May 14, 2018
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Jadira Lombelon
The real Jadira
Jay Sheep
Jul 22, 2001

I am a long time roleplayer. Everybody can just call me Jay. It's nice to meet everybody. If you want to rp with me go ahead! :D

All About Jadira Lombelon

Name: Jadira Lombelon
Alies: (Old) Jay
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Country of Origin: Adeluna
Birthplace: Railon
Ethnicity: Black
Occupation: Fighter

Language(s): Adeluna, Egjora, Bohair Plains, Harena Desert, Endapano, Vilmapolan, and Mamlak.
Native tongue: Adeluna and Endapano
Religion: She believes in the present deities.

Education: High
Weapons/Offensive equipment: Bastard sword, Broadsword, Dagger
Items/Defensive equipment/Misc: Buckler
Transportation: Walking, will get horse soon.

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 135 Ibs
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Black long wavy hair
Skin: Clear and brown
Shoe size: 9
Figure/build: Muscular

Distinguishing marks: None
-Tattoo(s): None
-Scars: A scar on her arm.
-Piercings: On her ear
-Clothing style: Noble clothing with armor

Currently lives: Yes
Living Arrangements: She is right now moving from inn to inn.
Description of daily surroundings: She is typically surrounded by a town.

Hobbies: Hunting, Chess, and writing.

Talents/Skills: Sword fighting, Magic.

Strengths: Physical strength, Intelligence, learning, and battle strategy.

Weaknesses: Painting, Music, Sewing, Cooking, Small Talk, anything that has to do with medicine, stealing, picking locks, and being charming.

Love interest(s): None
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Dominant Hand: Left
Diet: Whatever she can catch.
Virgin?: Yes
Drinker?: No
Smoker?: No
Drug user?: No
Other addictions?: She is addicted to sweet treats.

Pet peeves: People chewing with their mouth open, being late, people who steal the food off of her plate, misspelled anything, and passive aggressive behavior.

Personality: Jadira is an incredibly intelligent woman. And she knows this. Her intelligence and her title makes her prideful to the point where she can be arrogant. Jadira has a strong set of morals although she may not be lawful. She is a planner and has a strong desire to learn more. But she is extremely critical with herself and others. Not to mention she is poor in charisma and often seems cold hearted. Jadira has a difficult time showing her true emotions and is very secretive. She is stubborn but she is also curious and a general badass.

Likes: Cute animals (although she’ll never admit it), sweet foods, learning, books, and comfy beds.
Dislikes: Alcohol, strangers, painting, performing anything, funerals, and dancing.

Motivations: Jadira wants to prove to herself and others that she is somebody important. Most of all she wants to prove to her mother and father that she is more than just a noble. More than just a spare.

Morals: Jadira has strict morals for herself. Don’t take killing lightly, show others kindness, protect the weak, help those who need it, and to generally do good. However she does not apply these morals to anybody else. She believes that they have a right to choose their own morals.

Fears/Phobias: Failure, becoming like her father, spiders, and closed spaces.
Favourite food: Cookies
Favourite drink: Water
Favourite color: Purple
Favourite book: History of Adeluna
Other favourites: She loves animals.

-Parents: Regina Lombelon (mother), Galien Lombelon (father)
-Siblings: An older sibling
-Other close relatives: Unknown
Friends: Alicia and Ian
Partner: None
Offspring: None
Enemies: N/A
Pet(s): None

Official/Personal Training: Jadira was educated by a high class tutor for thirteen years in a wide variety of subjects, she was trained for battle for six years by her head guard Eric, and she was trained two years by a retired warrior named Rielle.


Jadira was born to a noble family who lived in Adeluna. Her mother was Regina Lombelon, Duchess of Railon. Railon is a small city in the Adeluna empire that Regina ruled over. Her father was Galien Lombelon and he was Regina’s husband. Then there was the eldest sibling who was the heir to her mother’s title.

Early Childhood:

When Jadira was a baby she was raised by her nurse. Not her mother. Her mother was always at court in Adeluna and had little time to spend with Jadira. Her father never really took interest in raising Jadira either. The elf's earliest years was spent with her nurse and her servants.

