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Author: Ixchia Frychedes, Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:46 PM, Post Subject: You are You

Note: This work of writing is not meant to seem negative or dark. Instead, it should be seen as encouraging - even if it is an accurate depiction of my own Real Life worries. And it has religious undertones since I am religious and feel that God created us with individuality for a purpose. This is a work of creative writing, and should not be seen as religious paraphernalia or propaganda or anything. I respect all religious creeds, beliefs, etc, or lack thereof, as long as my beliefs are respected. Furthermore, this is not a "Religious Debate" Thread. It is simply meant to show off an encouraging (I hope) piece of writing I wrote in twenty minutes.

You Are You

A boy walked into his father's room.
His spirit, then, was full of gloom.
His father, in his arms, embraced,
And wiped the boy's tears from his face.

"What's wrong?" he asked - the father to his son.
"Why are you glum instead of having fun?"
"Father," the young boy did cry. "Please, tell me, who am I?
Others did mock me - tease me - it's true, for the things that I like to do."

The father did pat the boy's head lightly,
then he hugged him once more mightily.
The boy sat down, tears once more on his face,
And his father spoke again with parental grace.

"They are they, and you are you.
It matters not what you wish to do.
True friends are those who, no matter what, will stay,
For you are you, and they are they."

The boy grew up into a young man.
He did his best to keep strong his plans.
Though, as he grew, he felt most incomplete.
His heart, he felt, encased in snow and in sleet.

The man did feel he needed something more.
Another person for him to adore.
His loneliness, to quell, did he so seek,
A woman, tender, kind and meek.

The man felt off, plain, unappealing.
These thoughts did send his sad heart reeling.
The advice of his father did he most need.
So he called, and his father, did then proceed.

"She is she and you are you.
She will love you through and through.
Keep that darling girl close and true.
Until you enter my house to say 'I do'.

You'll make her laugh. You'll make her cry,
but she'll keep on loving you as the days go by.
And soon, little feet will patter near,
For you and her to cherish dear."

"Will they love me?" the man did ask.
"Yes", the father said, "In your love they will bask.
Hold them, love them, teach them right,
And they will make all your troubles light.

I should know", the father said.
"I love you all from my toes to my head.
You are unique and ever good.
I always love you as a good father should.

Even as you go off to do new things,
I love you, and my great spirit sings.
For you all have your own good goals
To turn to diamonds from darkened coals.

For you are you, as I am me,
And I will love you for eternity.
I know you most, I know you best.
Each of you, I know, no jest.

You are you, yes, don't you see?
You all have individuality.
Your loves, your joys, your fears and aches.
All of these things a person makes.

When things are hard, or when things are great.
No one, nothing, your self, can take.
Be proud, my child, of who you are.
Because no matter what, you will go far.

For everyone else, the same is true.

For they are they, and you are you.

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