First and foremost, Revaliir is about having fun and being creative. Our setting is a high fantasy world with medieval technology, where humans, dwarves, elves, angels, demons, and representatives of many other races work to make their mark in a war-torn world. Make your way with magical talent, martial prowess, cunning, intellect, or blind luck! Adventures can begin anywhere, from the Winking Mermaid Tavern in Adeluna, to the chaotic streets of Vilpamolan, from the mysterious Feeorin Forest which steals travelers, to the prestigious Mage College of Iria. The possibilities are endless.

This site is about telling the story of your character; of who they are, and what their place in the world is, or is yet to be. Delve into the almost too-perfect streets of Egjora, venture the dangerous Sarchu Valley on your way to the Throat of the Moon, explore the wondrous walking city of Hoja Mesto, or brave the wastelands of Emiria, the ancient city of the Halflings, in search of treasure. Danger lurks around most corners, but there are safe havens too. Events can take place at any time, from guild wars, to dragons attacking cities, to the gods themselves, playing their games with the mortal world.

We are building a community on this site, one where harassment will not be tolerated, where everyone is treated fairly. The staff are present, maintaining a friendly environment and ensuring the site runs smoothly. If anyone in the community has concerns or suggestions, we encourage you to approach any member of the staff at any time.


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New Announcements

Site Changes

by Angela Rose

Posted on Sun May 21, 2017 7:00 PM

The area descriptions for Apoy Island and Sularia have been updated! Thank you to everyone who has helped! There are more updates to come!

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Wiki Changes and Additions

by Angela Rose

Posted on Mon May 15, 2017 3:44 PM

We finally have an FAQ on Events and Drops so make sure to drop down and check that out!

Events & Drops FAQ
Enchantment FAQ  <– That's a thing too!
Item Keywords FAQ <– working on getting all the keywords on all items that need them!

Enchantments have been added to the Powerplay guide for good reason make sure to read up on it. It's listed in the Enchantment FAQ if it isn't already in the FAQ for Enchantments.
When subbing for an item that has a keyword restriction you must get permission from staff to change the keyword restriction on the item to sub for something more. Make sure to get ahold of them! I'll be working on a list of subs already approved by staff for ease of use and checking!

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Design Our World [Contest]

by Angela Rose

Posted on Thu May 4, 2017 4:09 PM

Revaliir is a growing world with infinite possibilities. The only thing limiting its creation is the imagination of the users, our content creators. However, not everyone’s voice can be heard among the crashing waves of everyone’s creativity. Things get lost, people move on, lore changes, and many other things happen that shape what happens in the realm of Revaliir. It is constantly evolving. Constantly becoming better than it ever had been before.

The goal of Revaliir is to create a place where people like us can find a permanent home. For better or worst this is our home and we are looking to keep evolving Revaliir so mostly everyone can be happy. We will continue to make changes to Revaliir if we need to. Areas that aren’t being used can be changed out or combined with others so we don’t lose them. That is our goal. That should be every site’s goal. If areas aren’t being used then they aren’t popular or aren’t good enough.

So what are we to do? Well… We keep moving forward!

Design our world. Dare to create. Dare to expand lore. Dare to dream big. Be daring.

We’ll be taking applications for new areas from the user base itself, not staff. Staff has the opportunity to always suggest areas but this time around it will be you the most important part of Revaliir who writes what we put in.

This contest will result in one or more areas becoming a part of Revaliir until we see just how well they do for other people. There are but a few rules of course… rather guidelines:

1. Keep in mind subforums where there is only one area like “Karith” on Parvpora.
2. Read up on the lore, ask about the lore if you are unsure, and expand. It shouldn’t contradict things we already have into lore.
3. Be descriptive but not overly confusing. Make sure to have others read your area and make sure that they can see the vision you have in your head. The number 1 reason why we end up culling or changing areas is because people get confused or don’t have a reason to go there.
4. Keep it under 1500 words. Most areas end up having subareas and we don’t want to overwhelm users.
5. Grammar. Grammar. Grammar. We can always fix it but it would help us out if you made sure you had all your ducks in a row.
6. Fantasy, we’re a fantasy website try to make sure you use that to your advantage!
7. Only one area per person, not account

Prizes, besides getting your area up on Revaliir:
1. All participants get 500 silver.
2. All people who get their areas approved will receive a custom item voucher.

To submit your area PM them to me, Angela Rose!

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Stand By

by Angela Rose

Posted on Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:47 PM

I am testing a new Admin tool if something goes wrong please tell me!