When she was five, her studies began. Even though she was second born, her mother wanted to make sure she had a high education. Jadira had a tutor at a very young age. She was taught many many things including languages, manners, history, economics, battle strategy, dancing, and how to properly socialize. Of course, she was not a master at any of this but she started learning all these things when she was a toddler.

Ages 6-9 years old, she had little contact with her mother and older sibling. Her mother and older sibling were always at the Adeluna court. Jadira did have a nurse but when was seven, her nurse was fired. Her nurse had been telling Jadira stories of myth which filled Jadira’s imagination. But her tutor disproved and requested that the nurse would be fired so Jadira’s mind wouldn’t be filled with “silly” stories. Galien, Jadira’s father, agreed so that he wouldn’t have to pay for another servant and thus have more money for himself. Jadira still remembers being ripped from the one person who she felt actually loved her.

Her father was focused on looking good, buying things, living in luxury, and being utterly irresponsible. Her father ignored his daughter and enjoyed the luxuries of being rich. Jadira grew to hate her father. All she saw him as, was a waste. The worst moment she could remember with her dad was when she was nine years old. Her father was drunk again, but this time he entered her room. Jadira was scared that he would end up hurting her since he was so drunk. But he didn’t. Yet, she ended up hiding in her own room so she could avoid him. From then on, she always thought Galien as nothing but a drunk moron.

Growing up, Jadira wanted nothing more than to join her mother and older sibling in court. The court was an escape from her father, a way to be close to her other family members, and she might actually be able to be useful there. When she was ten, her mother came home for the holidays, as always, and Jadira begged for her mother to let her go to court. Her mother refused saying that Jadira was not needed there. Jadira screamed, pleaded, bargained, and cried but to no avail. Her mother was determined to keep Jadira at home.

After her mother went back to court, Jadira decided to leave. She desired a place where she would be able to be useful and have a sense of real family. So she planned on running away. One night, Jadira packed up her stuff in the middle of the night and snuck out of the manor. She had gotten into the forest nearby where she was robbed of all her stuff by thieves. The thieves had beaten her and left her to die. They took everything except for the clothes on her back. Otherwise everything she had was gone.

Without her stuff or any money she couldn’t get anywhere. So she had to go home since it was the only place left to go. Avoiding her problems by running away would never work. Her father had little reaction to the fact that she was bruised and beat. Jadira remembered the words that he had told her.

“You are too weak to exist outside of nobility.” He had said to her.

Those words stuck with her for a long time. After she had recovered Jadira realized that in a way her father was correct. The elf was intelligent but incredibly weak. She didn’t know the first thing about battle or fighting. That day Jadira spent a lot of time thinking. Jadira decided that she would never allow herself to be weak like that again. From then on she trained everyday in both fighting and improving her mind.

At first the guards were resistant to letting a noble join their ranks. In fact, they outright refused. Jadira didn’t let that stop her. Fueled by determination and rage, she ended up going to the training grounds disguised as a young trainee and began training with the others. When she was eleven was when she ended up having to participate in a test. This test was to last a minute in battle with a real soldier.

Of course she failed her first attempt. The next day she retried the test. This time she lasted twenty seconds in battle. The next day she tried again and lasted thirty seconds. Two days after she tried again and lasted forty seconds. The other soldiers were tired of having to do a test over and over so they made it clear that this was the last test that Jadira was allowed to take. This time Jadira managed to stay in battle for a minute. At the end of it the guards had revealed that they knew who Jadira really was. Not a trainee but the daughter of the duke.

Apparently this was a test specialized for her. She had received a particularly difficult opponent because the guards were expecting that she would give up or fail the test enough times so they wouldn’t have to train her. But the head of the guard had realized that she was more determined than any of the other trainees. So the head guard, Eric Vanel, decided to test her dedication further. After all anybody could fail tests. It was much harder to learn to succeed. Jadira needed to be challenged physically, mentally, and most of all her heart needed to be tested.

