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Character Info
Name: Aspectia Gaunt
Age: 23
Alignment: CG
Race: Shapeshifter
Gender: Female
Silver: 4614
Aspect turned her head and looked at him as he commented on her behavior. She shrugged a little. "Life can be boring otherwise." She balanced carefully on his shoulder as they walked through the building and up the roads of the town. She gripped her claws as he left the road and they came upon a large clearing. He moved his shoulder and she jumped off, turning into a tabby once she hit the ground. She backed up as the flames again started to cover his body. She couldn't help a smile as the large black dragon again stood before her.

He spread his large black wings, the light shining partway through the thin membranes between the fingers. She got out of the way of his downward thrust, the dirt around her blowing wildly. He shot up into the sky with such power, she couldn't help but gasp. She ran underneath him as he started gaining altitude. "You're doing it, Drake!" She shouted up to him. "You're flying! You're really flying!" She sped up, feeling the ground race beneath her paws. In a brief moment, her paws became absent, and she too was gliding along on powerful wings. 

The eagle flew beside him, level with his gigantic head. She wanted to stay within his line of sight and followed his lead towards Zets'ki. It was nice flying, she hadn't flown very far for a long time. She loved feeling the air over her feathers and blow in her face. Her eyes were bright and the world below them was in brilliant focus. She watched Drake, keeping an eye on him, in case he couldn't hold the transformation or he became overwhelmed with fatigue. It looked like he was letting the dragon take control and use its muscle memory to keep them in flight.

He was doing alright, considering it was his first real flight. He growled quietly, she understood. He probably wanted to say something, but his body didn't adapt to talk when he transformed like hers could. She wasn't surprised, she'd met were creatures like that too. She nodded at him, she could figure out what he wanted if his body language was obvious enough. She'd make it work. Besides, if they had any luck, they would likely be at Zets'ki by tomorrow, or later that evening. It wasn't a terribly long flight, but enough to definitely give him some experience. 

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Character Info
Name: Drake Alzrahi
Age: 22
Alignment: CG
Race: Draconian
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter
Silver: 1003
There had been times which Drake had taken an airship from place to place when he had the coin, and he had stood out on the deck and felt the wind whip around him, but this was like nothing he had ever experienced. Cutting through the sky with powerful strokes and soaring across the Menomori Forest with ease made Drake feel like he was king of the world. Off in the distance he could see the Haza Savannah, and if he focused hard enough he could almost see the pathways.

This is incredible! he thought to himself. The feeling of freedom almost made him want to shoot ahead, but he knew that expending his energy needlessly would only cause problems. I wonder how Aspect is holding up? he wondered, his eyes focusing on her for a moment. She had taken the form of an eagle, and was keeping pace with ease. Good…

Time seemed to fly by, and soon Drake found himself starting to grow weary. They had already cleared most of the Savannah, but it was about time for a meal anyway. Figuring that Aspect would catch on, he started a descent, and looked for a place to land.

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