The birth of Revaliir began in the stars like so many other worlds. Titans known as Celestials ruled the skies and filled mortal souls with terror and amazement. The Celestials Parvpora and Canelux became the moons and reigned over the skies for all eternity. Now the Celestials are lost to the flow of time and only myths remain. However, your story has yet to begin and where you might end up is entirely up to your imagination. Dare to roam the lands of Revaliir and discover the truth of yourself. What does fate have in store for you? Well, my friend, that is entirely up to you. You can’t conclude a story that you haven’t even started.

Come explore the lands. From the all too perfect streets of Egjora to the mysterious roads of Abed. Danger lurks in every corner if one isn’t too careful. Get lost in the Feeorin Forest but beware the call of the fey. Hear the banshee screams of Koschei Forest from the dark town of Kurayo. Fly airships high into the skies and create your own destiny. One might even get lucky enough to end up next to a deity in the tavern. The possibilities, the stories, the myths… They are endless and entirely up to you.

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New Announcements

Wiki Changes and Additions

by Shiloh Kyrie

Posted on Wed May 13, 2020 7:26 PM

Wiki Site Rules Updated

Added the following section beneath General Rules:

Abuse of the Drop Rate System

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The Revenant Chrysalis [EVENT]

by Angela Rose

Posted on Mon May 11, 2020 1:55 PM

There were twenty-eight days to end the chrysalis before the goddess Angela would perish from the leech the Eldritch fiend had attached to her. The days were slowly ticking away and try as they might those who rose to save Angela had a hard time reaching the top of the spiral.

Towards the end, the goddess Shiloh received a formula from Angela allowing her to pour a concoction onto the malachite structure which would have sent it crashing had the earth not shot up to support the structure. Angela was unsure how many were in the spiral at the time the acid hit but with her powers stabilizing it the pearl reacted back with a violent huff.

The remaining six days they would have had suddenly begun to escalate as the pearl latched more onto the divine sphere of Love. Shiloh managed to evacuate the spire along with the other gods who were present when Angela gave a distress signal that something had gone wrong. The chrysalis began to pulsate as the spire finally toppled and it floated above the battlefield full of fresh debris.

The goddess entered the final fight for her sphere and her life as she managed to get to the edge of the camp. Blood fell from her lips as she clenched her teeth and she tried as hard as she could to pull the power back. However, she found herself without all of her strength. She had been busy this past month and had used much of it for the new season and the creation of a special someone.

Correa, her child avatar, came out from among the people. She had been directing the clerics in her lady’s stead so that Angela would not have to stress the finer things. “You are losing,” Correa’s adult words came from her innocent appearance of a five-year-old. Anyone else might have been shocked but Angela had created her for the sole purpose of being her eyes and her ears for the world.

“Just need a bit more time. The other gods will come through,” Angela hissed in pain as she knelt down onto the ground from exhaustion.

“But you don’t have that kind of time. The hourglass has sped up again. The pearl is taking more now that it has a lead over you,” the child came to her mother’s side but offered no comfort.

“Don’t you think I realize that?” Angela snapped towards the girl but she barely had enough strength left to form it into a loud tone.

“The seasonal change has taken its toll on you. It’s plotted well to catch you during the time of renewal when you pump most of your powers into the earth.” Correa reached out and grabbed her mother by her face. “But there is something else you can take.”

“You would do that to me? Bring me that kind of torment?”

“I am going to die when you die anyway. Save me the pity you throw at me. They need you and your spheres. I find myself to be a bother to your other children anyways. They are all little monsters… Did you know that?”

Angela was at a loss for words but she nodded. She couldn’t find the energy to cry. “I do.”

Correa moved without prompting the goddess as she hugged her mother closely. “You should pick an avatar more suited anyways… Serious doesn’t fit your shenanigans,” the avatar smiled and kissed her mother’s forehead before dissipating into a cloud of green energy. The energy swarmed Angela and before long she was back on her feet staring up at the pearl.

Angry tears were leaving her eyes now as her voice boomed up towards the pearl, “Time and time again you come and you destroy the things that I love. This the last time you’ll take something from me!” The goddess finally managed to look at her hands discovering a single rather large seed. “And I think I know exactly what to do with you,” Angela rolled it around in her palm before she clenched her fist with the seed still in her palm.

