilmapolan – French and Latinised southern European languages

Highlands - Gaelic

Itjivut – Welsh for the ice elves. Humans: Icelandic

Endapano - Tolkien elvish

Sularia/Arri - Romanian/Turkish, Mash of all cultures in Revaliir as seen fit.

Yovaesh Port - Gaelic

Horae Island - Holly Black Fey, Tolkein Elves, Romanian/Turkish, and various others for each season.

Sihajja - Maltese

Valley of Vada -

Umbral Depths - Dark Elves, Drow fantasy lore (loosely)

Eyota Etu - Native American influences


Iria– Croatian

Ataiyo – Japanese

Komiteia – Tolkien Hobbits/Gothic Architecture

Haza Savanna– Hungarian

Karith – Chinese and other SE Asian languages

Koschei – Russian

Baltil - Loosely based on Dwemer(Elder Scrolls)/Chinese Inspired Artechture/Tolkien Dwarf Architecture

Abed – Hindi/Sanskrit/India

Gaharee - Hindi/Sanskrit/India

Jasumin Lake - Thai/Japanese

Feeorin Forest- Slavic influences, Some Celtic Lore, Holly Black/Cassandra Claire Fey Inspired

Kujishoku, The Spirit Realm - Japanese

Railoch - Close ties to Japanese, moshposh of different cultures in Parvpora

Varaz - Hungarian

Zets'Ki Cradle - Georgian, Architecture is more Art Nouveau

Sidhiel - Salvic influences + Tolkien Elves + Elder Scrolls High Elves

Bakulaw - Adelunian Common thanks to Alchemist Camp

Hoja Mesto - Multiple Asian influences

Jayou, The River City - Cambodia

This is more about general culture, ethnicity, and language. Obviously many words will be altered and changed from the original language basis, but the above list works as a rule of thumb.