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Paige Wintercrest

Character Info
Name: Paige Wintercrest
Age: 44
Alignment: CN
Race: Lycan/Vampire Hybrid
Gender: Female
Class: Sorceress
Silver: 65
Heavens knows that the few that knew of Paige Wintercrest in this world were aware of what the woman had been up to as of late. While her brothers remained in Sularia and cared on with their families and lives, she had been traveling for quite a bit before staying for an extended period of time in Iria. For months, her studies in the arts of magic grew as her hungry mind fed upon the knowledge that seeped from its libraries but eventually, she grew somewhat bored so she made her way to the next point of interest- Nisshoki.

Its well diverse culture from the rest of the world stood out, and in it, she did as well. While she was normally one for dresses, her travels taught her that she required clothes that were far easier to move in- a simple white and blue blouse , hiking trousers, high boots and a light cloak. Her long black hair was braided into a ponytail, clashing with her pale skin and piercing blue eyes. She had arrived to the city seeking out some of the Ainochi district’s famous forms of entertainment. The hybrid went south and soon found herself in such an establishment. The ladies inside were well known for their beautiful yet mysterious appearances, something that caught her eye immediately. She had no attempt to hide her attraction but business was to come first. She paid the entrance fee and removed her boots before being led in a large room with low height tables set all over. Other customers were around; some were by themselves or with acquaintances and others were already joined by a courtesan or two. She took to one by herself for now, kneeling down since there weren’t any chairs in sight. There was a stage set in the front and soon enough more women showed up with instruments, providing a light musical tune that filled the atmosphere before she was greeted with a waitress providing some some of drink in a small glass. It smelled of wine, though not one that she was familiar with but Paige accepted it and took a sip.

It tasted delicious.

She leaned up against the table as she continued to watch the performers from afar, enticed by the sound of the music and her surroundings.

OOC: Brandon, the Mad Admin, or Branana

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