Thus began her long journey. When Jadira was twelve she was put at bottom ranking amongst the trainees under the name Jay. Eric believed that this would teach her humility because she no longer had any ranking amongst other students and would experience what it would be like to be the lowest in the group. Since she was still in disguise the other trainees believed her to be a boy who just didn’t talk much. Some of them teased and bullied her but some of them left her alone.


When she was thirteen she raised in the ranks of trainees. She was now a regular trainee like everybody else. Or at least that was her rank. Jadira didn’t live in the barracks like everybody else since she still had lessons to attend to. It was difficult balancing education and training but she managed and Eric even gave her a little slack. Other trainees noticed this and often wondered where she was headed. But they never questioned her. She developed friendships among the other trainees. Her most valued friends was a boy named Ian and a girl named Alicia. Ian wasn’t the brightest of the group but he was incredibly loyal and great in social situations. Alicia was shyer but very clever, especially when fighting.

When she was fourteen she had become fully fluent in seven different languages and discovered her talent in battle strategy. Jadira was fine with manners but yet remained cold and distant. She knew how to talk with other nobles and how to manage noble society. But Jadira was extremely distant and some might even say cold. Even to Ian and Alicia she could be overly critical. Expressing herself and her own emotions were the hardest thing she could deal with. So she chose to not to deal with it and instead hide her emotions. It was much easier that way. This was also the year that her the rest of the trainees realized that she was a girl.

When she was fifteen, Alicia, Jadira, and Ian had all risen up in ranks. They were now really good. Alicia was talented in battle using her giant axe and had become extremely strong. Ian had skill in archery. Jadira was great with sword fighting. However Jadira was still poor in socializing with other students with the exception of her friends and remained very cold to the rest. She had to deal with the fact that she had missed out on some training sessions due to her schooling. Unfortunately Jadira was only good with the sword thanks to trying to balance school and fighting. In addition to all of that she also learned that she was one of the worst singers in existence.

Which noble children would mock her for. But little did they know how talented she was in fighting. All the other nobles could sing, dance perfectly, sew beautiful tapestries, were charming, and master of the arts. Jadira knew how to dance but was decent at best, she couldn’t sew to save her life, was an awful singer, she was charmless, had no talent in music, and she had no talent in the arts.

At the age of sixteen, Jadira had discovered what magic was. It had fascinated her so she was determined to study it. At that time she had already finished her lessons in language and dancing. Not that she was any good at dancing. So now Jadira had more time on her hands. Although it wasn’t terribly much since she was still being tutored and was still training.

At the age of seventeen, Jadira’s secret was discovered. The fact that she wasn’t Jay but instead Jadira, daughter of the very duchess that they served. All of the trainees were shocked but the ones who took this the hardest were her two friends, Alicia and Ian. Alicia felt betrayed by the fact that Jadira had hidden this for so long. Ian thought that Jadira had been getting special treatment and no longer viewed her as part of the group. Jadira was too prideful to apologize and she didn’t have the social skills to smooth the whole event over. Instead of figuring out how to solve the problem she retreated back to her noble life for the rest of the year. She threw herself into her studies so she wouldn’t have to think about training, the trainees, her friends, or the pain of losing them. This was also when she started studying magic.


When she was eighteen she was tired of her studies and missed when she was training with the rest of the guards. So she returned back to the head guard and asked for private lessons. Since she felt that she wasn’t ready to face Alicia, Ian, and the rest of the guards again. Although Jadira wouldn’t admit it, she was scared to face her friends again. Eric, the head guard, knew that her friends had forgiven her and even missed her. But it was Jadira’s pride that got in her way from making up with her friends. As a result Eric told her that she either was going to have to apologize to her friends and make up to them or she would never be allowed to train ever again. It was one of the most difficult things she would ever have to do. She stuttered and it was very awkward. Her friend Ian accepted it right away. Alicia however was not impressed by the apology and made Jadira swear that she wouldn’t ever keep secrets or retreat from her friends like that again. Jadira agreed and had a lot of work to do to make up the lost training. She had to work extra time to regain her strength. But it was a bit easier since the majority of her studies had been finished. Now seventy percent of her time was being used in training and thirty percent of her time was being used for study.