“I am more than just Love and while Love is strong, you’ll find that Life is even stronger right now!” The earth was teeming with heavy energy thanks to the renewal it went through every year. Angela threw the seed as hard as she could getting it as far away from the camp as possible.

“Shiloh, you might want to get out of there…” It was a singular warning as the earth erupted with twisted vines. The pearl tried to keep up with it releasing the miasma that had killed so many of it before. However, the more it tried the more vines the earth brought forth as they twisted and turned into a massive tree-like structure. The pearl was swallowed into the deep abyss of the tree and the tug-of-war that had been previously favoring the pearl was now in the goddess’s favor.

“I’ll be taking back what’s mine now,” the Mother was pissed towards her loss but she knew there was one way she could honor Correa. A girl who was born from a tree and a girl who gave her life to become the seed of hope. She would be the inspiration for this creation.

Branches shot out making the airways resound with loud booming noises from the force and type of magic that filled the air. Large purple leaves began to form and opened wide as they began to pulsate and glow an eerie color. Green energy could be seen traveling up the roots all the way to the core where the pearl was. It’s fate came faster than it could have ever done to the Goddess. As the very energy it leeched left it, the remaining life force it might have had also was drained away as large blue flowers bloomed all over the tree’s many new branches.

Angela found herself falling after using the large sum of energy she had received and she panted for many moments as her betrothed Nemesis, the God of fear and darkness, ran to her side. “Thank you, everyone… Even Correa’s sacrifice would not have worked had you all not rushed to fight it. You drained enough of its power for me to overwhelm it with Correa’s life. We should honor that sacrifice. A little girl saved all of you and myself. A little girl who had only known the world for a few short months. We’ve crushed the last of the Eldritch being and that is an accomplishment many of you should hold high.” Angela spoke to everyone involved as the plains of Mo’Mey lost the curse that had been placed upon them as the tree absorbed it. However, she looked exhausted from the fight and probably emotionally drained from the loss of her Correa.

“She will speak no more, she needs rest,” Nemesis stood firm as he took the goddess away from the crowds. The silence that was left was eerie all the same.

Mo’Mey Steppes is now home to the giant Correa Tree, it’s seed brought salvation in the last few moments of the fight against the Eldritch fiend.

Sorry for the delay a lot of things have happened since the end of the event and I finally feel well enough to post the conclusion! (probably not very well written but you get the jist)

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The Revolution of Light [EVENT]

by Shiloh Kyrie

Posted on Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:01 PM

Event Conclusion
The Anointed and the angels had fought hard, but in the end, it seemed that the world had chosen sin rather than peace, at least in their minds. The moment the statue’s power was drained and it started to crumble Sirona knew that it was over, her Revolution was broken by those she was trying to help, even if her methods were rather extreme. Knowing that in only a matter of moments the portals in the sky would close and the remaining angels would cease to have an anchor to this world and disappear Sirona acted.

Using her ability to travel at the speed of Light she zoomed around the lands and gathered her remaining Anointed from their battlefronts. Saving as many she could as the angels started to fade from existence as the portals in the sky closed. As they did the sky itself started to darken, for it was nighttime when the statue came down and so the world was plunged back into darkness.

Retreating to Kanisa Kuu la Malaika with the last of the Anointed Sirona, still wounded from her battle with Serafina and Raith, went to slump into a pew. Her people around here were silence save for the groans of the wounded as they were being tended to but those who had stayed at the Cathedral. Exhausted and weary Sirona sighed, wincing at the chunk of missing flesh from her exposed left arm thanks to Serafina. It would heal, she was immortal, but she used so much of power that she wasn’t healing as quickly as she could be.

Closing her eyes, the Goddess felt the pull just as it happened and when she opened her eyes once more she was within the Conclave of the Ancients, with the Voice looming over her. Some of the Deities were too but it was the Voice that spoke up first. “Sirona, when I chose you, this was not what I expected from you.” The Voice spoke, but the defeated angel said nothing as the Voice stepped up to her and frowned. “I did not sense this before, but now I do.” The Voice reached towards Sirona and his hand went into her chest, Sirona gasped and when the hand was removed so to was a glowing orb of power, the Strength Aspect itself.

