Aug 30, 2016
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Celeste Volkov
Alpha Female
The real Celeste
Aug 24, 1991

Celeste's pictures are of Kruul from Seraph of the End! Kruul is best loli!

All About Celeste Volkov

Volkov Family Info
Celeste's History
Name: Celeste Volkov
Name before Turning: Celeste Umbra
Race before Turning: Moon Elf
Race: Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid (Vaewolf)
Age: Complicated
Altered Age: Looks 19
During Monthly Full Moon: Stunted Biologically at 14
Real Age: 2000+
Origin Home: Aersiir Village, Zujiuchu Mountains
Home Now: Manor in Kurayo
History of Race: The Moon Elves of Zujiuchu Mountains age weird, to begin with. They are a pale race that worships the moons and their magic heavily depended on the moons and where they were in the skies. They generally have pale skin and white or pinkish hair depending. Their eyes are like quicksilver. Or they were.On one particular moonlit night, one of the youngest members of the clan threw a fit of rage over a ruling. She would be married off to a man in Ayaito for a few star fragments. She threw a rage never seen before eliminating her clan from the mountain peak. It just so happened that Nemesis had wandered onto the mountain and witnessed the generally peaceful elves that evening. He turned her with a promise that she would not be sold off for measly things.
Eyes: Used to be Quicksilver now Red
Hair: Long Light Pink- Looks washed out
Altered: To hips
Full Moon: To the ground
Body: Complicated
Altered: Lithe
Monthly Full Moon: Stuck as a Teen. Moon Elves from Zujiuchu take a long time to mature. At only 50, Celeste had the body of a 14-year-old girl. Though her mind was mature.
Personality: Generally quiet, she offers not only words of wisdom but her temper if need be.
Magic: Spectral Magic and Wind. Turns into a cat when in a lazy mood.
Height: Complicated
Altered: 5'7"
Monthly Full Moon:4'9"
Weight: Complicated
Altered: Lithe, Light
During Monthly Full Moon: Weighs less than 97lbs Soak and Wet
Clothing: Due to her lack of a completely feminine looking body, she often makes up for it with her clothing. Going for deeply cut dresses or corsets are her favorite thing in the world.
Weapon: Shortsword/Spiked Chain IF carried. Normally she fights with magic ethereal weapons.
Weird Traits: Every year on the anniversary of the failed Moon Festival, the moons burn her skin. Her blood intake is higher on these nights so she can wonder the streets.
Wolf Form: Her wolf form is not like any other of the Volkov clan. Due to her Moon Elf blood, the white fur of her wolf form shines with silver specks. This leads her to be one of the more beautiful ones in her wolf form. She enjoys a good run in Koschei Forest.
Temperament: It is said that not even Nemesis wishes to be on the bad side of her, mostly because he doesn't have time for it. She has been known to snap necks and severed heads in a fit of rage. Mostly on the nights where her skin hurts. Normally she is quiet and reserved.
Favorite Food: Durian Fruit
Favorite Read: Is rather fond of Poetry
Favorite Activity: Watering her plants and watching them grow
Pet Peeve: Thinking her height and look has any weight on her knowledge
Celeste has MANY themes:
Nightfall by Xandria
Kill la Kill - Nui Harime Theme V2
See Me in Shadow by Delain

Common Robes
Simple, loose-fitting garments made from ordinary material, these plain robes are suitable for general, everyday wear.
Fire Ball
The caster summons a ball of fire and hurls it at their target.
Mage's Staff
This staff is crafted with a glass ball at the top. Used for channeling powerful magic.
Increases the physical strength of the user for a short time.
Causes the victim to become physically weakened.
Hunter's Instinct
Creates heightened senses needed to be a hunter. I.e. Smell, sight, etc.
Noble Dress
This women's dress is well made from the finest cloth. The gown is long and the bodice is embroidered.
Custom Item Voucher
This is redeemable through contacting Angela Rose.
Canelux’s Circlet
The symbol of the Terra Equinox. Made out of precious stones and metal. Rests gently upon one's head. Features the waxing and full moon status of Canelux. Increases one’s magic ability when Canelux is out.
A spell that when cast causes the target to act upon his or her darkest desires or wishes; or conversely can cause the target to see their greatest fear.
Award for Dalanesca's 2016 event: Restore the Balance!
Greater Agility
Not only heightens one’s speeds, but allows them great balance and the ability to land on one’s feet from high height. This spell also allows the ability to walk on walls and ceilings for the duration of ten minutes.
Lesser Agility
This spell grants the ability to move at heightened speeds.
This beautiful flower seems full of life, even after picked. It gives off a sweet-smelling aroma.
Basic footwear consisting of a sole, and straps binding them to the wearer's feet.