At the age of nineteen she had restored her study time and training time to be shared equally. Alicia and Ian had both become full guards. However it was difficult to figure out what to do with Jadira since she was a noble and as a result couldn’t be hired as a guard. Her mother couldn’t hire her daughter as a guard. Or at least wouldn’t. But Jadira was too old to be a trainee. And she refused to stop training to be a fighter. Eric realized that there was little that his school could teach her. There was so much more out there that Jadira could learn from. Alicia wanted to defend the city and Ian wanted to help support his family. Jadira wanted to be nice but she didn’t have anything to protect or fight for. Eric knew that she needed something more than just their training. Eric told Jadira that he had nothing more to teach her and that she needed to go out into the real world. Jadira refused seeing as this was her home, she felt unprepared, and all her friends were at this city. So she didn’t see any reason to leave.

When she was twenty her mentor and friend Eric had died of disease. Jadira felt extremely guilty that she hadn’t left when he asked her to. Since it was the last thing that Eric had asked of her she decided to leave her home. Ian suggested that she tried finding a mentor in Egjora since it would be a new country and would hold new opportunities. So that’s where Jadira began traveling. She tried to find a mentor in Egjora and found a skilled warrior who was looking for somebody to train. But the warrior devised a test and had Jadira enter that test. It was a race and if Jadira won then the warrior would train her. If the warrior won then the warrior wouldn’t mentor her. The warrior won and Jadira wasn’t trained by him. She was disappointed but was stubbornly refusing to give up. Jadira went to the warrior’s house and demanded that he train her. And he refused. Jadira refused to leave until he did. Then the warrior threatened to call the guards on her and thats when she finally left.

Jadira continued looking for a mentor after that and ended up with a woman who was a past warrior. The woman’s name was Rielle and she had Jadira basically acting like a squire. Even though Rielle wasn’t even fighting anymore. Jadira got was fed up with this but she was determined to have a mentor. Instead she ended up yelling at Rielle since she had been bottling up all her emotions instead of communicating her concerns. Rielle realized this and calmed Jadira down. Then Rielle promptly explained that Jadira was inexperienced, arrogant, terrible at communication, and she had no idea how to survive in the wild on her own. This angered Jadira again not to mention bruised her pride. But she was too stubborn to leave now that she had a mentor. Jadira came here to learn and she was determined to do so. No matter what. So Jadira sucked up her anger and took the harsh criticism. Rielle seemed to approve and began to help Jadira learn how to get better at communication, dealing with pride, surviving in the wild, and what it was like to fight in real battles.

Jadira spent two years training with Rielle. She learned how to fight, survive in the wild, and somewhat get better at dealing with emotions and expressing herself. It was still very difficult with the emotion part. Then Rielle sent Jadira out. Rielle wanted Jadira to go do seven tasks before Jadira returned.

First, Jadira needed to travel to five countries. Second, Jadira needed to find three things. Soapstone, a pearl, and a star sapphire. Third, Jadira needed to visit every deity's temple. Fourth, she needed to do one kind deed for somebody, and that kind deed would not be forgotten by that person. Saving a person did not count for this task. Fifth, Jadira needed to protect somebody. Not just physically but also emotionally. Sixth, She needed to befriend a wild animal. Seventh, she needed to visit seven libraries and read seven books from each library. Every book she was supposed to read would need to be about culture, history, magic, religion, a journal, an art book, and most importantly a fictional book about heroes.

