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Author: Xyaban, Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:24 PM, Post Subject: The Devil You Know - Part 3[P,R]

Xy ignored Ria for now as she focused on Raith after kicking him in the groin. He vomited blood and vile on the ground from the pain and Xyaban only watched for a moment. At his swords and spitting her face the dragoness’ eyes narrowed. ”The truth is that neither of you are leaving here alive, so believe what you will. You have know nothing of me or Hacesh, murderer.” She replied wiping the spit from her face and hacked up something in the back of her throat. That she spit on his leg, a mild acid that was natural to her. It wouldn’t eat to the bone but it would hurt like hell all the same.

Leaving Raith for Ria and speaking to her, she eventually went back to Raith again after stealing a kiss from Ria. Ria tried to pull Xy’s attention away from Raith after Xy kissed him as well, but Raith didn’t know how to keep his mouth shut and Xy turned on him more. He explained why he had killed Hacesh and Kirin, even as Xyaban kept steady pressure on his testicles. As he finished Xyaban continued to squeeze. ”He wasn’t twisted, I am aware that I am, I know my past, buy Hacesh wasn’t twisted and my son was innocent in all of this. Hacesh was helping me, he kept me stable, since meeting him months ago I haven’t taken a life, he’s been my everything and a good father.” She explained voice calm as she stared into Raith’s eyes, still sitting in his lap hand down between his legs. ”You didn’t know him, or me, you just assumed and killed him for that.” She turned a bit to look back to Ria. ”Is that the kind of man you want to be with? Someone who kills on an assumption. Someone who doesn’t try to see the other side and instead just kills a living being for no reason aside from one that he made up? Is that an action you condone?” Xyaban asked of Ria, but before she answered Xy looked back to Raith. ”Well, it doesn’t matter now. I guess the only thing left to do is free Ria of you.” Xy squeezed harder again before releasing him and standing up, the three foot blade from her right wrist snapped out and from her left a shorter needle like blade from her left that dripped with some kind of fluid from the tip.

A bit later Xyaban moved back to Raith and smiled and what she had done so far, he wasn’t dead, but he might be wishing for death. ”Any more smart comments?” She questioned and smiled to Ria. ”Do you have any last words for him?” She asked and then looked back to Raith again and used the tip of her right blade to lift his chin to look her in the face. ”Still defiant? Hm, I can see it in your eyes, maybe I’m not trying hard enough.” She thought a moment and then her smile turned evil. ”Or maybe I’m not going to hurt you this way. Maybe there’s another way?”

Kissing Raith’s cheek Xyaban stood and walked to the dead and pulled the sheet off and tossed it over top of Silence’s cage to blind Raith. ”Seems you can take a lot of pain, Raith, so let’s try this another way.” With Raith effectively blinded Xyaban turned to Ria and walked over, by this point Xy had removed her robes, she had nothing to hide after all. Deftly Xyaban removed all of Ria’s clothing as well, aside from where her bonds prevented it. Xy gave a fang filled smile to Ria as she leaned in close and kissed Ria’s cheek as well. ”Remember to scream so he can hear you.” She whispered into Ria’s ear before giggling before starting her torture of Ria.

Author: Raith, Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 11:58 AM, Post Subject: The Devil You Know - Part 3[P,R]

Silence turned his gaze towards Xyaban and snorted as he furled his wings against his back. Older and larger did not mean wiser - of that he was most certainly convinced especially given the situation they were in now. He was not afraid of her or her friend; in truth the little Dragon didn’t really feel fear in that way.
As she moved towards his Master however Silence became agitated, claws scrabbling against his cage, wings clattering against it in an attempt to draw her attention back to him rather than the man he was Bonded with.
Raith was grateful to hear Alairia’s words though in the back of his mind he wished that they had been said under better circumstances than this… he had never outwardly said he loved her - not like her had now; it was obvious and he had implied it but he had never actually declared it in such terms… but he could not rest without her knowing it, without her having heard the words from him.