This spell allows the caster to take on the form of any animal size of a bear or smaller. Polymorph can also be used to transform individual parts of your body into parts of the described creatures.
Wind Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of air with their mind.
A basic healing spell that will restore an injured person's health.
Drain Essence
The caster attempts to drain energy from a single target, allowing the caster to regain health or magical energy.
Conjure Magic Weapon
Summons an ethereal weapon that lasts for half an hour.
Spectral Blades
This spell summons several small, ethereal daggers that fly at a target.
Air Meld
The caster melds with the air around them keeping them hidden, or protected, from air-based attacks.
A short, bladed weapon with a sharp point. Can be used to slash or pierce an enemy.
A piece of jewelry which typically pierces part of the ear.
A long string of beads or a chain of precious metal, worn around the neck.
A decorative piece of cloth, metal, or chain, worn around the wrist.
Alchemy Kit
This kit contains all of the tools an alchemist might need, including vials, a mortar and pestle, and a calcinator. May also include an alembic.
A woven container fitted with a lid to protect from intruders, such as insects or children. It can be crafted from different materials and comes in many sizes.
A thick, woolen blanket, perfect for keeping a person warm.
Blank Scrolls
Made of paper or parchment, these scrolls are ideal for writing on.
Easel with Canvas
A piece of fabric stretched over a wooden frame with a stand made out of wood for one to paint on.
Gardening Tools
A simple kit of tools that will help one begin their gardening career. Tools like a spade, sickle, hoe, and your very own watering can!
These herbs can be prepared in a variety of ways— ground into a balm, brewed into a tea, chewed whole, and more— and have a variety of properties that make them valuable to alchemists, healers, assassins, and more.
Quill and Ink
A writing implement made from a long feather, used by dipping the tip into a pot of dyed liquid.
A finely crafted object that a lady would usually carry to keep the sun off of her.
Tailoring Kit
A small box with needles and spools of thread, used for sewing.
A stringed instrument played with a horsehair bow, it produces a vast range of sound.
This spell allows the caster to change their physical appearance.
Parvpora's Sight
This spell allows the caster the ability to see better in the dark.
Pain Spike
This spell injects a surge of pain within a target which deals mental damage
Chalice of Blood
A finely made chalice filled to the brim with warm blood.
This chalice is enchanted to always fill to the brim with warm fresh blood whenever the person holding it says the right phrase set by the owner. The blood produced by this chalice heals the consumer at a rapid pace in tune with the body's natural healing power.
Basic Mana Potion
When consumed, this potion restores the users spell points by a small amount.
Basic Poison
A very basic poison that is easily made.
Basic Rejuvenation Potion
When consumed, this potion restores the users health by a small amount.
Greater Mana Potion
When consumed, this potion restores the users spell points by a large amount.
Greater Rejuvenation Potion
When consumed, this potion restores the users health by a large amount.
Noble Skirt
This garment is worn on the lower body, and is well-made.
Noble Shirt
This garment, worn on the upper body, made from the finest fabrics. Comes in many types for both men and women.
These light shoes are delicate, easy to put on.
Bottle of Wine
A bottle filled with an alcoholic drink typically made from fermented grapes or other fruit.
Scented Candles
When lit, these candles fill the room with a pleasant aroma.
Gate Travel
This spell allows the caster to open a portal to another location anywhere in Revaliir.
This spell allows the user to see targets that are invisible
This spells allows the caster to speak to another person telepathically, and allow them to hear the thoughts of others.
Leaf of the Tree Cloak
A cloak made of an enormous ash leaf from the World Tree, it provides magickal resistance.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 1. Gift from the World Tree.
Salt Flat Mirror
A mirror that appears to have been shattered from the Sundering Gardens itself. It comes from the largest mirror in all of Revaliir, Angela's Salt Flats. This mirror will allow you into a glimpse of the Goddess's powers by allowing one to see any one person you have ever met. Simply envision the person and you'll be able to see them as long as they are on land.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar Day 2: A gift from the Goddess Angela.
Advent Calendar: Storm-Runed Wolf
These wolves are smarter and faster than their wild cousins, and lightning-bound runes flicker over their fur.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 3 - A gift from the Goddess Moliira.
Noctis Amulet
An amulet that reacts to the amount of "Light" or "Darkness" in the room. Light and Darkness referring to the alignment of good or evil. The amulet will run hot for evil or cold for good. In the event that the people surrounding you are neutral the amulet runs warm.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 4: A gift from the goddess Dalanesca.
Instrument of Epics
Allows the wielder to use musical chords in place of incantations, making spellcasting easier for the musically inclined. Allows speaking while casting, and shortening long incantations. Comes in a variety of forms, but the harp is the most iconic.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 5: A gift from the God Torn.
