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Older than she looks
Venom Dragon
The real Xyaban
Nov 29, 1986

Larka, Hacesh and Lokir are my other accounts :)

All About Xyaban

Xy is only 5 feet tall, long mousy brown hair with poison green eyes. Her head quills will lower and raise according to her mood, lowered is happy raised is everything else, and her tail is four feet long. Her skin is a light golden hue and is smooth in places where it's not covered in scales, scales that cover her spine, shoulders, elbows and knees. She is rather pretty and cute, with a chest befitting her body size, and a innocent looking face.

Unpredictable, Xyaban just wants to see the world burn, all while carrying for her baby, her hand made stuffed dragon baby that she truly believes is alive. Rational thought is something she is not known for. Her usual line of thinking is; can I kill it? Yes? Good. No? Try anyway. All else fails, set it on fire. She's promiscuous at times as well, she feel pain as pleasure, which can make it hard to fight her sometimes. It's best not to cross paths with her, unless you're a child, she won't harm children, at least not directly, and will at times help a child in need, even if she was the one that created that need.

Her past was filled with abuse from the two dragons she thinks are her parents, when in fact they stole her egg from her true mother before she even had laid Xyaban's egg. Truly an evil pair of dragons, they beat and taunted Xyaban since she hatched, she was also starved, stunting her growth to her small five foot size. But make no mistake, Xyaban's magical powers and physical strength are still impressive for her size! Her 'parents' would allow other dragons to abuse her and use her for their own pleasure, including making her kill captives in varying ways, in exchange for treasures from their hordes. It was her killing that eventually made her find her natural talents for poisons and toxins, her body producing them naturally. Her mind eventually broke and she accepted it, started to enjoy it and the pain, it's when she started to feel pain as pleasure, believes that they are one and the same.

At some point she broke entirely. Her 'mother' laid her own clutch of eggs and when the two dragons left her alone, Xyaban broke them open and ate her fill, and after hundreds of years of starvation it was the best meal she had ever had. Obviously this didn't go well with the other dragons, and they attacked her. Xyaban's magial talent roared to life to protect her and she instinctively used it and her natural poisons and toxins to kill both larger full dragons.

After that Xyaban was at a loss with what to do with her life as she wondered out the cave she had been hatched in for the first time ever into the world. A world that she saw was ready for her to murder her way from one end to the other, because it was all she knew in her life; kill or be killed. As the years went on and Xy made a bloody swath across the lands, her mind slowly started to heal, all the while she improved upon and enhanced her magic and her poison abilities. She learned that she could make all kinds of different useful and deadly concoctions in her body, and that she could use them in a bite, or in spit them inject them directly with a needle like bone that can spring out from under her left wrist.

Children were always something she seemed to be more stable around, and in time wanted a child of her own. After years of help from a few friends she had made Xy was getting on track to a normal-ish life, even managing to get pregnant, though her promiscuity made it so she didn't know who the father might be until the egg hatched. But it was a grounding point for her, and a true tipping point; if the baby was healthy she had a good chance to leave her past behind, otherwise…

And here we have where, in Xyaban's own mind, her history diverges from what really happened. In reality, the egg she laid was dead, however, Xyaban refused to accept that and spent over forty years with the egg, barely eating enough to survive. Until one day, in her stupor, her mind created the idea that the egg had hatched and Xyaban next found a way to create a woollen and stuffed baby dragon that she calls Kirin. She carried it around and speaks to the stuff toy like it was a living baby, and it's a bad idea to point such a thing out to her and she turns violent at the idea of her baby being fake.

Since that time she had gone back to her old, murdering her way around the lands, now with baby at her hip. She spreads her poisons everywhere she can while she travels, just wanting to watch the world burn and decay around her.

