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Character Info
Name: Moliira
Age: Old
Alignment: CN
Race: Drow/Lycan
Gender: Female
Class: Huntress
Silver: 1905
So in the course of cleaning stuff out, I found a couple of poems I wrote for a creative writing class (which I HATED).

A whirring, weird buzz and the dreaded blue screen of death
I panic, knowing it needs to be fixed and I can't do it.
It gets poked and prodded by a computer doctor friend
But he can't diagnose its problem.

So off to the store where it was bought as a gift
And talk to the Geek Squad who can (hopefully) fix it.
The black tied guy helping me looks rather confused
After plugging it in and the noises continue.

I'm asked a few questions, like how old it is
and "should we wear capes" from the survey.
The questions are finished, it gets packaged
and covered in stickers.
The geeks aren't sure what's wrong.

I leave the store, feeling like I left a best friend
Alone to face a surgery by themself.
I leave with the vision of my laptop
Laying on the counter

Campus Creatures
Running amok, a small missile scampers across my path
Bright eyes and its tail sticking straight up
Fleeing in terror of my footfalls on the pavement
Its black and white stripes sleek, a chipmunk slips away
To where, I wonder, to hide from me or to watch me?

A nut flies down, by the breeze or was it thrown?
I glance up through the trees and catch a glimpse
Of grey fur, black eyes, and a very angry chittering.
The squirrel stares at me, then scampers down the tree
Face first to snatch back its prize from the earth.

A flutter of feathers, black as the midnight sky
Hoarse cries and cold glares from the trees
Scouring the landscape for dropped goodies
A murder of crows watches me coldly from a distance
Hoping for scraps, scattering at my approach.

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