Globe of the Northern Lights
A crystal clear globe with a constantly swirling aurora borealis, envision where you would like to go and rays of the aurora borealis will shine and envelope you, taking you to your destination. Can be used once a day.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar Day 6: A gift from the God Naota.
Onnen's Amber
A fist sized globe of amber, it serves as scrying orb. The amber chunk was found in the world tree before it disappeared.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar Day 7: Gift from the World Tree.
Artisan's Flask
A flask made of pure crystal and embedded with gemstones of all different colors and origins. This flask was handcrafted by the goddess herself while she was bored and imbued it with the ability to turn anything put into the flask into a high-level health and mana potion. The potion itself takes on the qualities of Angela's best potions. Limit: Only changes 1 full flask a day. Use wisely. Note: You could be on the brink of death and this potion will rebound you completely. It is toxic when consumed in large amounts which is why there is a limit per day on how much one can consume.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar Day 8: A gift from the Goddess Angela
Steel Bound Lightning
A lantern made of twisted coils of steel and a glass lens, it can be charge by arcane means or leaving it out in a storm. It feeds on lightning, and the user can channel it into a beam of light.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar Day 9: A gift from the Goddess Moliira.
Blade of Ouroboros
A blade that requires the blood of its victim to work. If blood is consumed by the blade, the victim will lose control of the alignment of their actions for a set period of time.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 10: A gift from the Goddess Dalanesca.
Oh Holy Night
A crystalline snowflake that is constantly shining with holy light. When one has this in their possession, they are surrounded by holy power, making them safer to the undead or those of evil intent.
2016 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 12: A gift from the God Naota.
Lucky Coin
Always lands on whatever side you think of.
Anima Ring
This ring allows the user to seal a soul within the sunstone gem. The user can then use the soul to power their magic or their physical strength until the soul becomes destroyed.
Prize for the 2017 Triune Event: Hell Hath No Fury
Kirika's Lost Compass
The compass is a beautiful object, with an interesting purpose. If a stone or bit of dirt is placed on it, the needle will guide someone to the origin of where the dirt or stone is from.
Event Prize from the 2015 Admin Event: Timedeath
Hourglass of Deadtime
This powerful and rare artifact has a rather interesting property. It allows the bearer to travel backwards and spend up to one hour reliving some moment in their past. However, they cannot change or influence the past in any way.
Event Prize from the 2015 Admin Event: Timedeath.
Angela's Crystal Chalice
A beautiful chalice made from ancient crystal. The stem of this chalice is made out of abalone shell pulled from shells found in the deepest part of the ocean. This chalice can turn any toxin into its antidote but one must have enough toxin to effectively make a good antidote.
Angela Rose's 2015 Event: A Mother's Wish
Advent Calendar: Lantern of Dark Hearts
A lantern crafted from the darkest wood, almost black in color. When the holder lights the fire within the lantern, the flame will shine a light in the direction of what their heart desires most.
Rhea's 2016 Event: Stories of Love
Advent Calendar: Boreas Dragon
"It sees you when you're healing. It knows when you're afraid. It knows when you've been injured, so run away for goodness sake."
This dragon hails from the ice lands. Its powerful roar can be heard throughout the lands of Revaliir as it flies overhead during Glaciem. Its ice breath is something that many fear and even its scale have a glacial atmosphere to them.
2015 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 12
Wisp Shawl
Crafted from the memories of banshee this cloth glows with an eerie presence. It lights up dark places and can be worn as a scarf or shawl.
Halloween 2015 Event Item
Arriese Rose Hydra
Unlike regular hydras, these hydra live in the tropical landscapes surrounding Arri's capital. They are large and often violent creatures whose heads are surrounded with rose petals. Their legs are like the roots of a flower and overall the creature looks odd.
Angela Rose's 2015 Event: A Mother's Wish
Summon Item
The caster summons an item, normally armor or weapons, that they own from the aether.
A sneaky, underhanded, devious sort that prefers a dagger pressed to someone's back rather than attacking head on.
Comes with Common Trousers, Common Tunic, Boots, Gloves, Dagger, Rope, Bag, Mask, Gardening Tools, Grappling Hook, Whip, Throwing Knives, Hunting Bow, Sling and Thieves’ Tools.
A simple piece of material, usually leather, that holds up one's trousers.
This spell removes all simple curses, diseases, and other temporary status inflictions.
Animate Object
This spell allows the caster to make an object come to life for a short period of time.
Multiple targets are afforded supernatural protection against magickal and physical attacks.
A hardy pack, with two straps that allow it to be worn on one's back. It's ideal for carrying supplies while on the move.
