The birth of Revaliir began in the stars like so many other worlds. Titans known as Celestials ruled the skies and filled mortal souls with terror and amazement. The Celestials Parvpora and Canelux became the moons and reigned over the skies for all eternity. Now the Celestials are lost to the flow of time and only myths remain. However, your story has yet to begin and where you might end up is entirely up to your imagination. Dare to roam the lands of Revaliir and discover the truth of yourself. What does fate have in store for you? Well, my friend, that is entirely up to you. You can’t conclude a story that you haven’t even started.

Come explore the lands. From the all too perfect streets of Egjora to the mysterious roads of Abed. Danger lurks in every corner if one isn’t too careful. Get lost in the Feeorin Forest but beware the call of the fey. Hear the banshee screams of Koschei Forest from the dark town of Kurayo. Fly airships high into the skies and create your own destiny. One might even get lucky enough to end up next to a deity in the tavern. The possibilities, the stories, the myths… They are endless and entirely up to you.

Revaliir’s community is one of the most enthusiastic, heartwarming, and accepting places on the face of the net. We strive to make sure that not only do you find a home but also that you are treated like family. The goal of Revaliir is to make sure that harassment is not tolerated, that everyone feels accepted and that everyone enjoys their time here. We, the community, are the heart of the site. From the Administration to the users we keep our lines of communication open. We strive to make sure our users know that they are wanted, their opinions matter, and that overall they are loved.

The only adventure never thought of is the one you haven’t written yet. So why not join us and write? Revaliir is a High Fantasy Medieval site where the sky is the limit of your imagination and sometimes, even then, we push past it.



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New Announcements

Lunacy of the Deep [Event]

by Angela Rose

Posted on Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:31 AM

Event has been extended by 2 weeks as well as the silver boost.

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Lunacy of the Deep [Event]

by Angela Rose

Posted on Fri Jun 8, 2018 9:28 PM

The tides of the world were changing. Each passing day the world got a bit grimmer compared to last. The events that were about to unfold for the world were surely more devastating than anything a deity could do. The Voice let out a sigh as he paced the great trunk of the World Tree. “What would you do Mother? Aunt?” He called out to the moons.

He could not lose this world like he had lost his dear Verya. The tragedy that unfolded in Parvpora was beginning to awakening where he had sunk it so long ago. There was a glimmer in his eyes as he disappeared from his spot. The sudden appearance of him on the surface world began to rock the ocean into a whirlpool. “Come Sihajja. You will be our waypoint.” Thus the giant whale city began to turn and swim towards the direction of the whirlpool.

The Voice realized in his haste that it could not be him that called for the warriors of the world for this cause. “She will just love this,” there was a chuckle from his lips as he snapped. The Goddesses Shiloh and Angela appeared before him.

“OH, MY HEAVENS THE WORLD IS ENDING!” Shiloh was screaming as she fell to the ground and held her head. “The world is going to explode and we’re going to get eaten by the World Eater. I knew I should have commissioned that machine…” Her words were continuing for a good ten minutes as she noticed Angela standing beside her. The Goddess Angela was annoyed at best but she was more amused with Shiloh by her side. “ANGELA!” Shiloh was quick to her feet as she began to shake Angela as if she was a rag doll. “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING.”

“Shiloh,” Angela said it a few times. “SHILOH. Stop shaking me.” However, the yelling and the conspiracy theories continued for a good ten minutes before the younger goddess managed to calm down. Angela took her by the shoulders to comfort her. “Now, Voice, why have you brought us here to this dark place?”

The Voice was quick to explain the reasoning for bringing the Goddesses. With the information in tow, Angela and Shiloh appeared in the skies above all. “People of Revaliir, please hear our call. The tides of the world are changing for the worst. The ancient seal put on the corruption that almost destroyed Parvpora has begun to awaken. Now is not the time to split yourselves between Good nor Evil. Should this great evil awaken we will all perish for it is only the saplings of the World Tree that hold Parvpora together and should Canelux become infected there is nothing we can do. Our world will cease to exist.” Angela spoke with a great importance.

“At each city, you will find a teleportation statue made from moonstone and jade. Touching this will allow you to be transferred to Sihajja. From there Sihajja will take you to where we are currently. We’re at the bottom of the ocean, the deep depths of the Luna Sea. Once here you will walk to the Eytelia Ziggurat. We’ve set up a main receiving area for those that don’t wish to partake in what comes next. Those who aren’t participating can help those who are by providing food and first aid.” Shiloh spoke in turn.

“The Ziggurat has seven challenges. Six of the challenges must be performed to get to the seventh. Each person in a group will make the challenges that much harder to complete. The rooms make cooperation a must. There are six keystones that each person must have to get into the seventh room. Presenting all six to the door will allow one person to pass through. It means that everyone in the party that participates must acquire a keystone to get into the final room. Each trial will provide a keystone for everyone who has participated in that round.”

“Furthermore, the entire purpose of this challenge is to charge the moon energy that the temple stores to keep the great evil asleep. For each person who participates in the ziggurat, the moonstones of the temple will become stronger. We’ve been chosen to be your hosts for this challenge and make sure that our energies protect everyone who enters this sacred place. We’re begging all able-bodied people to come help us. Angela is making sure that there are no deaths within the ziggurat walls as that is the least we can do for the champions who arrive.”