Raith stared blankly at the Dragoness in sightless defiance as she strode angrily towards him; smirking somewhat as he knew he had got under her skin. As her foot connected with him Raith doubled over in his bonds and gasped for air. The pain was indescribable, the fire in his groin swelling into his stomach until he wretched and vomited blood and bile onto the floor, lungs burning as he inhaled desperately for oxygen against the spasms in his lower half.
The man barely registered the woman cutting his clothes away until he felt the cold air touch his bare skin. Despite the agony and nausea he managed to snarl at her, bearing his fangs as her as she tore his head backwards. Laughing he spat in her face and grinned. ”Don’t like the truth do we?” He managed to force out despite the pain - the laughter sent shockwaves of pain through his groin but he could not stop it either, she was deluded. However he bit his tongue for the time being - he had Alairia to think about not just himself.

Silence’s eyes remained on Xyaban so that Raith could see everything; anger rose once more as she sat upon Ria’s lap and all he wanted to do was tear her off with his bare hands. Again she spoke of her mate and son and Raith could not hold back the disgusted snort than left his throat at those words. ”No reason… you are as deluded as your Mate was and my killing him was a mercy.” He snarled, dead eyes directed at her.
He snarled as Xyaban kissed Alairia forcibly, straining against his bonds and twisting his body to try and free himself to get to her. He growled low in his throat, ignoring the dull ache in his lower half as Xyaban touched Ria in ways he had sworn no one other than himself would touch her. As she returned to him and kissed him in return he let her… before moving his head back to offer momentum as he headbutted her. ”Whore. Touch her like that again and I will ensure you suffer unlike your Mate who I granted a swift death.” He snarled, the pain in his testicles ricocheting through his entire body as she squeeze them.
As she asked her question Raith laughed in her face. ”Because of you.” He whispered. ”You twisted his mind; you tore down the magnificence of what he was and left a pathetic shell of a creature. He was a Dragon, all power and strength and you made him believe that he had a son. I see now that you’re just as mad; that you too have driven yourself into insanity to the point of believing that that childs toy was a real baby but it was not. I killed your Mate to save him from himself, to save him from you and your madness that had infected him. What I did was a mercy and you’re just afraid to admit it.” He laughed, smiling at her. ”Your Mate is finally free of your curse you pathetic creature.”

Author: Alairia, Posted: Tue May 7, 2019 2:41 PM, Post Subject: The Devil You Know - Part 3[P,R]

The words spoken to Silence were garbled in the mind of Alairia though she was able to catch the last bit of threat that made her blood run cold. There was no only the captor to be concerned about, but a potential other companion to ensure their stay in that place. In response to the pleas there was a simple ‘no’ given that had been entirely expected. Alairia held the gaze with her capture for a moment to read the madness that was within her eyes. The dragoness was insane, and there was no reasoning with madness. Head lowered to stare at her own lap while her brain attempted to process all that was happening. It was now clear to her that ‘Raith’ had not been Raith at the tavern. She had been foolish enough to not notice the subtle differences between the man she loved and the imposter. Blinded by her own love for him, and naïve enough to think that there would be no one to use that against them.

Jaw clenched tight with anger at herself for not being more cautious as Raith awoke from his drug induced sleep. She lifted her head to look over at him, and tears began to form again involuntarily. Why couldn’t they be left alone? Ria watched as he fought against his restraints to no avail. The conversation between the two meant little to her as she had no idea what or why all of it was happening. A light gasp escaped her as Raith’s voice echoed in her head. She had no telepathic ability and had never experienced it before. Her eyes closed slowly with the comfort of his words to her, though she knew that they were just words. There was nothing they could do to stop what was about to happen. ’I love you, Raith,’ was all she could manage to get back to him. There was much more that she wanted to convey, but her mind was in too much turmoil to project.