A useful substance from the jungles of Laeto. Used to waterproof whips, armor, and other useful things. Can be put in the ears to cancel out noise, but it won't have any effect on Psionic spells, we're afraid.
A container typically used to hold drinking water.
Children's Toy
A children's toy that comes in many cute and fun forms, intended for all ages.
A navigational instrument with a needle that points north and south. Essential when traveling through lesser-known parts of the world.
An object made of feathers or cloth stretched between sturdy spokes, it is often used to keep one's self cool.
Grooming Kit
A small box full of everything a man or woman may need for their grooming needs: scissors, razor, creams, a brush, and so on.
A musical instrument with strings plucked by hand, it produced a beautiful sound.
Houseware Tools
Includes the common items you would need for housework like pots, pans, brooms, mops, culinary, etc.
The pages in this bound book are blank, allowing the owner to use it to keep a record of their thoughts and activities.
A metal box with glass panels protects the flame inside this lantern from being extinguished by the wind. Some lanterns have ornate decorations. They can be carried by hand or hung.
This parchment shows a region of Revaliir, or the entire world. It is useful for navigating.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Can be large or compact. Intended for people all over to view their pretty faces.
A rope consists of fibers which have been twisted or braided together in order to combine them into a larger and stronger form.
Small Pipe
Herbs are placed burned in this device, and the user may inhale the smoke.
Sheet Music
Delicate pages of parchment inked with musical notes for any musician to play or sing from.
Conjure Food
The caster creates a small amount of food, enough for a single meal.
This spell is used to rid the target of a single curse, nonmagical disease, or status infliction.
Lightning Ball
This beginner level spell allows the caster to hurl a ball of raw lightning at a target.
Lightning Strike
This spell allows the caster to summon a single bolt of lightning and hurl it at a target.
Aura Sight
This spell allows the caster to sense a magical aura around a person, or to sense another's presence even if the caster cannot see them. Also allows the caster to sense magical presence up to 40 yards away.
Breath of Ki
This spell allows the caster to breathe underwater, or to give another person that ability.
Concussive Blast
The caster hurls a strong gust of wind at a target that is capable of inflicting blunt damage and disorienting opponents.
Faerie Fire
This spells causes its caster to outline their target in light of any color of their choice. The target can be animate or inanimate.
Galvanic Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of electricity and lightning with their mind.
Greater Heal
An advanced healing spell capable of sealing all but the most grievous of wounds.
Magic Unlock
This spell unlocks most locked doors or chests via magickal means.
Mind Tower
This spell allows the caster to better resist and defend against mental attacks and intrusions, such as charm spells, telepathy, or similar psionic magicks.
Minor Telekinesis
This spell allows the caster to move small objects with their mind.
This spell gives the caster supernatural protection against magickal and physical attacks.
This spell renders a single target unable to move or react for a short period of time.
Shadow Meld
This spell allows the caster to shroud themselves into the shadows of their surroundings. The effectiveness of the meld is depended on the amount of shadows supplied in the area.
Ethereal tendrils reach out and strangle the target, preventing them from speaking, and, in time, suffocating them.
This spell allows the caster to instantly move to another location, so long as they can see their intended destination.
A sturdy, shapely undergarment, worn around the torso by either men or women to make the wearer appear slimmer, or to exaggerate the bust and hips.
Evening Gloves
These long gloves are well made, and may be embroidered or have pearls or beads sewn into them. They're elegant, but not very warm.
Noble Cloak
This noble cloak is crafted from the finest threads to bring class and dignity. It, also, has a hood to protect the wearer's hair.
Noble Bracelet
A high price bracelet probably worth a fortune. Crafted from the finest rubies and gold.
Noble Earrings
Fancy earrings made out of precious stone and metal.
Noble Necklace
A fancy necklace made out of precious metal and gems.
Noble Robes
These loose-fitting garments are well made, from the finest material.
Signet Ring
An engraved ring that bears the emblem of royalty, nobility, or one's family. Typically used as a seal for letters, official documents, or as heirlooms.
A long length of fabric, sometimes woven material, worn on the body. It may be used to in many ways, such as around the neck, waist, shoulders, and even over the head.
A simple piece of cloth in the shape of a triangle, usually tied around one's head.
A long standing symbol of nobility or fake nobility. Beautifully crafted to stand against time itself.
Bottle of Perfume
A delicate bottle filled with perfume.
Wedding Ring
This ring is typically made of a precious metal, and given to one's spouse as part of a marriage ceremony.
Made of the softest silks and finest crafted lace, this gown shows just the right amount of skin to fan the fires of lust.
Joss Sticks
When burned, these sticks give off fragrant smoke.
Enchanted Scroll
This special parchment has a mystical aura, and is ideal for transcribing spells.