Rielle said that until Jadira had completed these seven tasks, she couldn’t continue her training. Jadira was determined to continue her training. She wanted to fulfill Eric’s last wish, to learn for herself, and to make her friends proud of her. So she has now set out to complete all of these tasks.
Dragonscale Chest
Crafted from dragon scales, this protects one's torso. The same piece will fit a man or woman.
Dragonscale Helm
Formed from dragon scales and smaller bones, this helm offers the best protection for one's head.
Blacksmith Tools
A handy kit of simple blacksmiths tools: Anvil, forge, tongs, hammer, chisels, and rods to hammer out and craft tools. Warning: some of these tools are not (that) portable!
Grooming Kit
A small box full of everything a man or woman may need for their grooming needs: scissors, razor, creams, a brush, and so on.
Mining Tools
A set of simple tools to help someone mine for minerals. Consists of a pickaxe, heavy duty hammer, chisels, and other various tools a miner may find himself in need of.
Tailoring Kit
A small box with needles and spools of thread, used for sewing.
A metal box with glass panels protects the flame inside this lantern from being extinguished by the wind. Some lanterns have ornate decorations. They can be carried by hand or hung.
A simple block of wood. Maybe it can be used for something?
Many tiny organisms form this multi-colored jewel of the sea. Once the home of many fish: the coral has been preserved for other uses.
Mermaid Scales
A collection of scales found in the sands of barrier reefs around the Nyella Ocean. Mermaids only rarely have caravans passing this close to the shore and they ritualistically care for their bodies at home, so finding these scales is considered an omen of good luck by sailors.
Common Skirt
A skirt made out of simple fabric. It doesn't look very expensive but it's better than nothing.
Meant to be worn on the hands, these gloves are sturdy and warm.
Noble Cloak
This noble cloak is crafted from the finest threads to bring class and dignity. It, also, has a hood to protect the wearer's hair.
Noble Robes
These loose-fitting garments are well made, from the finest material.
Noble Shirt
This garment, worn on the upper body, made from the finest fabrics. Comes in many types for both men and women.
Noble Trousers
A pair of pantaloons with superior quality. Only the finest nobles and heroes can afford to wear these.
Signet Ring
An engraved ring that bears the emblem of royalty, nobility, or one's family. Typically used as a seal for letters, official documents, or as heirlooms.
These light shoes are delicate, easy to put on.
Bastard Sword
A sword with a grip long enough to allow for two-handed or one-handed use. This blade is used to cut into enemies.
A simple sword of steel construction. Serviceable, if not exceptional.
Hunter's Instinct
Creates heightened senses needed to be a hunter. I.e. Smell, sight, etc.
A short, bladed weapon with a sharp point. Can be used to slash or pierce an enemy.
Hunting Bow
A simple crafted bow for hunting tonight's dinner. Not overly suitable for combat.
This small, round shield is gripped with the fist. It is highly maneuverable, and a popular choice in melee combat.
Increases the physical strength of the user for a short time.
Simple, sturdy footwear, usually made of leather.
Common Trousers
Sometimes called pants, this garment is worn on the lower body, and covers the legs. These trousers are long and extend down to the ankles.
A simple piece of material, usually leather, that holds up one's trousers.
Common Tunic
A simple garment which might resemble a long shirt that stops somewhere between the wearer's hips and ankles. The sleeves may be long or short, depending on the local climate.
Leather Cuirass
Chest armor made of cured leather.
Riding Horse
This magnificent horse is mild-tempered and easy to train. It's ideal for riding, and has the endurance to travel long distances.
Leather Gorget
Protection for the neck area made of leather.
Leather Vambraces
Reinforced leather armguards, they provide protection without sacrificing flexibility.
Leather Pauldrons
Pauldrons made of cured leather, with spiked decor.
Leather Leggings
Leg armor made of leather, it offers protection without limiting mobility.
A hardy pack, with two straps that allow it to be worn on one's back. It's ideal for carrying supplies while on the move.
Used to sharpen objects.
A container typically used to hold drinking water.
A basic light source, a torch is usually a stick with a combustible material at one end, which is then set ablaze.
Riding Equipment
Typically consists of a saddle and reins. Allows one to better ride a mountable companion.
A thick, woolen blanket, perfect for keeping a person warm.
Used to start a fire. A must have for every adventurer!
A navigational instrument with a needle that points north and south. Essential when traveling through lesser-known parts of the world.
This parchment shows a region of Revaliir, or the entire world. It is useful for navigating.
