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Author: Marth, Posted: Fri Apr 8, 2016 3:34 PM, Post Subject: Epic Rap Battles of Revaliir

So here's the deal: the game is about people rap battling against each other, either as themselves or one of their characters. People take turns posting in lyrical rythm, for the entertainment of all. For example, if Dalanseca and myself waged battle, it may look something like this:

Tally ho, fools, Kee/Xeyn's here to spit/
With my lightning name, lightning pen, and lightning-quick wit/
Against a "god" whose only gimmick is to be indecisive/
I'll deliver iller lyrics with my words so incisive/
Why don't you quit hidin' in the shadows of a buch better player/
Carrying fifteen thousand butterknives don't make you a slayer/
You made a "good gal" assassin, you don't know how to be ill!/
My imagination's pretty vivid, but I can't see how YOU can have skill./

Oh, Torgeir, you silly, mountain-monkey hillbilly/
I will whacks your newbie ass with my rhymes so chilly/
The Justiciar is gonna take the darker path tonight/
Haul your corpse to my realm, then drop you down from on high/
Your ideas sound like they might hold some promise - at the time/
But your style reeks somethin' sour, really not sub-lime/
Why don't you take your dumbed-down whimsey down to drown in the fjord/
'Cause it was funny at first, but now it just makes me bored./

Disclaimer: Dalanesca didn't actually write those bars, I did. With her permission.

So if anyone wants to issue a challenge to anyone, why don't we see what ill bars you can write for us! All are welcome to display their best!

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