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Never underestimate good foreshadowing, no matter what media it is in. If you can foretell a major plot twist with unsubtle hints, you had a talented script before you. It helps not make things like betrayals seem so forced.

Take the 2005 game Psychonauts, for example. A game where all the levels take part in the mind of another person.

The first level starts you off in a dentist office before transitioning into a war zone. On the surface, its a strange transition, but the dentist office is never seen again. In fact, the game starts you off by destroying it as your attack tutorial so you can never come back to it again.

Later down the line, you are introduced to a character named Doctor Loboto, who is a dentist trying to steal away brains for some reason.

Finally, you learn that the person who was in charge of the first level, the one in command of the war zone, is a traitor, working with the doctor to steal brains to use to power mental tanks. If you could not guess, the game is already bizarre enough, but upon a new play through, upon seeing the opening section with the future knowledge ahead of time, you can already see the betrayal right in front of you the entire time, making you think about what else was hinted from these events?

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