Box of Sweets
A delicious box of a different assortment of sweets, a perfect treat for a friend or loved one!
Bouquet of Flowers
A bundle of beautiful flowers, often given as a gift to a friend or loved one.
Make-Up Box
Inside this box are various face paints, powders, coals, and similar cosmetics.
Copper Amulet of Knowledge
A participatory Prize for those who faced the Shtahu Labyrinth in the Days of Hebheka Event of 2017
Commune with Beasts
This spell allows the caster to communicate with animals. With great skill, the caster can even convince animals to fight for you; lesser skill sends all animals into a frenzy making them attack even the caster.
Botanical Growth
Using the power of one’s relationship with the earth, one is able to considerably speed up the growth of florae at a max of 40 feet. This allows the florae to grapple or contain the people around the caster.
Commune With Nature
This spell allows the caster to communicate with plants.
Earth Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of earth with their mind.
Fire Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of fire with their mind.
Holy Light
This spell summons a blinding light imbued with holy power. Though damaging to all, it is particularly effective against those with an evil nature, or the undead.
Ice Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of snow and ice with their mind.
Light Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of light with their mind.
Midnight Terror
Command the darkness of an area to come alive like a fairy tale monster. The shadows become blades and teeth sharp enough to slice through steel and cleave horses in two.
Shadow Cast
This spell manipulates the shadows around the caster to be used to create illusions against their targets.
Shadow Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of shadow with their mind.
The caster summons a ball of light and hurls it at their target. However, the strength of this holy ball won't do much more than blind those around you.
Water Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of water with their mind.
Arcane Empower
This spell supernaturally enhances the target's magickal ability much like the similar spells Strength and Lesser Agility.
Blacksmith Tools
A handy kit of simple blacksmiths tools: Anvil, forge, tongs, hammer, chisels, and rods to hammer out and craft tools. Warning: some of these tools are not (that) portable!
A little belt pouch for one to put their coins or jewelry into.
Used to start a fire. A must have for every adventurer!
Made out of whatever material one could find at the time, this bag holds a few possessions one would have.
Advanced Alchemy Kit
While most alchemists will be satisfied with the common variant of this kit, there are those who delve deep into the science of alchemy and need more. This kit is far rarer, but comes with a transmutation assembly that allows the user to transmute materials from something of equal value. Users should be careful, though, because trying to cheat the circle could cost them body parts. The most common use is turning silver to gold.
Alchemist Field Guide
This book contains an abundance of information about various plants and their alchemical properties, as well as various ways to prepare them to create powerful potions.
Arcane Spellbook
This book is among the most common additions to any spellcaster's library. It stores information on magical theory as well as general, non-elemental spells ranging from strength to replication. It is the generalist's spellbook.
Druid Spellbook
Usually far more primitive looking than other spellbooks, these tomes are constructed by druids and mages with an affinity toward the elements. They contain information on all elemental spells as well as magic that allows communion with the wilds of the world.
Fauna Atlas
A tattered atlas detailing all of the creatures that reside in Revaliir. An excellent pick up for those who are always on the road.
Magic Lens
Allows the user of these glasses to rapidly flip through the pages of a book and gain the knowledge of each page. The knowledge gained only lasts until one falls asleep, after that the knowledge is forgotten.
Conjuration Spellbook
This book is a conjurer's best friend and contains information on all matter of summoning spells, including necromancy and banishment.
Psionic Focus
The alternative to a spellbook that most psionics choose to use, this sphere of water is held together by a powerful psionic spell bound to a crystal at its center. It appears like an unstable eye, and the knowledge within can only be accessed via a mental link rather than simply reading words on a page.
Version of a dagger carried by the Samurai of Ataiyo. Crafted with a flat blade like a katana. Can be used for stabbing or slashing. Women of Ataiyo conceal tantos in their obis for protection, or perhaps darker intentions
A simple companion for the road. This can be a child, an untrained squire, or anything along those lines.
Comes with Boots, Common Trousers, Common Tunic, Journal, Pouch, and Quill and Ink.
Loved one trying to get away? Solve the problem now by investing in these strong steel shackles.
Enchanted Cage
A magically enchanted cage to stop your prey from escaping!
This spell allows the user to adapt their body to the temperature of their surroundings. It provides no outward change in physical characteristics or other racial traits.
This spell allows the caster to seem more endearing to the target, and the target is more receptive to the caster's suggestions or ideas.
Corpse Skin
Channelling dark energy, the caster causes a target's skin to rot and decay.
This spell supernaturally weakens the target's strength, dexterity, and magickal ability.
Flame Strike
This spell allows the caster to direct a blast of fire at a target.
Frost Ball
The caster summons a ball of ice and hurls it at their target.