Quill and Ink
A writing implement made from a long feather, used by dipping the tip into a pot of dyed liquid.
Blank Scrolls
Made of paper or parchment, these scrolls are ideal for writing on.
A little belt pouch for one to put their coins or jewelry into.
A rope consists of fibers which have been twisted or braided together in order to combine them into a larger and stronger form.
This spell gives the caster supernatural protection against magickal and physical attacks.
Straight from Ataiyo, kimonos are beautiful garment crafted with love and care. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics. All of the women's come with an obi as well.
This mask is crafted typically for one's face. It may be used for protection, disguise, or even entertainment.
This spell allows the caster to disappear from sight.
This spell allows the caster to take on the form of any animal size of a bear or smaller. Polymorph can also be used to transform individual parts of your body into parts of the described creatures.
Conjure Food
The caster creates a small amount of food, enough for a single meal.
Parvpora's Sight
This spell allows the caster the ability to see better in the dark.
Ataiyan Katana
A long, curved blade, these swords are treasured for their strength. The forging process is long, as the metal is folded, pounded flat, and folded again, many times over until a strong, yet flexible blade is formed.
Enchanted with a keen rune so it never rusts or dulls from age. Enchanted with a second rune so that the blade has an easier time cutting through small amounts of other metals. The weapon stores power in its scabbard that increases the strength and sharpness of drawing strikes. The scabbard can also be used as a small shield in a pinch.
A basic weapon made with two cords attached to a pouch, allowing a stone to be thrown farther and with more force than if it was thrown by hand.
Disarm Trap
This spell magickally disarms most nonmagical traps, rendering them safe.
Made out of whatever material one could find at the time, this bag holds a few possessions one would have.
Conjure Magic Weapon
Summons an ethereal weapon that lasts for half an hour.
Causes the victim to become physically weakened.
Arcane Empower
This spell supernaturally enhances the target's magickal ability much like the similar spells Strength and Lesser Agility.
Basic Medical Kit
A top quality resource for any healer, this basic medical kit requires anything you might need to apply first aid in the field.Some models also have surgical implements, making them a fine investment for any doctor.
The caster summons a ball of light and hurls it at their target. However, the strength of this holy ball won't do much more than blind those around you.
Concussive Blast
The caster hurls a strong gust of wind at a target that is capable of inflicting blunt damage and disorienting opponents.
Spectral Arrow
The caster summons a magical arrow that needs no bow to pierce a target.
Advent: Lucina's Moonlight Lantern
This lantern was made by the fallen goddess Lucina. She was once considered a saint among the people of Parvpora before the Tree was tainted. She would light the way home for sailors using the moon. She created these lanterns to ward off the evil of her conclave siblings. When the tree became tainted these delicate stained glass lanterns were hidden so she could not destroy them.
Can see through darkness made by magic by ten feet.
Event Prize for The Abedian Festival of Color 2016.
Chitinous Armor
Armor made from a large insects hide and natural armor, form fitted for the wearer. Less protective than steel but it is lighter and easier to work with. Spikes can be found on the arms sometimes, the nature of the chitin makes it easy to make to the wearers preferences.
This is an event prize for Staff's 2018 Anniversary event Negation Order: Exterminate the Moons.
Greater Agility
Not only heightens one’s speeds, but allows them great balance and the ability to land on one’s feet from high height. This spell also allows the ability to walk on walls and ceilings for the duration of ten minutes.
Snowflake Cloak
An item made of enchanted snow, this cloak glistens brightly in any kind of light without ever melting. Nowadays, they are frequently used as fashion statements as well as a mirrors, but the original snowflake cloak was apparently cursed to never let its owner go.
Greater Rejuvenation Potion
When consumed, this potion restores the users health by a large amount.
Noble Bracelet
A high price bracelet probably worth a fortune. Crafted from the finest rubies and gold.
Noble Dress
This women's dress is well made from the finest cloth. The gown is long and the bodice is embroidered.
Noble Necklace
A fancy necklace made out of precious metal and gems.
Noble Skirt
This garment is worn on the lower body, and is well-made.
Noble Ring
A very fine ring made out of precious metal and gemstones.
The pages in this bound book are blank, allowing the owner to use it to keep a record of their thoughts and activities.
