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Character Info
Name: Lokir
Age: Mid 30s
Alignment: TG
Race: Werebear
Gender: Male
Class: Heavy Knight
Silver: 1442
So, some of you may know that I play airsoft, and this is a little fun thing that happened today at the game, or during a game I should say. It's a game called Trouble in Terrorist Town, or TTT for short. For that know what that game is, skip ahead, for anyone that doesn't, I'll explain in short;

There are 3 factions within the players; Innocents, Traitors and the Detective. Who you are is decided by random, and secret card draw, for example 15 players so we would use 3 and then 4 traitors, one Detective, and the rest Innocents. We gather in a circle with the Detective stating who they are, heads down and arms up, Traitors put their thumbs up and get to look at each other, so they know who they are working with, thumbs down, arms down heads up everyone splits games start in 10 seconds.

Innocents are trying to stay alive and work out who the Traitors are.

Detective is doing the same, but, can ask a 'dead body' who's side they are.

Traitors, well, they're trying to kill everyone except the other Traitors.

Simple enough rules, right? Right, but, this is a game of trying to play other people against each other. As a Traitor I want to put someone else in a bad light, get them killed by someone else so I LOOK Innocent when I am not.

Anyway, moving on, here are the important names for this little story of chaos XD … some names changed for privacy/I can't remember them :P

Me! I'm a Traitor for this game, finally!

Trevor; Another Traitor.

Shane; Last Traitor.

Kyle; The Detective

Ivan; Field owner, Innocent

K, now, the set up! I had been Traitor last game as well, but got nailed right off the start along with 2 Innocents because one guy, well, he didn't like that I MIGHT have shot him in the left testy the game before… also he wanted to cause chaos :P

So, this game, staying with my back to a wall with the main group waiting for an opening, 4 guys, Trevor included walking down the road to the Barn(don't worry you don't need to worry about the layout, just know they're on a road, in range and in the open).

After a few minutes, Kyle points to me, tells me to shoot Trevor cause he thinks he's a Traitor(and he's right), and wants to see if I'll take the shot to prove what I am. Well, I hesitate for a moment, explaining that there are 3 other guys down the road with Trevor in my line of fire. Kyle doesn't care, says to shoot Trevor and points his side arm at me. Well, now I'm in a bind; if I don't take the shot I'm done for and won't take anyone with me, but if I hit Trevor, we're still down a guy.

My solution? Open fire on ALL of them, making it look like I'm only shooting at Trevor, who dodges into cover(he heard me talking I spoke loud enough to make sure he did hear his name so he'd pay attention) and caps the 3rd guy using the sound of my rifle to mask his pistol's sound… which somehow worked.

Anyway, Kyle, for some unknown reasons, decides that, despite 3 people being down and one of them NOT the guy he wanted me to shoot, thinks I'm Innocent since I took the shot. For some reason it didn't click that I purposely missed Trevor. HAHAHAHA.

So, Kyle starts to walk away to check on what has happened, check to see who's team the guys who are down are on.

Here is what is going through my mind;

Trevor has to tell the truth when asked what he is, which will put shade on me since I hesitated in killing him, because I would have known he was a Traitor.

I'm thinking that someone else will eventually clue in that I wasn't actually aiming at Trevor when I shot before and call me on that, outing me for what I am.

So, I see only one option; out myself in a hail of BBs and take down who I can and cause a distraction for Trevor and Shane, Shane at this point was keeping attention away from himself, since everyone was focused on what I had been doing. He had backed up so he had line of fire on most of the rest of the group, but no one noticed he had done that.

I nail Kyle in the back and he goes down, take down the guy to his right, no one else to my right so I swing my rifle to my left and cap 2 guys there in a close range. By that time, Ivan(who owns the field) is reacting and so is the guy next to him, they open up on me(we're using semi auto only no full auto since we're so close). I take about 6 hits as I go down(one left a really nice bloody mark on my right arm :P ).

In that distraction and sudden gunfire, Trevor opens up on Ivan and tags him, Shane opens on the guy next to Ivan and tags him and then they both open up on the last guy who with his bad luck got caught between them :P

So, my sacrifice and distraction allowed my team to win! ALL of that happened in the span of about… 6-7 minutes, short game for sure, but very fun and lots of action.

TTT is a fun game, as long as everyone plays by the rules like everything else. Lie your face off if you're a Traitor, throw shade on other players who are Innocent, I've done that, got the Detective to cap 2 Innocent players before he caught onto what I was doing XD I've also knowingly shot a fellow Traitor, because he had outed himself as one and I knew if I took the kill it would paint me in a better light.

So I know that was long, but I hoped you enjoyed it! :D If you have any questions, pleas feel free to ask :)

God Powers:
i. Can learn any martial form of combat and any weapon by simply watching someone use it flawlessly with little practice.
ii.  Battlefield Awareness; Lokir has the ability to look over a battlefield and read the strategies of his enemies even before they have full committed to them, allowing him to make counter stratagems quickly.
iii. Strength of the Bear; Lokir himself as a God is physically extraordinarily strong, but he can add strength to others as well, push their bodies to their race's physical limits for a time.

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