Ice Breath
The caster exhales a blast of ice, chilling and damaging a target.
Ice Strike
This spell allows the caster to direct a blast of cold energy at a target.
Mind Rot
This spell confuses and dulls the mind, causing the target to be unaware of their surroundings.
Minor Levitation
A spell that allows for the caster’s body to be raised off the ground for a brief amount of time.
This spell poisons a single target, draining their strength and stamina until the target is cured or the spell's effects wear off.
Safe Passage
This spell relocates the caster or a target away to a random safe location nearby.
Summon Companion
Summons an animal pet or npc companion to one’s side. The pet or npc must be in caster’s inventory. Alternatively, one with permission can summon a pc to their side.
Constellation Bracelet
Unlike normal compasses, the constellation bracelet does not point toward the north pole. Instead, it points toward the north star, and only at night. There is also a lighted background on it to help the user see the needle.
Eversweet Berries
Often used as a condiment, these berries will make anything and everything you eat taste sweet. It is recommended, however, that you always have someone taste test for you if you use them, because it doesn’t matter how sweet poison tastes. It will still kill you.
A piece of clothing that is usually worn by an artist or chef that keeps their cloths clean while they work.
Summon the fires of hell itself, causing massive damage, though at a cost to one's soul.
Box of Pyrotechnics
A large box containing a number of rockets filled with alchemical and magical concoctions that create bright colors in the sky when lit and set off. They are crafted by the alchemists of Sularia.
Everstar Music Box
Made from powerful magic and magically sensitive materials, these stained glass, music boxes glow from the inside out and can record a message or music for the user. They are often given as gifts to loved ones and friends.
Temperature Beach Wear
Originally invented by rogue Hiafae tailors, these outfits will change the temperature of the closest water to whatever the wearer desires. You can go diving around Itjivut without feeling cold in these!
Traveling Glass
Appearing as a set of twin mirrors attached by a magical bond, the travelling glass is often used as a method of teleportation that is longer ranged than a teleport spell but usually quieter than the average mage’s gate travel spell. Teleportation using these objects can only occur between them, and these mirrors can appear in any shape or size.
Immovable Rods
This bundle of rods will freeze in midair exactly in the position that the user places them - regardless of gravity or any other outside force. Only a specific word from the original user can unbind them after they are stopped, and legend has it that the original set that inspired these rods was made by a mime who grew tired of people questioning why they couldn’t see his ladder.
Noble Ring
A very fine ring made out of precious metal and gemstones.
Keeper's Secret
Allows the caster to immediately rebuke and mirror a spell cast at them from an opposing force. This magical counter immediately releases the mirrored spell and cannot store the spell for later.

This is an epic level spell.

Event Prize for Adraejen’s 2017 Event: Days of Hebheka
Gold Amulet of Knowledge
A prize for all the surviving contestants of Days of Hebheka 2017 Event that made to it to the Hemut Worshop.
Basic Medical Kit
A top quality resource for any healer, this basic medical kit requires anything you might need to apply first aid in the field.Some models also have surgical implements, making them a fine investment for any doctor.
A purple gemstone commonly used in jewelry and other projects.
Nevermelting Icicle
A spike of ice that generates a constant fog and never melts even in intense heat.
Reverie Snowglobe
A little winter wonderland enclosed in glass, this enchanted curio shrinks a person down before transporting them inside. Within this self-contained world festive songs play ad infinitum perpetuating an atmosphere of holiday cheer.
"It's a small world after all..."
This is the event prize for the 2017 Winter Event: Dance of Reverie.
Holly Garland
A beautiful garland of real holly that can be used as a decoration or as an addition to one’s wardrobe.
Vada Carol
This oratory spell allows the user to create displays of miniature, aurora borealis, but was not originally developed by the Vada people despite its namesake. The magic behind it comes from Zet’ski, where the half-angels used it to bring in the New Year. It was only after the spell started being used to defend against Void creatures in the Valley of Vada that its origin was forgotten.
Snowflake Cloak
An item made of enchanted snow, this cloak glistens brightly in any kind of light without ever melting. Nowadays, they are frequently used as fashion statements as well as a mirrors, but the original snowflake cloak was apparently cursed to never let its owner go.
Soulmate Heartstring
Based off the famous, heartstring story; this enchanted thread can be used to always keep track of a loved one. It is invisible, incorporeal, and weightless after secured onto both people, but can be made to reappear with a simple incantation no matter how far apart those two may be.
Tinkerer's Goggles
These goggles allow the person wearing them to see twenty feet ahead through any material, except through deadzones.
Event prize from the 2015 Admin Event: Timedeath.
Remember: only one per account for the purposes of the advent calendar 2017.
