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Aug 3, 2020
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Trivian Fauxglove
Appears 17
Pocket Geminite
Geminite Elder Storm
The real Trivian Fauxglove

All About Trivian Fauxglove

Pocket Geminite Description:
Geminites are ultra rare forms of fae. They can be from 10 ft tall to 10 inches tall. Most Geminites have large gems on their foreheads, where their magikal abilities are stored. These have different names. The Terra Gem, is a red gem that earth geminites have on their foreheads. The Ignis Gem is a purple gem that fire geminites have. Aqua Gem is water geminites, and finally, Ventus Gem are what sky geminites have. There are other forms of gemstones, like Mundi (Cosmic), Lapis (Stone), Crystallo (Crystal), Canticum (Song), and Speculo, but those gems are only achieved through intense training, or from a royal bloodline. Pocket Geminites are usually seen with wizards or travelers. They make amazing traveling companions, since they have a natural sense of direction, and can usually offer small amounts of protection from thieves, pirates, or animals. Geminites cannot die spiritually, they just take a different form and a different mental state. Only some geminites can transform into small creatures.
Since Geminites are insanly rare, they are usually owned by ultra divine beings, such as dieties or gods. The soft, frigile, and beautiful silk-like material that they make usually goes to dieties or delevered to the most noble of characters. Geminites are considered wise since they have been on the planet, and some usually sought them out for knoledge, while eviler parties sought them out for their high-doses of magik abilities, stamina, mana, healing, and powers if they are ingested. Since geminites are only seen once in every 15,000 decades, consider yourself extremly lucky if one approches you. There used to be many kingdoms of geminites throughout all of revaliir, before power forces began to eliminate the geminites out of greed, so the only living kingdom of geminites left is in the Laeto Rainforest.
Geminite Stones:
Geminite stones feed of of sunlight or the light of a fire. When the geminites run out of the energy, they are unable to preform magikal abilites. Usually, the gem is a bright color when their magik abilites are not being used, and their gem is at full charge. Then, when their magikal abilites are being used, the gem begins glowing. When they aren't using their magikal abilites, but their gem isn't charged, the stone becomes a pale color (In this state, they still have physical strength, they just can't use magikal abilites), and when they have used up all the energy stored from using their magikal abilites, the gem becomes gray, and they are paralyzed until their gem is fully charged. During this state of paralyzation, they make a blue cacoon make from the tips of their fingers and hair, and wrap themselves in it, as a protective layer from the natual elements, but not a protective layer against humans or other creatures.
Trivian Fauxglove is a Elder Storm Geminite, which means (Since the most common geminites can only manipulate their element) she has more than one Geminite abilities. She can communicate with nature, she has healing abilities, and she can meld herself with the earth around her.
She also has an amazing sense of smell and sharp hearing. She can hear a mouse walk under the earth from over 100 kilometres away.
Her vision is most particularly interesting. She see's most things in black and white, but evil parties are a deep purple, blue, or red, whereas good parties are green, yellow, and pink. Neutral parties are different shades of orange. She can also change her vision to thermal when she is hunting or is trying to see through the dark.
She is the only recorded Elder Storm Geminite that can turn into creatures larger than bears.
Hair: Her hair is a sage green, curly, and very long. The top is pulled back into a very large braid, and her bangs are parted.
Skin: Is a glass like texture, and a warm almond in color. Soft and glowing.
Distinguishing Features: Large fox like ears that droop back behind her head with two gold rings on each ear, her lower legs fade into that of a brown fox-like creature. A brown and furry mouse tail that fades into three points with green fur and orange and yellow gems.
Clothing: A white robe with a traditional geminite pattern on the collar. Large white sweater with trumpet sleeves falling just below the elbows.
Gem: A large, circular Terra Gem.
Eyes: Around and almond shaped, bright red. Two small black gems under each of them, and on the bridge of the nose.
Trivian's Wings:
(Geminites who have wings are rare, and their wings are fragile, and very valuable. There is a rare dust on their wings that help them fly, and you should never touch their wings. Gemonites wings are usually placed on their hips, and they have fins on their backs)
Fae Height: 4 inches
Human Height: 4 ft
Fae Weight: 300 grams
Human Weight: 40 lbs

Trivian lives for adventure, and she always makes people smile just by looking at her. She has a bright and sunny aura, and has enough energy to power a small airship port for 3 weeks. (For the largest airship port? Maybe just 2 days) Unlike her other geminites, who focus on peace, and saftey, she lives for the ride of adventure, and the adrenaline of dangerous and uncharted territories. She hopes one day, after she can fully leave the confort of the Elder Tree Palace, she can become a famous travler and adventerure, and teach her journeys to wizards and mages around the world.
Geminite Homes

Geminite Ranks.
1: Elder Storms
2: Alpha and Beta (King and Queen)
3: Royal Court (Princes, Princess, etc)
4. Nobles
5. Soldiers
6. Pheasants
7. Prisoners (Anywhere from Geminites to Divine Beings)
The Palace:
The Portal: To Enter the kingdom, you go through a 5 ft tall mirror between two medium sized stones. Once you enter, you shrink down to the size of the rest of the geminites when they are home. If you were 6 ft tall, you'd shrink down to 6 inches, if you were 5 ft tall, you'd shrink to 5 inches, etc.
The Elder Storm Tree:
(Where Trivian lives, along with other Elder storms from different regions)
Overall, the geminite kingdom is only one kilometre long. A fully grown man can walk around the kingdom in about 10 or 15 minutes.
The Hollows:
For years, the Hollows have been constantly terrorizing the Geminites. Hollows are unholy souls that have been ripped away from their physical form, and therefor have an un-ending hatred to all creatures with physical forms. Hollows think that by consuming geminites in mass amounts, they will be able to regain their true physical form. The portal prevents these creatures from coming into the geminites territory, but there are sometimes weak spots in the boundaries.
Trivian's Lifestyle
Trivian lives with her many friends inside the Elder Tree. She lives a lavish life, with many servants and wonderful food, but she longs for adventure. She has always been told to stay inside the Kingdoms Portal, but she always has wanted to travel the world. Geminites have to be served special food to keep their delicate wings strong.
(Older step sister, 19)Zenya Battle
(Older step sister, 34) Ahshina Battle
(Older step brother, 18) Xymn Caravan:
(Older brother, 18) Zymn Fauxglove

Ada Battle (A Ventus Geminite) and Okibo Fauxglove (A Dark Lord)
My best friend, Xaven (Currently M.I.A)

The best, and yet most mysterious, elf I know.

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