The Goddesses disappear from the skies and just as they said the statues would appear in all the cities that Revaliir has to offer.

TLDR Version:
1. Get to the Ziggurat
2. Participate in Event by doing challenges
3. Challenges get harder the more people in your thread, how is up to you
4. Each person needs 6 keystones to get into the 7th door. Each challenge will provide each person in the thread with 1 keystone each.
5. Recharge the moonstones stop the baddie from happening.
6. Shiloh will be happy and Angela wants her to stop shaking her. Shaken Angela Syndrome is a thing now.

Event Area Description

Trial Difficulty Example:
1. Angela goes into the trial by herself. The trial just requires her to run and dodge things. Angela is happy as she is just responsible for herself.

2. Angela and Shiloh go into the same trial but they find the trial now requires them to work together. Shiloh gets hit one time and it sends both women back to the beginning. Shiloh and Angela realize they have to look out for each other.

We've left the trials vague for you guys to have creative liberties with them! Also, we didn't describe the lobby for the same reason. :) We hope you guys have lots of fun!

Event Prizes:
Wayfinder’s Widget- This curious, tablet-shaped device projects a map of where you have been on its surface, but only for one floor. An excellent tool for the intrepid explorer and daring dungeon delver, as its illuminated surface and sleek design make it markedly superior to any magic map.

Ring of Ur- A must-have for every treasure hunter, this ring acts as a treasure detector by having its stones light up the closer you are to your prize. The gems also point you in the direction of the nearest treasure.

Goddess Cube (storage box) - A beautifully decorated stained glass puzzle box made in platinum, this acts as a portable storage device akin to Reynash’s Endless Bag. The sides of the box bear symbols and related imagery of the goddesses of Life and Luck.

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The Living World!

by Angela Rose

Posted on Fri Jun 8, 2018 5:26 PM


There are now twin heartbeats that can be heard in the night sky. The sounds appear to be coming from the moons as if they were in distress as they flicker. Shiloh Kyrie, the Goddess of Storms and Luck, and Angela Rose, The Goddess of Life and Love, have mysteriously vanished from their temples with no word where they have gone. Their spheres of influence are still raging with power signifying they are alright. However, the mainland is now in a whirlwind of panic as rumors spread. Just what is happening in the Luna Sea?

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The Living World!

by Angela Rose

Posted on Wed Jun 6, 2018 6:49 AM


The moons have reached peak brokenness up in the skies as they constantly flicker in and out at all times. The cracks have spread so visibly that during the day the moons can still be seen. Worse, the clouds have begun to spiral and form into eerie dark tentacles that appear to reach out from the horizon to the moons as if trying to crush them.

The Luna Sea has formed a whirlpool the size of Abed making it impossible to send ships through the center of the continents. Ships must take the long way around. However, not many sailors are making the trips these days… Even pirates have stowed away in their caves, on the docks, and even in the taverns drinking themselves mad. They fear the sea…

The sea’s inaudible whispering has turned audible. Thousands of voices yelling for help. “Help us.” “Fear the Void.” “Please, come here.” All desperate and all trying to reach the heroes of the world. The voices seem to be located in the center of the whirlpool now.

Making things worse Sihajja has suddenly gone off course. The giant whale city is now heading directly for the whirlpool. The civilians who live on the whale are in full panic mode as they get closer to the whirlpool every day. There is no way to evacuate the city in time.

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The GDPR and our ToS

by Angela Rose

Posted on Sun Jun 3, 2018 12:12 PM

With the new law in place in Europe, Revaliir is forced to add these new guidelines to how European User's data is used. Before anyone freaks out I want to explain a few things You might not know. (You might have seen in your emails everyone updating their ToS just like we are today)

Rev has always recorded your IPs. This is to make sure we can protect you guys from any threats. When we ban someone we don't ban the accounts but the IP so that they cannot access our site. The only time we ever look at the IP is to make sure that someone is who they say they are/when they need to be banned. All sites on the internet record your IPs. You must remember to protect yourself at all times.

Revaliir is also part of a growing group of sites that are designed to protect all users from threats who linger on sites. For example, if Revaliir gets a pedophile and we get proof. We ban the pedophile, get his info, and send it to the head admins of the sites in the Watch. Now the Watch knows that this person is a pedophile with absolute proof and can now protect their users. (You can come on Discord and ask me about it. I don't want you guys to freak out over this). In no way shape or form are we spying on everyone. This is more like an information network should something go terribly wrong. Matter of fact, I'm one of the moderators for said group.

Now here is the addendum which may change but for right now is enough to cover us. Should you not agree just contact staff and we'll inactivate your accounts.:

Terms of Service Addendum 6/3/2018

European users are now required to be 16 years or older to use Revaliir without the consent of their parents. By accepting this terms of service you are guaranteeing Revaliir and it’s staff that you have full permission to use this site.

Revaliir collects the Ip(Internet Protocol) addresses of all of its users by accepting our terms of service you acknowledge this happens. This is to ensure the safety of all of our users should a user become a threat.

Revaliir is part of a growing network of sites designed to ensure the safety of all users involved. Should a user be a threat their information will be shared within the network. This Neighborhood Watch will not share things that are not considered a threat. Some viable threats include: harassment, pedophilia, hacking, etc.

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