Before Alairia could attempt contact again the dragoness drew a knife while kicking him. Instantly, the elf pulled at her restraints while yelling to the point of almost growling at their captor. ”Leave him alone you, bitch,” Her words almost were incoherent as she made the chair hop slightly with the constant struggle she began to pull up. She had to get to him to protect him from the onslaught. Confusion covered her face as the woman moved behind Raith to pull back his head, showing Ria that he was now fully exposed. There was no blush that flushed her cheeks. This could only mean that the torture intended would be more severe than originally thought. Teeth grit together to keep from yelling more slurs for it could fuel the wounds given.

Elf sat back tightly against her chair as Xy sat on her lap. The creature had no qualms of keeping herself covered, but her quills cut her shallow a few places. There was no helping the shakiness of her breath as the other leaned in. ”I haven’t noticed.” Alairia could feel her emerald orbs glaring daggers right back at the sadistic captor. The tears were still upon her cheek from prior to then be licked off her face.

She clenched her eyes tightly as she was violated by Xy’s mouth. The feel of the dragoness’s tongue made it in her mouth, and Ria wasn’t sure she could keep a gag down from the contact. A gasp was made when she was finally released. Hot angry tears streamed down cheeks while glaring at the back of Xy. She wanted to scream. She wanted to yell at the bitch to get off of Raith. To not touch him. A silent rage continued to build up inside of her as it all continued.

No ability to help. No capability to protect him from what only could be assumed beginning of a long time of torture. She watched helplessly as Raith was handled roughly. My family is going to destroy this beast to her very essence, Ria thought hatefully. There were only thoughts of her grandfather, mother, step father, and brother. What would they think once they discovered this had happened? Would they find their bodies? Ria doubted that she or Raith would survive this encounter. ”Clearly this Hacesh didn’t deserve such an existence that you put him through. He and your son are in a better place…at peace. That should be consolation.” Her words were not meant to truly console the woman. Instead it was meant to deter her interrogation on the man that was incurring her wrath at the moment. Hopefully she would turn her attention away from him to allow some reprieve.

Author: Xyaban, Posted: Mon May 6, 2019 3:28 PM, Post Subject: The Devil You Know - Part 3[P,R]

Xyaban was silent as Ria started to wake up, she watched it all happen with a small smile. She did glance to the small dragon though once when she heard trying to work at its own bindings. ”I’m older than you, small one, your fire won’t do anything to me. Besides, my friend wouldn’t like it if you got out.” She spoke darkly, normally scared of other dragons, this one was small enough and Xy’s rage helped her see it as no threat to her. Not like the first time she had encountered Hacesh. Xyaban also didn’t say anything more on who this ‘friend’ might be that she mentioned.

Ria was awake now and Xy looked back to her and smiled as the half-elf begged to be released. ”No.” Xy spoke simply with a small smile, poison green eyes held the madness that lurked in her mind. Raith woke not too long after that, and as he spoke, and using those kinds of words, Xyaban’s anger started to bubble up again.



Xy stood and without a word drew a knife from somewhere and walked over to Raith, before driving her foot up between his legs. With him gasping Xyaban used the knife to cut away his clothing until he was as stripped as he could be without removing his bonds, leaving him exposed. Xy then grabbed his hair and held his head back at a bad angle and got right in his face. ”You dare speak of them like that again and I’ll take the time to do much worse to you two than what I have in mind.” She glanced back to Ria for a moment.

Releasing Raith to let him recovered from the kick Xy went over to Ria and casually sat across her lap, Xy was eight inches shorter than Ria was, but it was the quills that Xy had running down her spine, tail, arms and the back of her that could be the problem. She smiled to Ria. ”Impulsive, isn’t he?” She asked and leaned forward into Ria’s face enough that they could share breath, thankfully Xy’s wasn’t bad. ”I could have let you go, after I had you watch me kill him of course, he’s right, I never caught your scent after I found my MATE and MY SON dead. But that was before he insulted them, now, you’re here to stay.” Xy smiled and then frowned slightly. ”Aw, don’t cry, Ria, here, allow me to clean your tears.” Xy leaned forward and gently licked the tears from Ria’s cheeks.