Blade of Dancing Heat
This knife is formed of a unique metal that can put out various degrees of heat according to the wielder's wishes. It can even become hot enough to instantly cauterize wounds.
Rhylana’s 2015 Event Item, Everything Burns
Advent Calendar: Starry Night Robes
These robes appear to be weaved from the night sky itself. They shift with the elegant art of the stars.
2015 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 9
Bolt of Silk
A simple piece of silk. Maybe it can be used for something?
Silver Amulet of Knowledge
A prize for all the surviving contestants of Days of Hebheka 2017 Event that made to it to the Heka Arena.
A precious gem made from two different minerals. It comes in a variety of attractive colors but is most known for it's deep green. This precious gem is sought after by merchants, enchanters and warriors alike for its allure in most markets.
A common gem that can be used to craft other things.
Dragon Scale
Pulled off the body of a mighty dragon, this scale can be used for crafting.
Wyvern's Heart
A heart torn straight from a wyvern that has been kept beating from exposure to mana.
Conch Shell
A large shell that can be turned into a horn to summon sea spirits.
Iron Ore
A piece of iron ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
A soft stone consisting of talc. Often used for crafts.
The result when lightning strikes sand.
Black Rose
A thorn defends a rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.
This is an event synth for Angela and Dalanesca's 2018 event A Mortal's Heart.
Red Rose
Oh my love's like a red, red rose that's newly sprung in Ignius.
This is an event synth for Angela and Dalanesca's 2018 event A Mortal's Heart.
Angela's Brooch
A beautiful brooch passed down by the goddess herself which allows the user to completely heal, instantly. The red rose ornament is most commonly associated with the mother of love and life, and embodies some her most well known principles, as healing is a special part of life.
Has a cooldown of five days due to how strong it is
This is an event prize for Angela and Dalanesca's 2018 event A Mortal's Heart.
Dalanesca's Elixir
An elixir created by the goddess Dalanesca. When ingested it acts as the strongest aphrodisiac in existence. If too much is taken, it can be fatal.
This is an event prize for Angela and Dalanesca's 2018 event A Mortal's Heart.
A silver-grey metal often mistaken for iron, it is an important ingredient used for making steel.
This sedimentary rock is made from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic creatures.
Amborella Philter
The Amborella flowering bushes and small trees have fascinated scholars and alchemists since their discovery. They are an important main ingredient for the Amborella Philter, a magical potion that can temporarily turn someone into the opposite sex for an extended amount of time. Though it is said if someone drinks enough of the philter that the effects are permanent.
Barrier of Parvpora
Named after the youngest of the two moons, the Barrier of Parvpora is a contraceptive drink that invokes temporary sterility on the imbiber.
Basic Antidote
When consumed the antidote potion cures the consumer of all basic status ailments.
Basilisk Elixir
A higher level of anti-venom tonic, the Basilisk Elixir temporarily provides imbibers with superb protection against poison.
Blessing of Canelux
Named after the eldest of the two moons, this fertility potion greatly increases the virility of men and the fertility of women. This potion does not come cheap, however, because of the potent ingredients alchemists have to use.
Celestial Elixir
A higher level of light tonic, the Celestial Elixir temporarily provides imbibers with superb protection against the element of light.
Demon Elixir
A higher level of darkness tonic, the Demon Elixir temporarily provides imbibers with superb protection against the element of darkness.
Dolor Fluvium
Drawn from the depths of Inferos itself, this potion causes temporary amnesia with the tiniest sip. Consuming an entire bottle has been known to permanently and completely wipe a user’s mind of all memories, including those of childhood.
Dragon Elixir
A higher level of fire tonic, the Dragon Elixir temporarily provides imbibers with superb protection against the element of fire.
Draught of Black Night
Reserved for those who have annoyingly sharp eyesight, this poison will render anyone temporarily blind.
Draught of Dead Night
Used equally for entertainment and assassination, this poison temporarily prevents anyone afflicted by it from speaking. Wanna scream? Too bad.
Draught of Glory
A spelunker’s best friend, the draught of glory causes all objects that the imbiber might consider valuable in the immediate area to glow with a soft, golden light.
Essence of Skadi
Named after the infamous love mongrel of the conclave, this potion is much stronger than it's counterpart 'Tonic of Intoxication'. This potion makes the consumer madly fall in love with the first thing they see. Please note: the object of the consumer’s affection may not be limited to living objects. So beware if using this to make your love interest fall in love with you!
Fey Elixir
Developed in absolute secrecy within Feeorin, this legendary potion is heavily sought after by mages. When consumed, it grants temporary immunity to all forms of magical nullification.
Golem Elixir
A higher level of earth tonic, the Golem Elixir temporarily provides imbibers with superb protection against the element of earth.