Sirona wobbled on her feet and slumped into her chair while the Voice examined the Aspect. “Curious, you have a third Aspect within you, one that must be from the world you came from.” The Voice reached into the Strength Aspect itself and withdrew a smaller sphere from within and examined it. “I see now, yes, I believe this is what happened.” The Voice turned to any other Deities that were there. “This Aspect is Revolution, making Sirona in her home world the Angel of Revolution I suspect. I did not sense this for what it was when I chose Sirona, and it attached itself to her Strength Aspect and become stronger as a result. It enhanced her emotions and possibly pushed to take such drastic actions.”

The Voice threw the Strength Aspect back to Sirona who heaved in a breath when it was absorbed back into. “Now, I give you another chance, Sirona, we shall see what you do once you recover and now that you no longer have this Revolution within you.” A wave of the hand and Sirona opened her eyes again back in her Cathedral.

Tears in her eyes the defeated Goddess set about helping the remaining wounded. When that was finished, she disappeared into her private quarters and locked herself in.

TLDR: The Voice wasn't too happy with what Sirona did, and turns out there was a hidden third aspect within the domain of Strength. Now that it's removed, things have finally returned to normal, albeit following a stern chastisement from the Voice to the goddess. Night has returned!

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The Revolution of Light [EVENT]

by Shiloh Kyrie

Posted on Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:41 PM

The Revolution of Light

As the afternoon was coming to an end and evening would soon be upon the lands of Revaliir, many beings around the lands were heading home for the coming night. To be with their families and loved ones, or spending the night in a tavern drinking, gambling, whoring.


It took a little while for people to notice but eventually, a realization struck them; it wasn’t getting darker out. The sun had set, for it was no longer in the sky, and the moon was out, yet it still looked and felt like it was the middle of the day! It was around the midnight hour, with the light of day still shining, that a voice boomed out across the lands.

“Hear me! You will have no doubt noticed that sunlight still bathes these lands despite it being the witching hour. Please, fear not, for I, Sirona, Lady Glory, have a hand in this. I am aware of how sudden this was, and I apologize for this unexpected event, but it is one that I am afraid is much needed, for a time a has come to do something.” There was a moment’s pause as a ripple of power swept out from Onnen to Parvpora at blinding speed and there was a sudden hum in the air. “Since my time in these lands I have witnessed many a Sin and Evil, time and time again, the cycle repeats. Nothing is done for the long term, not by the mortal authorities and not by my fellow Deities!” Sirona’s voice boomed and the anger in it was clear. “Murders, rapes, whole villages razed to the ground, for what? Coin? Fun? I say no more!”

The hum turned into a crackle and pockets of Light appears in the skies above the lands, swirling in a distorted reflection of the lands below. “It is time to take a stand against the Evil and Sin of this world! I am calling upon every able bodied being that can hear me to pick up arms and fight, fight for the future of the lands and join me and my people in ridding the world of Evil. This will be a Revolution!” The Lights in the sky shimmered and seemed to change into some kind of portal and, after a moment, beings started to pour from them!

These beings were almost uniform in appearance, all were about six feet tall, jet black skin and bright pure white eyes. They were robes and armour of white and their large wings were covered in white feathers. These were angels, of a kind not seen in Revaliir before, and they were pouring into the lands from the skies. Upon landing on the earth they drew weapons, but did not attack, only stared with their blank eyes around them, only attacking if they were attacked.

Sirona’s voice could be heard once more. “These are my allies, if you choose to take up arms and fight against the Evils of these lands then join them! They are visitors from another realm, but they will fight to help rid these lands of Sin and Evil.” As Sirona spoke, in some of the major cities of the lands people who looked like ordinary citizens stepped out of the crowds and joined the newly arrived angels. These beings of varying races, genders and revealing varying kinds of weapons, removed their normal clothing to reveal armour. “Among my new allies are my Anointed Warriors, if you wish to fight with us then speak to them!” There was a long pause before Sirona spoke once more, her voice solemn and content, and a bit sad. “This is no war, this is the Revolution that these lands need, and have needed for a long time. So long as you do not interfere with their mission the angels will leave you alone. But if you Sin, if you are of Ill and Evil intent then your time has come, for your kind are no longer welcome in these lands. I know some of you will not agree with our methods, but strong methods are called for in a Revolution if any meaningful change is to take place. May the Purity of Light and Strength of Faith guide us all in these troubled times.”

