The birth of Revaliir began in the stars like so many other worlds. Titans known as Celestials ruled the skies and filled mortal souls with terror and amazement. The Celestials Parvpora and Canelux became the moons and reigned over the skies for all eternity. Now the Celestials are lost to the flow of time and only myths remain. However, your story has yet to begin and where you might end up is entirely up to your imagination. Dare to roam the lands of Revaliir and discover the truth of yourself. What does fate have in store for you? Well, my friend, that is entirely up to you. You can’t conclude a story that you haven’t even started.

Come explore the lands. From the all too perfect streets of Egjora to the mysterious roads of Abed. Danger lurks in every corner if one isn’t too careful. Get lost in the Feeorin Forest but beware the call of the fey. Hear the banshee screams of Koschei Forest from the dark town of Kurayo. Fly airships high into the skies and create your own destiny. One might even get lucky enough to end up next to a deity in the tavern. The possibilities, the stories, the myths… They are endless and entirely up to you.

Revaliir’s community is one of the most enthusiastic, heartwarming, and accepting places on the face of the net. We strive to make sure that not only do you find a home but also that you are treated like family. The goal of Revaliir is to make sure that harassment is not tolerated, that everyone feels accepted and that everyone enjoys their time here. We, the community, are the heart of the site. From the Administration to the users we keep our lines of communication open. We strive to make sure our users know that they are wanted, their opinions matter, and that overall they are loved.

The only adventure never thought of is the one you haven’t written yet. So why not join us and write? Revaliir is a High Fantasy Medieval site where the sky is the limit of your imagination and sometimes, even then, we push past it.



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New Announcements

Site Changes

by Shiloh Kyrie

Posted on Sun May 12, 2019 5:04 PM

Rules to the weekly Wishing Well and Wish Upon a Star have been updated. Wishes are 1 per person, not per account to make it fair for everyone.

Wiki articles on skyfish and the Kijivu (termite tribe) have been added! Check out the races of Onnen and learn more about the third continent!

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[EVENT] Ballad of the Skyfish

by Angela Rose

Posted on Sat Apr 6, 2019 7:05 PM

The tensions with Onnen were not over. There would be many, many glares and attacks for the time to come even with a ceasefire. The Goddess of Life and Love had an idea but she knew on Onnen that she would need a helper and a certain goddess owed Angela.

Appearing before her Goddess friend Angela lowered her gaze before tossing Shiloh through a portal. One of Shiloh’s clergy were watching and panicked. “Help! LADY SHILOH HAS BEEN GODDESSNAPPED!”

“Shiloh, you still owe me for the temple fiasco.” Her voice was warm but that look she was giving. “If I wasn’t immortal you could have killed me! Therefore, you will be helping me. What I am proposing…” The goddess leaned in and whispered to the lady of luck.

Shiloh reeled back from Angela a bit and nodded, “I can fit everything in the Clephsydra, maybe.” Her airship was her to-go vehicle to carry just about anything. However what concerned her was the size of the portal needed to send it through. “The only problem I have would be keeping a portal stable long enough for it to pass.” The younger goddess mumbled aloud unaware of what she was implying.

Angela narrowed her eyes. “Me on an airship… are you insane?” The goddess thought it over. “Very well, but ONLY because I threw you through a portal and it made feel a tiny bit guilty. I can hold the portal open while you fly it through.” Shiloh clapped her hands, face deadpan but eyes shining. “Excellent! This will only take a minute, I’ll make it short to save time. I’ll get started on loading the hold, feel free to help yourself to whatever you want in the lounge.” In hindsight, she would realize her mistake but it was too late now…

All throughout the Sister Continents, avian messengers in crystal plumes delivered invitations writ in white and gold. All were welcomed to come to Namiba, the great city of the Sandawe to celebrate the annual migration of the peculiar skyfish as they returned to their ancestral breeding grounds.

Giant picnic blankets have been laid out across the soft grasses. There is a giant barbecue pit set up with flying fish frying being slowly turned by various temple clergy from Shiloh and Angela’s temples. There are rental special fishing rods for people to borrow so they too may sky fish.

Caravans from the sister continents have brought large gifts to offer up to the ancient continent as a peace offering. All of this was orchestrated by Angela and Shiloh, who was caught off guard by Angela’s suggestion.

A water mirror appears in all major places once more after their failed first attempt. “Attention everyone! You might have received our special invitations. We have decided to offer gifts of sustenance and peace to Onnen! We’ll be hosting a huge picnic and sky fishing event as a way for our people to mingle with the people of Onnen! We do hope you all will join us!” Angela appeared joyous as Shiloh is rubbing her neck and nodding along with her.

Area: Namiba Event Area

The Prizes:
Skyfish pet

Rain Drum

Skyfishing Rod

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The Living World!

by Angela Rose

Posted on Sat Apr 6, 2019 6:15 PM


A large airship has whipped into a parallel parking position in Onnen. The cussing in Canelux has turned into screaming. A water mirror has appeared in all major places. All that can be seen is Lady Angela choking Lady of Luck Shiloh. "What is wrong with you?! WHY IS IT ALWAYS YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!" A cough a happens and Angela appears shocked as she drops the smaller goddess. "Ha… One moment." The water mirror disappears leaving many confused what is going on.

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The Living World!

by Angela Rose

Posted on Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:58 PM

Rule Thy Destiny

Something is happening in Sularia. Due to this being a solo-ish thread. People may react with their own threads. Thank you!

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by Angela Rose

Posted on Sat Mar 9, 2019 6:04 PM

We’ve just downsized our bill for the site quite a bit due to real life complications. Thanks to those complications Telly/Randy/Darros is opening up donations for the site. We will be compensating those of you who do but you are not required to. It’s taken a lot to twist his arm to even let us be able to help him and I wish it was under different circumstances that we got our wish. As of right now the server will cost us about $60 a month to run. The goal with donations is to be able to give Gold Currency eventually and there will be a donation shop. For right now WHAT I CAN DO is keep track of everyone who donated and once someone reaches a $50 donation you can get a custom item voucher from me. Make sure when you donate to shoot me a message here or on discord so I can keep tabs. We can get verified with Telly as to who donates what. smiley Let’s try to help out the guy who has given us a place to call home! There is a donation button at the bottom right of the site. ALSO Randy has made it clear if he finds out any of us who donates can't afford to be, he is shoving a foot up your butt. (Though that's probably aimed at me)

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