Pulling back, for now she ignored Raith, still sitting in Ria’s lap. ”I’m going to assume he didn’t tell you anything of what he did, so I’ll fill you in. Your boy toy there decided that he was allowed to kill my mate and my baby boy, for no reason! I know my Hacesh, he was a peaceful dragon, wouldn’t attack anyone or anything unless he was provoked into it, and even then that took a lot to get him to that point. So Raithy boy there killed them both, unprovoked, for no reason other than them being where they were while they waited for me so we could go for a family walk.” Xy glanced back to Raith. ”Guess I’ll go ask him why, huh? Here, I’ll give him a kiss from you.” Xyaban leaned down again and kissed Ria on the lips, attempting to make her open her mouth to get her tongue in.

Whether she could or not, Xy stood from Ria and went over and sat in Raith’s lap and leaned forward to kiss him as she had Ria. ”That’s from Ria.” Xy smiled to him. ”Now then,” Her right hand reached down and she took a gentle hold of his testicles. ”it’s amazing how much pain you can inflict on a male in the simplest of ways, nothing fancy needed.” She gave a light and likely uncomfortable but not truly painful squeeze, she was afraid to fondle them either. ”So, tell me, Raith, why? Why did you kill Hacesh and Kirin? Did Hacesh attack you first? I doubt that since he was a gentle beast and since he had Kirin he wouldn’t want to start a fight. So, why? Why did you decided you had the right to take everything that I loved from me? Tell the truth, murderer.” She squeezed again as she spoke the last word, her rage dripping from her voice.

Author: Raith, Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 7:48 AM, Post Subject: The Devil You Know - Part 3[P,R]

Inside his cage Silence, the aptly named little Dragon that had Bonded itself to Raith to lend the man his eyes, viciously shook his head and scratched at the muzzle that kept him from letting loose the flames within his chest that begged to burn the Dragoness that had captured his Master and his Master's lover. The cunning little mind reached out to the man he had Bonded with - Raith had intrigued the little Dragon and Silence had been quite content to pledge his life to the man and to offer a way for the blind man to see… though now the Dragon realised that this would be used against his Master. 
Many might have looked at the little thing and thought him stupid - he did not speak as such instead he spoke through emotions and images passed telepathically between himself and the one he wished to converse with; but to believe Silence was unintelligent was foolish, he knew exactly what was going on here and he had worked out exactly why they were here as well. Having plucked the memory from his Master's mind while the man had been awake Silence knew who this Dragoness was; they had not met at the time but it was clear who had referred to her as 'Mate' before Raith had killed him… 

Heavily drugged as he was Raith's head had fallen forward until his chin met his chest; his body leaning against the restraints that held him to the chair. Something niggled at the back of his drug addled mind; a presence that begged, no, demanded he wake up. A scent filled his nostrils as he breathed in deeply and all at once Raith was awake - only the smell of his beloved Ria could restore him in such a fashion. Head snapping upright Raith sat tall in his chair, muscles straining against the bonds that bound him as unseeing eyes fixed themselves on the one who had captured him - his love for Ria, and yes he would admit he loved her, had caused him to be blind to the ruse and here he was bound beside the woman he adored. Silence immediately gave his Master the image of all that was around them; fixing on Alairia for a moment so that Raith could see she was safe… thought both knew that was for the moment. 
"She has nothing to do with this." Raith said in a dark tone as he narrowed his eyes at the Dragoness; Silence directing his gaze. "I know who you are; or at least I can guess, your scent was all over that ridiculous puppet he called a 'son'. I saved him from you; he was an imposing, magnificent creature and you had torn away his pride and dignity to make him believe a child's toy was his son. I don't regret my actions, what I did was a mercy but Alairia had nothing to do with this. Punish me, kill me but leave her out of this." He snarled, his rage welling with him.

