The birth of Revaliir began in the stars like so many other worlds. Titans known as Celestials ruled the skies and filled mortal souls with terror and amazement. The Celestials Parvpora and Canelux became the moons and reigned over the skies for all eternity. Now the Celestials are lost to the flow of time and only myths remain. However, your story has yet to begin and where you might end up is entirely up to your imagination. Dare to roam the lands of Revaliir and discover the truth of yourself. What does fate have in store for you? Well, my friend, that is entirely up to you. You can’t conclude a story that you haven’t even started.

Come explore the lands. From the all too perfect streets of Egjora to the mysterious roads of Abed. Danger lurks in every corner if one isn’t too careful. Get lost in the Feeorin Forest but beware the call of the fey. Hear the banshee screams of Koschei Forest from the dark town of Kurayo. Fly airships high into the skies and create your own destiny. One might even get lucky enough to end up next to a deity in the tavern. The possibilities, the stories, the myths… They are endless and entirely up to you.

Revaliir’s community is one of the most enthusiastic, heartwarming, and accepting places on the face of the net. We strive to make sure that not only do you find a home but also that you are treated like family. The goal of Revaliir is to make sure that harassment is not tolerated, that everyone feels accepted and that everyone enjoys their time here. We, the community, are the heart of the site. From the Administration to the users we keep our lines of communication open. We strive to make sure our users know that they are wanted, their opinions matter, and that overall they are loved.

The only adventure never thought of is the one you haven’t written yet. So why not join us and write? Revaliir is a High Fantasy Medieval site where the sky is the limit of your imagination and sometimes, even then, we push past it.



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New Announcements

The Living World!

by Angela Rose

Posted on Tue Mar 2, 2021 9:42 AM


Taverns and pubs across the major cities of Revaliir have begun receiving shipments of a delectable new wine. Not much is known about the wine's origin or production, but everyone who has tasted it claims it is the most wonderful thing they have ever consumed.

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An Explanation on Deity Temples

by Angela Rose

Posted on Sun Feb 28, 2021 8:43 AM

Telly and I talked about this a while ago but we’re making a much-needed explanation about deities. Gods are an important part of the activity on the site and their homes are opened up HOWEVER we believe that there was a misunderstanding on what temples are:

1. They are for everyone not a personal playground for the gods themselves. Yes, rules are set and to be followed but no god can just bar everyone from their temple without interaction

2. Remember temples aren’t just the homes of your gods but to everyone else who also lives in their temple. That means yes everyday threads will happen in your temple.

3. The temple forum IS NOT for the god. It is for everyone else that is visiting. It is not a glorified throne for deities to keep to themselves. It is an opening for all users on Rev to be welcomed to.

We hope that this explanation helps everyone. You should still let your god know if you are living at their temple but most clergies live in the temple so it's natural.

Temples are not just for gods to be worshiped. They are an active forum that is so much more.

For example, Angela lives in Elysia. Elysia is her realm. But not every thread is about Angela and that's okay.

This is the goal we are going for. This is just another part of the site. Yes, it is a special forum but it's up to users how they want to RP in it. As long as the rules of the temple are being followed that's all that matters.

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Bonds of the Heart [EVENT!]

by Angela Rose

Posted on Tue Feb 2, 2021 2:58 PM

Boats have been called upon to bring all those who wish to come to Horae Island. In every city. At every dock. Bright lit boats await those who wish to challenge the trials of the heart. A bond can happen with anyone at any time.

“Welcome to Horae Island and welcome to my trials. I wish to test everyone who has come. Find a partner, it doesn’t matter if you know them or not and make your way to the Bonfire of Destiny. Write your names down and throw the paper into the flames. Grow your bonds and cherish them. If you can complete all five trials of the Heart and grow your bond… I will give you a special gift.” The goddess Angela stands above all the participants.

The bonfire which has been lit for days stands behind her as a tall structure. In her hand is a torch as she turns around and looks at it. “Once I light this… The festival will begin. There are food and fun for all who don’t wish to try the trials… but for those that do… A special prize awaits. Death can happen in these trials but don’t you fret because death is not permanent in the light towers. You will simply restart the trial until you can figure out what you’ve done wrong. Work together as a pair or in groups. Good luck.”

Angela tossed the torch into the pyre and almost in an instant it was ablaze filling the area with warmth. Oddly it wasn’t too hot but more like a mother’s embrace. “Five Trials.” She held up her hand and showed all five fingers. “In this month of love and friendship we must observe how these connections are made and only then can we fight the storms of this world together as a group. I wish you all the very best!”

Once her speech stops the music explodes from nowhere as its cheerfulness fills the entire Mother’s Nest area.

Note: All those that complete all five trials please message an administrator with the threads/thread for a special prize!! Only those who complete all five will be receiving this mystery gift!

Drops: Jasmine, Apple, Shell

As always the event prizes are in the shop Namita's Relics

Event Prizes: Helen and Paris’s Music Boxes, Dante and Beatrice’s Spheres, and Mary and Percy’s Twin Blades

Event Area + Rules + Trial descriptions –> HERE


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The Living World!

by Angela Rose

Posted on Mon Feb 1, 2021 3:36 PM


The ground begins to shake all throughout Revaliir as green veins stretch across the lands. Even the oceans show signs of green glowing veins. They pulsate and energy flows towards one place… Horae Island. The island itself is experiencing its own unique event as five pillars of light have appeared with a giant bonfire at one of the piers on the island.

The five pillars are all different colors: Purple, Red, Silver, Blue, and Pink. What does it mean? Why is the world being beckoned to the island now?

Stay tuned. Event is imminent.

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The Living World!

by Angela Rose

Posted on Thu Jan 28, 2021 5:30 PM


A ferret runs up to you and gives you a nibbled on piece of paper with an address. It leads to a well-established shop somewhere in Nisshoki. Standing there against the wall is the Goddess Shiloh flipping a coin. “You better put this in your shoe… Or else.” You can’t get a read off of her if she is serious or not. “It’s for Angela.” She flips it to you.

Post → HERE

Make sure to get your old pre-event items!

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