Xyaban's familiar Rupert, he's just as blood thirsty and murderous as Xyaban is.
Himiria Stardust
Found in the depths of the Valley of Vada, this small collection of glittering dust is a remnant of the legendary star that formed the Himiria Scar. It is typically found outside the monoliths, floating about of its own accord in the darkness.
The result when lightning strikes sand.
Natural Divine Bundle
Necklaces laced with raven feathers and bear claws. Representing War and Wilds.
A synth ingredient for the 2019 God Event Dalanesca's Song of the Eldritch Unknown
Eldritch Matter
A clump of purple glowing essence that seems to have tentacles radiating from it. A synth ingredient for the 2019 God Event Dalanesca's Song of the Eldritch Unknown
Lump of Coal
A hard packed ball of coal that can be used for crafting. Can also be used to burn for a fire.
Mystical Divine Bundle
A bundle representing Storms and Darkness. It had Dusk Fangs looped around Tempest Swords.
A synth ingredient for the 2019 God Event Dalanesca's Song of the Eldritch Unknown
Eternal Divine Bundle
A bundle representing the love of two parents affected the most at the first strike of Dalanesca's wrath. Has a Codex Page and a Soul Twig plant.
A synth ingredient for the 2019 God Event Dalanesca's Song of the Eldritch Unknown
Obsidian Shard
This black shard is actually volcanic glass. It can be used for various crafts.
Steel Ingot
An ingot that happens when carbon is fused with iron during the smelting process.
Wyvern's Heart
A heart torn straight from a wyvern that has been kept beating from exposure to mana.
A screaming root that typical grows next to graves. Their cries are painful even as infants, and their volume only gets worse with age. The especially ancient ones can cause deafness.
Quatl Feather
The tail feather from a rare feathered dragon found in the tropical regions of Revaliir.
Petrified Cloud
Pulled down from the sky this cloud has been preserved using powerful magic. Sometimes white and fluffy, sometimes black and containing a potential storm, but never very large in size, that takes too much magic.
A very rare flower made completely out of ice. The flowers get their name not only from the ice and snow used to make them, but also from the shape the petals take. They are found in the deepest depths of Itjivut’s ice caverns. Alchemists tried for years to harvest this flower for their studies, only to finally realize that to pluck it from the ice cavern walls they would need enchanted gloves. These flowers offer a minor, elemental enchantment of Ice.
Cursed Ankh
When removed from tombs without permission, certain artifacts take on the vengeance and memories of the person they were buried with. Ankhs are notorious for this type of curse, especially when taken from crypts in Abed or Harena. Yet those curses don’t tend to stop enchanters from collecting the items they are attached to. The Cursed Ankhs have proven useful in providing minor, elemental enchantments of Ghost type.
Enchanter's Dust
A pinch of powdered reagents brimming with magical energies used by practitioners of the arcane. Enchanters use this as a base to imbue artifacts with magical properties.
Miasma Orb
A well-contained, toxin cloud exists within these orbs, protecting all who venture near. The poison is strong enough to kill a man in hours, and only after agonizing pain. Assassins as well as mages covet these artifacts for their effectiveness as tools. They are frequently found around the border of the swamplands east of Adeluna, and the orbs provides a minor, elemental enchantment of Poison.
Gemstone Fish
Native to the Xhosa Archipelago, these fish are known for their crystalline bodies and iridescent scales. Their bright colors warn potential predators that they are highly toxic.
A semi-precious gem used for crafting.
A common gem that can be used to craft other things.
A simple block of wood. Maybe it can be used for something?
Opal Petrified Wood
Thousands of years ago this stone was actually a tree. Fire opal can be found growing within from water filling the cracks while it was alive.
Many tiny organisms form this multi-colored jewel of the sea. Once the home of many fish: the coral has been preserved for other uses.
Reyansh's Mimic Potion
Going past how great the incognito spell was, Reyansh wanted to mess with his followers even more. He created the Mimic Potion that transforms a person into someone else for a full day. This potion mimics looks, voice, and smell to the best ability.
This is an event prize for the 2016 Halloween Event: Atop Haunted Hill.
Anima Ring
This ring allows the user to seal a soul within the sunstone gem. The user can then use the soul to power their magic or their physical strength until the soul becomes destroyed.
Prize for the 2017 Triune Event: Hell Hath No Fury
A spell that when cast causes the target to act upon his or her darkest desires or wishes; or conversely can cause the target to see their greatest fear.
Award for Dalanesca's 2016 event: Restore the Balance!
This spell poisons a single target, draining their strength and stamina until the target is cured or the spell's effects wear off.
Ethereal tendrils reach out and strangle the target, preventing them from speaking, and, in time, suffocating them.
