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Haden Shardae
elemental Kitsune
battle mage
The real Haden
Tanner Kaos

My name is Tanner and I'm engaged to the most amazing girl ever. She doesn't understand my want to roleplay lol. I've been called many names like splee, hamster, Bob.. I'll usually answer to anything. I have four accounts including this one, they are..
Yuki Dira

All About Haden Shardae

Haden\'s theme song

♦♦ back to the basics ♦♦
    Name: Haden Shardae Nicknames: Scar, Healer Age: -unsure- Race: 1/2 Human, 1/2 Kitsune Orientation: Straight Status: Its Complicated

♦♦ whats on the outside ♦♦
    Human Hair: Black with a red tint, slightly curly Eyes: Dark Blue Skin: Lightly tanned Age Appearance: 25 Height: 5ft 8in Build: Smooth muscled Marks: none Racial Form Hair/Fur: Deep red, almost black Eyes: Dark Blue Skin: Unseen Age: Mature Height (from shoulder): 3ft 8in Build: Sleek muscles Marks: 6 tails

♦♦ this is who I am ♦♦
    will add soon

♦♦ family is all I need ♦♦
    Mother: Rene Shardae - Deceased Father: Ciran - Never met / Unknown Sister: Jeannie Shardae Brother: Dorian Shardae - Unknown Sister: Veronique Shardae - Unknown Half Brother: Maurice Swindlers - Unknown Half Sister / Aunt: Rai-Lynn Swindlers - Unknown Adopted Mother: Kinnie Swindlers - Unknown Adopted Father: Martris - Deceased Uncle: Silar - Unknown / Hates Uncle: Frey - Adores ?: Serene - Awkward Daughter: Isabella Krainer unknown Son: Martris Valentina-Shardae toddler Daughter: Mariabell Valentina-Shardae toddler

♦♦ I have loyalties ♦♦
    Mother Figure / Avatar: Jaci - Misses dearly Best Friend: Maple - Misses dearly Mother Figure / Mentor / Close friend: Nami God / Friendly ?: Judge - Deceased Close Friend: Harmony Aquaintance: Xavier Rose - Deceased Close Friend: Eara - Missing Former Mentor: Sabishii Kouen - Unknown Close Friend: Nyasia - Missing? Childhood Friend: Sen - Missing? Family Friend: Rei Isabella - Unknown Confidant / Friend: Angela Rose Friend: Remedy Rose

♦♦ I have haters ♦♦
    Former God / Mentor: Killian - Unsure about Tried to kill him / Constant Annoyance: Kai Fox - Unknown Tried to kill him (about succeeded): Calyna - Unknown Mutual hatred: Trent / Tomithy Miarhara - Deceased Tried to kill him: Runya - Unknown Tricked him: Kitki - Deceased? Wants to Kill: Latoya Rose

[♦♦ lost but never forgotten loves ♦♦]
    Ex-wife: Eliabeth Deux - Alive? Ex-love / Avatar: Caitlin McKenna - Friends Mother of his Children: Lilith Valentina - wife Mother of his Child: Aribell Krainer - Unknown