With that Sirona’s voice fades and the angels stand still for a moment before some fool in some city attempted to take a shot at one of them. When the arrow struck the angel and it fell to the ground, the Revolution was truly started. The angels and the Anointed moved in, they have started attacking taverns, brothels and other such locations of sin. They do not kill, unless they are attacked directly, but merely go into a tavern, destroy all the booze before smashing the bar itself and leaving. Brothels are cleared of people, by force if necessary, before burning them to the ground.

It has been found that Sirona is conducting this Revolution from the Welayta Mountains on Onnen. Which makes things complicated as she and her Anointed are using one of the highest floating parts of the mountain to locate the source of the daylight. High up on the mountain is the statue of the angel from Sirona’s own Cathedral! It is the source of the constant light across all three continents. It’s possible that destroying the statue, or at least draining it of the Light magic Sirona has infused into it, will restart the proper day/night cycle. But the way up is difficult, and she has placed some of her best Anointed and a large contingent of angels to guard it.

Those resistant to Sirona’s measures are gathering near Mandhari, the Elephant Graveyard on the Eastern side of the Welayta mountains. From here they are staging raids against Sirona’s fortified location to try and destroy the statue. Here people can pick up Mini Orbs of Darkness to counter the Light magic Sirona is using in her statue.The Revolution has started, the question remains; what side are you on?

Oooook, then! Mahaha!

TL:DR Sirona’s kicked off a Revolution against Sin and Evil, but, what makes Sin and Evil what they are? Are her measures too extreme?

The angels from another realm fight with no concern for their own well being, they have skill with their chosen weapons, but are your fodder enemies for the event! Oh, want a challenge for your character? Well then, have them fight one of Sirona’s Anointed! The Anointed are your boss battles for this event, they come in all shapes, races, sizes and varying weapons and armor, so go nuts! Keep in mind one thing though; they are highly trained and stronger than their respective races would be thanks to blessings from Sirona. The Anointed are not to be taken lightly!

Event Location: Welayta Mountains 

Event Item Location: Mandhari – Post here to get a Mini Orb of Darkness to help counter the Light in the statue!

Event Drops:

Outsider Angel Halo
Outsider Angel Feather

The prizes are:

Feather Dagger – Oddly the feathers of the Outsider Angels can be forges into weapons with the right mix of metals, though it is not an easy process. One of the first weapons crafted were daggers, created from one feather. Daggers made from these feathers have an impossible sharpness to them, are unbreakable and never dull or rust. But they excel at being thrown. They fly with great accuracy and will return to the thrower’s hand with a simple command.

Feather Sword – A much larger version of the feather dagger and using up a lot more feathers to create. This much larger blade has the same sharpness, unbreaking, rust and dulling resistance as the daggers. But instead of being good for throwing, they can propel the whole wielder forward with one swift stroke, or push away foes with a gout of wind.

Halo Shield – A beautiful shield crafted from the halos of the Outsider Angels. It has a minor passive healing aspect to it that heals the wielder, and once per thread can flash a blinding light in front of itself, while not affecting the wielder, to temporarily blind anyone caught in front of it.

Halo Lantern – A finely crafted lantern made from the halos of the Outsider Angels. The light from this lantern is as pure as sunlight and can affect creatures adverse to sunlight in the same fashion. It needs no fuel to use, just open the shutter and the never fading light inside will shine.

Halo Harp – A beautifully crafted harp created from Outsider Angel halos and feathers. The harp never loses it tuning, and the music from it is always crisp and perfect. The harp can enhance magic that player uses while playing, but only while they are playing. For example, if the player uses a calming spell in an area around them, the harp can give a slight extension to the area of affect and ups the power a notch while a tune is played.

Silver boost is x3!!!

And as usual, all event prizes are in Namita's Relics under shops! GO GO GO!!

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The Living World!

by Shiloh Kyrie

Posted on Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:38 PM


Few complained as the criminal organizations of the lands started to disappear, less crime is always a good thing, right? However, things are starting to get a little more tense around the lands as entire covens of vampires, dens of werewolves, and lairs of wicked magical beings are being shattered. Again, not a terrible thing as that means fewer of those kind of beings lurking around at night. But not all of the vampire covens or werewolf dens that have been destroyed were known to be truly evil. Yet they and the truly evil dens have been slaughtered, once again with no evidence being left behind by who or whatever is responsible.

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