Parvpora's Sight
This spell allows the caster the ability to see better in the dark.
This dagger-like weapon has a special handle that allows the blade to rest on the wielder's knuckles. While it can be used as a slashing weapon, a katar is most deadly when is is thrust at an opponent.
Basic Poison
A very basic poison that is easily made.
Children's Toy
A children's toy that comes in many cute and fun forms, intended for all ages.
Mystical Mushroom
A mushroom found growing in the Feeorin Forest that has a little trick to it. It can do five things to yourself or an enemy, as long as they eat it. (At random)
1. Puke live butterflies for an hour. 2. Tell the truth(no matter what) for an hour. 3. Grow a luscious beard. 4. Your entire body begins to feel like its being tickled and you lose yourself in uncontrollable laughter for an hour. 5. Uncontrollable singing and dancing for an hour.
Tonic of Resistance: Poison
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increases the user’s resistance against poison.
This spell renders a single target unable to move or react for a short period of time.
This spell allows the caster to seem more endearing to the target, and the target is more receptive to the caster's suggestions or ideas.
Philter of Nightmares
An odorless mixture that foretells a sleepless night. Those who consume this philter will not sleep a wink for the span of a day, their dreams plagued by visceral, relentless nightmares.
Flame Shot
The caster shoots small fireballs from their fingertips. These small fireballs deal a lot of damage but are easily dodged if the caster isn't careful.
Enchanted Cage
A magically enchanted cage to stop your prey from escaping!
Loved one trying to get away? Solve the problem now by investing in these strong steel shackles.
Concordia's Bondage
Spider silk has been woven into the strongest rope known to Revaliir in the name of fun. Many citizens of Revaliir use this for many unsavory things, too adult for many to hear, but also it is used by many sailors when they have saved up enough coin as the strength of the silk has never failed.
This is an event prize for the 2016 Halloween Event: Atop Haunted Hill.
A demonic hellhound with spikes and sinister glowing eyes.
Custom Familiar for participating in Angela and Adraejen's 2018 Deity Event: Miracle Magic
Increases the physical strength of the user for a short time.
Animate Object
This spell allows the caster to make an object come to life for a short period of time.
This spell allows the user to adapt their body to the temperature of their surroundings. It provides no outward change in physical characteristics or other racial traits.
This spell supernaturally weakens the target's strength, dexterity, and magickal ability.
Greater Heal
An advanced healing spell capable of sealing all but the most grievous of wounds.
Invoke Familiar
A familiar is summoned from another plane, which serves the caster for a short period of time.
Mind Tower
This spell allows the caster to better resist and defend against mental attacks and intrusions, such as charm spells, telepathy, or similar psionic magicks.
Gate Travel
This spell allows the caster to open a portal to another location anywhere in Revaliir.
The bard is a jack of all trades, a rogue with a glib tongue and a talent for music. They can fight, as well as cast minor magics.
Comes with Boots, Common Trousers, Common Tunic, Cap, Mask, Dagger, Drum, Flute, Horn, Lute, Tambourine, Backpack, Blank Scrolls, Fan, Map, Quill and Ink, Sheet Music, and Song Bird.
-can cast
Acid Rain
Terrible clouds of greenish-gray gather over the targeted area, unleashing a vile rain of acid. It eats through plants, stone and anything living in the area.
Veille Mbanja
A sinister knife made of iron and leather that can be thrown with deadly accuracy. Injuries from this weapon will actually cause the target to feel numbness instead of pain.
Neolani’s Hairpin
Neolani was a beautiful mermaid from Feeorin Forest who specialized in underwater magicks. She crafted this hairpin out of pearls and other objects that have made it into the lake city. It’s enchantment amplifies hydromancy of all kinds.
Enhances water magic.
Tempest's Fury
The power of a small lightning storm contained within, these orbs can be found scattered throughout Railoch. To most, they are merely oddities, causing the hair on one’s head to stand up when holding them. To mages, however, they are power sources, capable of enhancing lightning magics. The Tempest’s Fury provides a minor, elemental enchantment of Lightning.
Rose Hip
The beginnings of a rose, this rose hip is an exceptionally healthy specimen. It can either be planted or ground up for herbalism purposes.
Sins of the Father: Lust
The affected sentient being becomes overcome with lust, to the point where they may desire people they would otherwise not even consider. Has a number of malicious uses, but the most practical include making someone more susceptible to being seduced, and is particularly potent when coupled with a charm spell.
Duration: 5 hours
Only 1 Sin spell can be cast a day due to the potency of the spell.
However, if one desires a NPC can also cast 1 sin spell a day as well.