Fishing Rod
Made from wood or, when available, bamboo, this pole has a length of string attached to it as well as a hook, and is used to catch fish.
Grappling Hook
This hooked metal device is meant to be attached to a rope. It can then be thrown, and secures the rope in place.
Evening Gloves
These long gloves are well made, and may be embroidered or have pearls or beads sewn into them. They're elegant, but not very warm.
Noble Earrings
Fancy earrings made out of precious stone and metal.
Minor Levitation
A spell that allows for the caster’s body to be raised off the ground for a brief amount of time.
War Horse
A large mount, bred to carry a fully armored knight into battle and trained for war.
This horse comes fully equipped with armor.
Spectral Blades
This spell summons several small, ethereal daggers that fly at a target.
Summon Item
The caster summons an item, normally armor or weapons, that they own from the aether.
This spell allows the caster to instantly move to another location, so long as they can see their intended destination.
A sharp metal point has been affixed to a wooden pole. This is a simple weapon, best for thrusting at an opponent.
A single-edged weapon, light enough to be wielded with one hand. Most falchions also feature a slightly curved blade.
This beautiful flower seems full of life, even after picked. It gives off a sweet-smelling aroma.
Wyvern Bone Blade
The strongest remnants of the frost wyvern’s skeleton were used to create this sword which can puncture and shred most modest armors apart with ease.
This is an event prize for Xunatar's 2017 event: The Ignius Paradox Event
Advent: Sapphire Sword
A beautifully smithed blade made from sapphires that has a chilling aura to it. It is most likely carved by the dwarves of Baltil. The blade itself glows like a thousand stars.
2015 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 7
Goddess Cube
A beautifully decorated stained glass puzzle box made in platinum, this acts as a portable storage device akin to Reynash’s Endless Bag. The sides of the box bear symbols and related imagery of the goddesses of Life and Luck.
This item is an event prize for Shiloh and Angela’s 2018 Deity Event: Lunacy of the Deep
Advent: Sun's Kiss
A lightweight silver shield accented in black tourmaline. Will absorb any magickal attack when used, and reflect out a short burst of near blinding light magick to give the shielder time to prepare their own returning attack (or flee!).
This is an Event Prize for Naota's 2017 Event Renaissance of Lumos.
Skyshard Boomerang
A boomerang created from skyshards, acts like a normal wooden boomerang, however, this is has bladed edges for distant cutting damage. Just be careful when it comes back to you, don't want to catch in the wrong way.
This is an event prize for Staff's 2018 Anniversary Event Negation Order: Exterminate the Moons.
Stinger Rapier
A finely crafted rapier created from a Wasp's stinger. Very strong in its durability thanks to some added magic, the rapier never needs to be sharpened and it will actually repair itself if broken, though it takes some time to do so.
This is an event prize for Staff's 2018 Anniversary event Negation Order: Exterminate the Moons.
Fog Cover
Fog is conjured to cover where the caster wants. This fog obscures even the best vision but can only obscure the best vision for a few minutes before their eyes adjust. This allows for the caster to get away or find a safe place to hide... Or if one is daring enough, allows one to get an attack of opportunity.
Advent: Kirika's Lost Compass
The compass is a beautiful object, with an interesting purpose. If a stone or bit of dirt is placed on it, the needle will guide someone to the origin of where the dirt or stone is from.
Event Prize from the 2015 Admin Event: Timedeath
Noble Hairpins
Hairpins made of precious metals and gems. Only the high class possess these well crafted pins for their hair.
Advent: Reaper's Scythe
Permanently stained with blood, legend has it that this weapon is meant to separate a soul from its body so completely that it cannot be resurrected unless by a God. Though this scythe appears to lack the ability to do so in its current form.
An event prize for Dalanesca’s 2017 God Event Sanguine Tenebris.
Advent: Warhorn of Nightmares
A warhorn that conjure’s the user’s most terrifying nightmares - it is advised to use this on someone other than yourself.
Award for Dalanesca & Xunatar's 2018 God Event Malicious Vices!
Custom Item Voucher
This is redeemable through contacting Angela Rose.
A basic shelter, consisting of a large sheet of fabric of animal skin, placed over a frame. A tent provides basic protection from the elements while away from home.
Houseware Tools
Includes the common items you would need for housework like pots, pans, brooms, mops, culinary, etc.
Nevermelting Icicle
A spike of ice that generates a constant fog and never melts even in intense heat.

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