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Rennaissance of Lumos

by Angela Rose

Posted on Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:34 AM

Amidst the snow and cold, there is a warm safe haven for all that should need it. And on the day of renewal, the god of Light and Perseverance stands at the entrance of Hikari no Michi: Light’s Path. Similar to the blessing done at the beginning of each moon cycle, Naota readies himself to bless this sacred space. Today is different though, and there are none permitted to access the surrounding grounds of Suisho no Kyuden.

In the past weeks, a cleansing has begun, starting in the blizzard-torn tundra that surrounds his home and extending out into the far reaches of Revaliir. Closing his eyes, the white markings that line his body glow with a blinding radiance as his hands move in the air: guiding his power to direct into the world.

Veins of light begin to crack and weave through cities, cemeteries, but always leaving residences untouched: all of them starting from the black tourmaline lined pools of light that lead to Suisho no Kyuden. Unlike The Northern Light’s usual magick, this power does not harm those of evil intent or an undead nature. This is a blessing and gift to the world, a blanket of light to heal all areas that still remain tarnished from the quarrel between goddesses.

With these expanding rivers of light come slow sproutings of beautiful eggs comprised of precious gems and stones: a glimmering rainbow across Revaliir. Should one be lucky enough to come across them cradled in grass, under rubbish bins, or even sprinkling the sandy beaches, they will find themselves in great fortune. These treasures will not last forever though, and at the end of the cleansing, there will be no new ones.

While they are stunning enough on their own, they also act as protectors of homes and loved ones. Young children and those in weak health are encouraged to seek out these eggs and keep them on their person. Whether found or left untouched there is always a soft glow that emanates from within: some of the deity’s power forever contained to provide protection or perhaps just a simple light to ease someone lost in darkness.

Talks have begun about eggs made of gold, more rare than any other that has popped up from the ground. Pay close attention to the whispers through taverns and ranger’s paths and you might just find one of these yourself…unless they truly are only rumor.

As the days continue on, the veins of light will glow brighter until the end of the cleansing, lasting for half of a moon’s cycle. No danger will come to those that come towards any of these channels, and those in great danger will find great protection should they plead sanctuary as these rays of light are direct branches from the god of Light and Perseverance’s temple.

During this time of healing and renewal, all are encouraged to take advantage of the carved paths of light. Should anyone be brave enough they will find that walking along the thin cracks will help them find a clearer head as well as refresh the senses. Take heed not to grow addicted, because there is truth in too much of a good thing and these paths of light are temporary…


A few things will be taking place during this two-week event. Let’s start with the synth!

Event Synth: Monochrome Egg and Rainbow Egg

Event Prizes:

Sun’s Kiss: 3 monochrome eggs, 3 rainbow eggs - A lightweight silver shield accented in black tourmaline. Will absorb any magickal attack when used and reflect out a short burst of near blinding light magick to give the shielder time to prepare their own returning attack.

Guiding Light: 3 rainbow eggs, 2 monochrome eggs - A palm-sized pyramid crystal comprised of Ametrine. When lost, a thin beam of light will shine from the crystal’s point to lead the user home or some other favored safe destination.

Renaissance: 3 monochrome eggs, 2 rainbow eggs - When worn, this Aventurine pendant will strengthen the will and focus of its wearer tenfold. Due to its effects, it’s suggested to only wear it in times of great need for no more than one hour at a time. While strength of will and focus are enhanced, the physical limits of the body are unchanged.

As usual, these will be able to be made in the synth shop found HERE.

Easter Egg Hunt:

There is going to be an Easter Egg Hunt. This will be going on for the entirety of the event. The goal is to find the ‘Golden Egg’. It’s located in one spot on the RP forums and there will be hints given throughout the event HERE. Be sure to check in! You will be required to post in the area to receive the egg and it is at a random drop rate. There is a limit to one golden egg per account, have fun!

Writing Contest:
In addition to the Easter Egg Hunt, there is also going to be a writing contest! Submissions are opened throughout the whole event and should be read about HERE. The theme of this writing contest is Renewal. Take this however you like, new interpretations are awesome as are twists and turns! There is a 1,000 word limit but don’t stress yourself if you go a few over (just be sure not to abuse this). The prizes are below:

1st place: 1,000 silver and your piece put up on Revaliir’s Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and DeviantArt
2nd place: 500 silver
3rd place: 250 silver

This does not have to be set in Revaliir and does not have to include your character. I want your full imagination for this and to see what you can do! Just remember to keep in line with the rules and not to go over an ‘R’ rating. If your entry will be rated ‘R’ please mark it at the beginning in parentheses (( )).

Have fun! :D

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