The father’s lust was insatiable, and he took what women he wished. The bastards he left behind and the poor women who begot them were left in the dirt, drops of his own blood resenting him.
Pocket-Sized Succubus
It is like a normal succubus, except pocket size. It is unaffected by size altering spells. Even if you could shrink to her size she would probably stick her nose up at you anyways... She sucks at being a succubus.
Chain Lightning
Several bolts of lightning shoot down from the sky to strike one or more targets.
Fire Ball
The caster summons a ball of fire and hurls it at their target.
Fire Breath
The caster exhales a blast of fire, burning and damaging a target.
Fire Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of fire with their mind.
Flame Strike
This spell allows the caster to direct a blast of fire at a target.
Galvanic Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of electricity and lightning with their mind.
Nature's Fist
Causes the bone beneath the flesh to protrude out, causing pain, to give one a natural weapon. Lasts for ten minutes. Causes wounds.
This spell allows the caster to instantly move to another location, so long as they can see their intended destination.
This spell creates a destructive explosion at a location of the caster's choosing, sometimes even catching the caster in the blast radius.
Concussive Blast
The caster hurls a strong gust of wind at a target that is capable of inflicting blunt damage and disorienting opponents.
Corpse Skin
Channelling dark energy, the caster causes a target's skin to rot and decay.
Drain Essence
The caster attempts to drain energy from a single target, allowing the caster to regain health or magical energy.
Lightning Strike
This spell allows the caster to summon a single bolt of lightning and hurl it at a target.
Pain Spike
This spell injects a surge of pain within a target which deals mental damage
Shadow Cast
This spell manipulates the shadows around the caster to be used to create illusions against their targets.
Shadow Puppet
This spell summons fiends from the shadow plane for a brief time.
Shadow Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of shadow with their mind.
Spectral Blades
This spell summons several small, ethereal daggers that fly at a target.
Multiple targets are afforded supernatural protection against magickal and physical attacks.
Radiant Saber
A saber with a blade composed of solid, bright light whose alignment changes depending on the wielder’s intent.
Durian Spines
Spines from the infamous ‘king of fruit’. Why did nature think this was a good idea?
A golden drop of sunlight.
The caster can shoot out a grease-like substance from their hands causing the terrain to become slippery. This grease is flammable so be warned as it can hit both caster and targets if not careful.
Greater Agility
Not only heightens one’s speeds, but allows them great balance and the ability to land on one’s feet from high height. This spell also allows the ability to walk on walls and ceilings for the duration of ten minutes.
Dryad Bark
A rare form of bark that forest nymphs shed in secret groves during the first days of Venti every year. The bark looks remarkably like skin, and has a strong, earthy scent capable of overwhelming more sensitive noses.
Gold Ore
A piece of gold ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
Dragon Scale
Pulled off the body of a mighty dragon, this scale can be used for crafting.
A piece of lather. Maybe it can be used for something?
Phoenix Feather
Rarely do phoenixes leave behind actual feathers, and even rarer do those feathers not burn up. This plume is, therefore, a fleeting beauty, preserved via alchemical means to stave off the flames that should have consumed it in the bird’s nest.

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