♦♦ this is my story ♦♦
    History is such a complicated thing to go into, mine is far more complex. I am a quadruplet, the youngest son, and the one who used to look nothing like my mother or my true birth father. My mother was loving, caring, she taught me things that I thought I would never know. She showed me love and I was always clung to her when she was home, not caring how many times I accidentally set the couch on fire. I hated being away from her, being left with other family members or babysitters. At times I was sneaking out to follow my mom, to stay near her. One day.. it went too far. I met a fairy in the mist, he tricked me into thinking that a blue liquid that smelled funny, would make me strong like my brother Maurice, but it didn\'t. It changed me into a man, like my father Martris, made me see the world in different light. I hid from my family, ashamed of what I had grown to believe. I met a woman, the goddess of life, who told me that Martris was not my actual father. I was angry, but I didn\'t press for more information; everything was far to new and surreal to me, I couldn\'t process it all at once. Remembering my brother Maurice, I saught him out, and with him I found safety and comfort. Kinnie became a mother to me, treating me as if I was her own son. I promised not to get Maurice in trouble, as he went with me to see my family. It joyed me to see my father and my sister Jeannie recognized me, but pain flowed through me as my mother and Uncle Silar threatened my life. Even my sister Veronique made things hard for me. I left them along with Kinnies family, going in search of the famed Avatar of Fire, hoping he could help me with the inner turmoil. Along the way, I met many friends and even my Aunt / half-sister Rai-Lynn. Jeannie saught me out, while I was living in the Ancient Ruins. As I crossed through to MoonCrest, sleeping in the dank alley ways, cause I had no money, I about attacked a man I grew to see as a close friend. Killian was definately the weirdest of men I had met at that point, but it was to him, I disowned my mother and most of my family. Before I knew it, I was under the teaching of Sabishii. Thanks to him, I met Caitlin, who grew to be more of a friend and later more then that. It was then I followed in my mothers footsteps, joining the guild she was once apart of, only to learn of her death. I didn\'t know who did it, or why they did it, but I felt another burden come upon my shoulders. Shortly after my mothers death, I met Eliabeth. She was beautiful in every way and I laid down everything for her. I could say she was my first love, the woman that I would do anything for, and I did. She came to me for everything, was there for my low times, even my high times. I saw her in ways I had never seen a woman before. She didn\'t push me for anything more, but she always came to me when there was a problem. Twice, she had been hurt and twice I let my kitsune loose to kill. Even though it about cost me my own life. I still find it a blessing, that Calyna did not kill me for killing the man Trent and attacking her beloved follower Riuji. In time, I learned to hate that blessing. After many sessions with Killian, me and Eliabeth were wed, our souls bound to one another. Shortly after our wedding, I became swamped with work, having walked away from Althea to work for Caitlin, as a fire healer. It was on the day that Kai, decided to press me, that Caitlin saved me. She broke the bond and it was then, that feelings that had been locked away, overflowed. I don\'t regret giving Caitlin that part of me, letting her have my first time, even if it was in lust rather then love in the start. Killian kicked me out, without hearing my side of things, shortly after Eliabeth divorced me, and I moved in with Caitlin at her shrine. That was the last time I saw either Eliabeth or Killian. Though the months with Caitlin, where blissful, and amazing.. I would not change what I did when she was lost in fire. Blindly I stood behind her, because I loved her. When she kicked me out and ended our relationship, I found myself falling.. falling into a slump. A place that I didn\'t want to ever go. Alcohol, fights, and sex with random women became my ever consuming life. I had lost my sister Jeannie once again, lost everyone that cared about me, or that I cared about. Fights and alcohol quickly consumed me, my bed was littered with the scents of many women, and I cared not if I accidentally impregnated one of them. Nyasia found me after one fight, convinced me to go to Nami for help. Like a mother, with a prodigal son, she welcomed me back, not asking about the bruises or scars that covered my body. Nami allowed me a place to live, I found living with the divine easier then living with those who were mortal. She gave me a room, allowed me back to Althea, and was there for me through every detail of my life, as I spilled it out. She didn\'t chastise me, beat me, make me feel like I was lower than dirt. She understood, even when I let the kitsune part show. It scared me, to let her see it, but she made me feel comforted every time. Under her, I found that I could go back to the way things were before Caitlin, before Eliabeth, back when Jeannie was with me, and be happy. Days, weeks, months, I sat in the library of Althea, absorbing knowledge, working with the lower ranking healers, helping them with their tasks. Instructing them on healing techniques. Until one day.. Nami suprised me and promoted me straight to her second hand, holding the guild when she was busy. My first time of trouble came when mysterious beasts attacked the lands. It did not take me long to organize the healers and spread them out to ensure that people got out, that most of the population was safe. I donned my battle gear and took off, facing death, once again, for the sixth time in my short life. I did not die, I survived.. it made me start to wonder if death was even possible for me. I would have given everything to protect those in the town, even if most didn\'t deserve it. I saw Lilith, who was the second female that I was with, intimately, that I wasn\'t drunk for. I had no strength to run to Judges side, battle had wore me out, and I regret not being there. I regret not doing everything in my power to keep him from dying. Days passed, close to two weeks, when I came across Remedy again. Anger fueld me, she had kept secrets from me, that in those who weeks her aunt had informed me of. I couldn\'t believe that her grandfather was the one who killed my mother. I wanted to make her feel the pain, but how could I, when she had lost so much? I didn\'t want to be a monster, I wanted to be something more. I wanted to help her and.. she eventually broke my barriers down, allowing lust to fill me as I gave into her desires. I don\'t regret it, even though it had been one of the last times I saw her, but part of me went with her when she left. With the help of Astrid, I found her, and did what I could to save her life.. it wasn\'t easy. As things grew.. closer to my impending ritual, I found myself torn, and with no one to talk to. On the eve of my ritual, I learned that Lilith was carrying my child(ren). The knowledge that I brought life into the world, it.. picked at me, at my heart, and made me want to not go through with the ritual. But with safe preperations, I made sure that there were people who would be there to care for Lilith and the child(ren) she carried of mine. It was then, that all preperations were in place, and nothing was going to stop me the next day. As I stood ready, unsure of life or death awaited me at any point, I was prepared to go ahead with the ritual, hoping it would make a better and brighter future for me and my kin.
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A simple garment which might resemble a long shirt that stops somewhere between the wearer's hips and ankles. The sleeves may be long or short, depending on the local climate.
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