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Character Info
Name: Fenriz Tel'vanya Hallowthorne
Age: 10
Alignment: TG
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Class: Fledgling Necromancer
Silver: 3638
I remember you used to tell me that people sometimes write their thoughts down in these blank books, when they were feeling sad, or confused. I’m not really sure if it will help, but you used to write in one too, right? If you did it, I guess it’s worth trying. I’m really sorry, but sometimes when you weren’t around I used to read through yours. I remember how you used to write them like you were writing a letter, and letters are meant to be read by someone else, right? I’m not really sure how you’re going to read this, but I know you’ll get it somehow.
Are you guys worried about me? I hope not. I know it’s been a really long time since we saw each other. I’m trying to fix that, I really am, but I’m not sure where to go to find you guys. But when I figure out how to get this to you, maybe you can get back to me and tell me where to go. Until then, I guess I can use this to let you guys know how I’m doing, if that’s alright.
I found out that we’re these things called vampires. I think you guys were going to tell me about it the day we got separated but don’t worry, I’ve met a bunch of people that were able to answer some of the questions I had. There’s still a lot about it I don’t really understand, so when we do meet up again I’m going to have a lot of questions for you. But if you can answer one for me… why do so many people hate us? I’ve been told that some vampires do very bad things, and I suppose that’s true, but that’s not all of us, right? I know you and dad wouldn’t do anything bad. I even found a way to feed without… killing anyone! I’m not a bad person at all… at least I don’t think so.
I’ve met a lot of people since we got split up. Most of them were really nice. Some of them were kind of mean at first but they changed over time. But I haven’t seen any of them in a while. I guess I’m just really bad at finding people. But if you’re worried about my safety you don’t have to. I’m still really good at hiding. Plus, it turns out I can do a lot of really cool stuff with shadows, and I’ve been using this to… defend myself when I need to. I can’t do it a lot, or I have a tendency to lose control. I’m also not completely able to keep a handle on them even when I am in control, but I’m practicing. One weird thing that keeps happening is dead things keep rising up out of the ground around me. Is that a normal thing for vampires? They’re mostly harmless now, but it was really scary the first time it happened.
But I have to go, mom. I kind of… borrowed this book from some guy. I know that’s not a nice thing to do, but I don’t really have a lot of money to buy one of my own. I don’t think it was that important anyway. I ripped the pages out that he had already written on and most of it didn’t make sense anyway. But before he gets too far away I’m going to try and give him his missing pages back. Hopefully I’ll hear from you soon mom, or else I will have to write you back again. I miss you, and I love you. And dad too.

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