Harpy Elixir
A higher level of wind tonic, the Harpy Elixir temporarily provides imbibers with superb protection against the element of wind.
Leviathan Elixir
A higher level of water tonic, the Leviathan Elixir temporarily provides imbibers with superb protection against the element of water.
Liquid Lacriamium
Prized by warriors of all kinds, liquid lacriamium can be used to sharpen and harden any weapon it is used on. A weapon coated in this becomes incredibly tough to break, so long as the oil doesn’t run out.
Moliira's Poison Vials
These poison vials are carved from gems and chased in steel, and contain small amounts of liquid. It only takes a single drop from each vial to create a deadly poison, but the manner of death varies depending on which bottles are used.
Naiad's Dance Draught
A gift from Revaliir’s water nymphs, this potion allows the drinker to temporarily walk on water.
Panacea Elixir
A legendary cure-all, the panacea elixir is heralded to cure any disease, poison or ailment a person is suffering from - outside of curses, of course.
Philter of Many Faces
Originally developed by a recluse to scare off visitors, this potion causes temporary, random changes in the drinker’s personality. Unfortunately for the original inventor, it turned him into the life of the party.
Philter of Nightmares
An odorless mixture that foretells a sleepless night. Those who consume this philter will not sleep a wink for the span of a day, their dreams plagued by visceral, relentless nightmares.
Philter of Pleasant Dreams
A sweet smelling liquid, this concoction is typically thought of as a child’s best friend. One sip guarantees a night free of sleep terrors, and replaces all nightmares with pleasant dreams.
Progressive Timedeath Brew
The more common of two sister potions, the Progressive Timedeath Brew can advance the age of an imbiber. Take care not to drink too much, for gluttonous humans have been known to turn to dust.
Raiju Elixir
A higher level of lightning tonic, the Raiju Elixir temporarily provides imbibers with superb protection against the element of lightning.
Regressive Timedeath Brew
The rarer of two sister potions, the Regressive Timedeath Brew is a potion of youth. Drinking from one draught will allow a person to regress in age, though take care not to drink too much lest you erase yourself entirely.
Reyansh's Mimic Potion
Going past how great the incognito spell was, Reyansh wanted to mess with his followers even more. He created the Mimic Potion that transforms a person into someone else for a full day. This potion mimics looks, voice, and smell to the best ability.
This is an event prize for the 2016 Halloween Event: Atop Haunted Hill.
Safeguard Tonic
This tonic surrounds the imbiber in an ethereal shield, granting minor protection to all physical forms of damage.
Silver-Tongue Tonic
Favored heavily among diplomats and politicians, this tonic allows the imbiber to temporarily tell far better lies.
Tonic of Disgust
An elixir that gives off a disgustingly pungent scent capable of driving away most creatures.
Tonic of Intoxication
An elixir that gives off a powerfully sweet aroma capable of drawing in various kinds of animals.
Tonic of Resistance: Darkness
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increased the user’s resistance against the element of darkness.
Tonic of Resistance: Earth
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increased the users resistance against the element of earth.
Tonic of Resistance: Fire
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increased the users resistance against the element of fire.
Tonic of Resistance: Ice
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increased the user’s resistance against the element of ice.
Tonic of Resistance: Light
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increased the user’s resistance against the element of light.
Tonic of Resistance: Lightning
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increased the user’s resistance against the element of lightning.
Tonic of Resistance: Poison
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increases the user’s resistance against poison.
Tonic of Resistance: Water
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increased the users resistance against the element of water.
Tonic of Resistance: Wind
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increased the users resistance against the element of wind.
Wendigo Elixir
A higher level of ice tonic, the Wendigo Elixir temporarily provides imbibers with superb protection against the element of ice.
Orichalcum Ore
A piece of Orichalcum ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
Copper Ore
A piece of copper ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
Burr Berry
A poisonous berry native to Feeorin Forest, these fruits are highly lethal upon ingestion. As such, they rarely appear outside said forest.
A staple of alchemical concoctions, potash is made by processing wood ashes and evaporating the mixture. The residual salt left behind has many uses and can even act as a leavening agent for baked goods.
Petrified Bark
Ancient remains of Verya. Just a tiny bit of how massive the World Tree was before her fall.
Ammolite is a very ancient gemstone made from fossilized shells. It has an opal like appearance making it highly sought after.
Gold Ore
A piece of gold ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
A silvery blue metal with diamond like properties. It was once strong chains created by the Goddess Angela to hold back the Goddess Dalanesca. Now the metal has all but lost it's magical properties but is still the strongest metal in all of Revaliir.
Opal Petrified Wood
Thousands of years ago this stone was actually a tree. Fire opal can be found growing within from water filling the cracks while it was alive.

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