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Character Info
Name: Veda Ingrid
Age: 19
Alignment: CN
Race: Demon
Gender: Female
Class: Thief/Scavenger
Silver: 1680
The minute that Veda had heard about ninjas, she knew that this was her destiny. Stories of their adventures had flooded her mind. Just the idea of becoming a ninja thrilled the demon to no ends. The demon had traveled to Ayaito and just made it to the city of Nisshoki. Everything was organized inside the city. Not at all like Vilpamolan. As Veda passed through the streets, people gave her odd looks. Not only was she foreign but she was also a demon.

The curled brown horns and reptile-like tail was a dead giveaway. Her golden eyes widened in amazement. She had never seen a city like this before! An excited smile spread across her face as she bolted into action. People hurried to get out of her way as she ran down the street. The demon was determined to find someone to teach her how to become a ninja. Finally, she spotted a man who appeared to be a warrior.

"Excuse me, can you tell me where I can go to learn how to be a ninja?" She asked.

The man let a mighty laugh.

"Why would you want-" He began to say until he turned around, "A demon?! Get out of here you brat!"

She scurried away from the warrior. He would be useless in her quest. Yet he was not the only one who would deny her information. Veda went from person to person, warrior to warrior, teacher to teacher but could not find anybody who would be willing to teach her the ways of being a ninja. Most denied her because she was a demon. Some denied her because they didn't want to teach the ninja ways. A few just thought she was joking with them. Plopping herself down on a rock, she rested her chin on her hand as she tried to figure out a plan.

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