"Alairia, I am so sorry, you should never have been dragged into this, not because of me. I swear I will get you out of here. I love you Ria, hold onto that I beg of you, I love you." He spoke to her telepathically, his face still turned towards the Dragoness . "Let her go."

Author: Alairia, Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:34 PM, Post Subject: The Devil You Know - Part 3[P,R]

Everything ached though nothing more than her head. The world felt as if it were spinning continuously and there was nothing that would make it stop. A soft groan escaped her as Alairia attempted to snap out of the unconscious state that she had been forced into. Mouth felt dry to the point of pain that went down the back of her throat. The last thing she could remember was a sweet evening with Raith at an inn. They had shared a glass of wine together. Directly after the world had become fuzzy and all went dark. The sensation reminded her of the effects from her concoctions to put patients out for a more intense procedure. Teu had made her children both experience it to better direct their future patients through the process. How could that happen while she was with Raith.


Eyes opened in an instant to search for her boyfriend. Was he okay? Did something happen to him as well? Vision was difficult to focus, but what was worse was that she could not move. Binds held her in place to a chair that was uncomfortable. ”Raith?” Ria could feel her throat burn as her voice cracked out his name. It took a few moments for her vision to refocus. As it did, she could see Raith sitting across from her in a seat bound just as she was. His bonded dragon was gagged in a cage beside him.

Panic began to accelerate her heart rate as the situation began to sit in. They had been taken prisoner somehow and being held hostage for some reason. Lips pressed hard together as the urge to cry and scream began to well up in her chest. Gritting her teeth together the healer attempted to work at her binds. Nothing seemed to work. The effects from the drug prior was still in effect in her system. Alairia knew it would be hours until she would feel truly right again. The issue was to know if she would still be alive at that point.

Hazel eyes turned to look at her surrounding to see a woman with open robes sitting quietly. She seemed to be watching them with intent and pleasure. Alairia could feel the malice dripping off of her. Instinctually she attempted to kick away, but again nothing would move. ”Why are you doing this? Please…please let us go.” The likelihood that her pleads would work were less than zero percent. What else could she do? Alairia knew that she was going to die. That no one knew where the couple were. That most likely they would be tortured and killed. Or they would be tortured to death. Silent tears formed in the corner of her eyes and slowly streamed down her face. How could she have been so fortunate to find someone to love, for it to end like this?

Author: Xyaban, Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:19 PM, Post Subject: The Devil You Know - Part 3[P,R]

The dragoness smiled as she waited for them to wake up, while she waited Xyaban was keeping her rage controlled, just barely though. She wanted to slit Raith’s throat, right now, and she could, it would be so easy with him still knocked out from her toxin she had drugged him with while pretending to be Ria. She could also do the same to Ria, who was also still unconscious from the same toxin. But that would all be too easy, Xyaban wanted them to suffer, nice and slow, at least for a few days before she finally ended them. Then she would have her revenge for Raith’s murder of Hacesh and Kirin!

She had them way out in the middle of the Virens forest in a small cabin she had… acquired, a little while ago. It was dark out so she had the fire place going to give some light to the little cozy home, while her two captives were tied up nice and tight to a chair across from each other. Between the shackles and the Concordia's Bondage she had used to tie them Xyaban was safe in the fact that neither of them would be strong enough to break their bonds. Off to one side of Raith in a cage that was just large enough was his seeing-eye-dragon. She had its muzzle tied so it couldn’t breath any fire or anything like that. She had learned that Raith used the little pest to see for him so she decided to make sure that it could everything that she had planned to do to Ria.

Xyaban was wearing her usual robes but she didn’t have them tied at the front and she wasn’t wearing anything under them either. She had considered stripping her guests down as well before they woke up, but then liked the idea of cutting their clothing off while they were awake. So for now Xyaban took her own seat between them just off to one side so she could see them both while they faced each other. She just waited to see who would wake up first from their nap.

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