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Character Info
Name: Adraejen "Drae" Porthyrius
Age: 32
Alignment: CN
Race: Half Elf Were Bear
Gender: Male
Class: Blade Pact Warlock of the Fiend
Silver: 47970
All was still and quiet in the glaciem air. Snowflakes fell gently from the sky, coating the ground with a blanket of white while the air hung heavy with the weight of the clouds above and the sound of minute crystals of ice tinkling like faint chimes. Music wafted up from building warms by stoves and firepits, paper walls surprisingly insulating against the cold of the season. 

Their carriage rolled to a stop outside the tallest most opulent building. Drae opened the door and stepped down into the snow, before offering a hand to Angela. 

"Are you ready to have some time to ourselves? I have made it impossible for anyone but our avatars to track us, and even then I have given them strict orders not to disturb us while we are away," he told her as he kissed her hand and escorted her up to the great doors which swung open, as they were clearly the guests of honor and were being expected. Immediately the proprietor of the establishment came out and greeted them, bowing deeply to Lord Porthyrius and Lady Rose. 

"We are honored to have you here with us, your Excellencies. We have prepared our best rooms and baths for your stay, with all the food and drink you could desire. Lord Drae has it all in hand, Lady Angela. We do hope you have a wonderful and romantic stay here!"

Drae is the The Keeper of the Keys to the Secrets of Knowledge and the Arcane, or The One with the Silvered Tongue
Drae's God Powers are:
I. He can create a magical null zone in a 30 ft diameter globe at will on a person or fixed point within view.
II. He can ignite the dormant magic in a person’s blood if the magic is present but inactive in a person.
III. He can assimilate any magical ability for personal use and archival purposes.

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