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Character Info
Name: Nymeria
Age: ??
Alignment: LE
Race: Born of Flame
Gender: Female
Class: Sorceress
Silver: 90
I'm looking for a new banner and avatar, for those of you inclined to do it, I can offer items/silver if you like. :) Here are the images, she was a familiar and has turned into a human. Specializes in shadow and fire magic. 

have fun!


Character Info
Name: Rhea
Age: Appears 20ish
Alignment: TN
Race: Siren Mixture
Gender: Female
Class: Dreamweaver
Silver: 117
This is not the best >.< I am so rusty. I am going to try again later.

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Character Info
Name: Kineko Swindlers
Age: 20s?
Alignment: LN
Race: Kitsune
Gender: Female
Class: Spear Hunter
Silver: 103
Okay, I feel like I am starting to kick off the rusty shoes a little more. I can make it more shadow if you like over fire xD. If there a quote you suddenly want. I could add that too.

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