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Character Info
Name: NoBody
Age: Too fricken old
Alignment: TN
Race: Celestial Being
Gender: Unspecified
Silver: 1750
Hey Revaliir! Nobody here. It has come to our attention that not very many people use the Wishing services our lovely moderators graciously provide us. From personal experience, it’s not so much fun when only one or two people wish against ya.

In honor of the thread title… Did you know that we have a system called Synthesis? Once a week, we are going to highlight an item from one of two shops: Karmas Baubles or Theodore Thurxas Forge. For our first post, nobody has agreed to feature an interesting item.

How would you like to carry every single weapon you own and not be weighed down by the weight? Or, how about carrying around an entire apothecary shop with every medicinal concoction you have manufactured for any occasion? Like to drink when you’re out on that cold, blustery night but too far away from a tavern? Nobody has a solution for you. Head over to Theodore and ask him about Reyansh's Endless Bag.

This thing is amazing! Wait… What’s this ingredient list? Well, friend, this is what our Synthesis is. A certain amount of certain items are required to make this fantastic pocket dimension. Where do you get said items? By exploring the wonderful world of Revaliir. Now, you have a choice to make. One can stumble through Revaliir blindly, and hope to find these magical items. One can make a wish and hope their lucky stars favor them each week. Beg or inquire fellow Revaliites for trades, or you can come to visit Nobody. Everything will be laid out, as clear as glass.

The endless bag requires 10 Bolts of Silk, 5 Rainbow Wool, 2 Ectoplasm, 10 Leather, 4 Emeralds, 6 Soapstones, 3 Ammolites, 2 Lacriamiums, 1 Bag, 5 Goat Hides, and 2 Swan Feathers. Locations where to find each and every single item can be found HERE, but nobody was nice enough to help detail things out in this thread. While nobody has laid all this information out, don’t give up on the wishing thread! Some of these items are kinda rare and don’t drop very often.

In the wonderful land of Parvpora, one can find many items. Commonly found are Bolts of Silk and Soapstone. A good chance of stumbling across either or even both would be Nisshoki or Gaharee. Explore the spooky areas of City of the Damned and Varaz for the elusive apothecary item of Ectoplasm (or as nobody calls it: ghost snot).

Next is the bountiful land of Canelux, where we will find the second set of items for our powerful bag. Perditi Cemetary has plentiful hiding areas for the commonly found Leather and Emeralds. But, if your eyes are keen enough, one might find the rare and coveted Ammolite. Take a dip in Kirika Lake for a chance to find the rares of Lacriamium and Ammolite. Or for the rare adventurer who has no need of leather or ammolite, maybe take a stroll through Sularia and keep your eyes peeled for Emeralds and Lacriamium. Nobody says it’s nice this time of year.

Finally, our new and mysterious land of Onnen. As strange as the beings who live here, one might find the locations to find their coveted ingredients just as strange. Nobody admits that this one was a bit harder to simplify. Benin is home to both the alchemical Swan Feather and rare Rainbow Wool. This is the only dual location that Swan Feather matches to anything else. On the bright side, Rainbow Wool is paired with many of the same places that the common Goat Hide is obtainable. Such as Sahel, or Yonuba.

But wait! You’re not done! Does nobody see that you are still missing an item? Ahh, fear not, for nobody has directions. Head to Abel’s, and he will set you straight. Just be sure to get the bag and not the backpack. Remember, all sales are final. No exchanges… yet… But don't worry, they are cheap.

Happy hunting!
Seriously, though… MAKE A WISH!

Disclaimer: All blue text is an indication of a link. This is a thread created for more than just information. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions

Check out the initial post of Nobody's Event and Synth for an updated list of what nobody is offering.

Character Info
Name: Attie
Age: 18
Alignment: CN
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Wanderer/Scholar
Silver: 433
Hello Rev! Dina (Attie) here! Today is a potion day! But…what potion are we gonna present to you lovely folks? I will give you a hint. Its a potion that has a lot to do with memory. Figured it out yet? Yes! Its the potion Dolor Fluvium. With this potion, you'll be able to erase yours or somebody else's memory. Just a tiny drop will be able to erase the most recent thing that happened. So if you stole something and don't want any witnesses, this is a perfect non-lethal way of getting rid of witnesses. Or maybe you just want to let a person forget a terrible event that turned them into an evil jerk. Or maybe you want to rid yourself of your own past…. Either way, this will be the potion for you!

But what about the ingredients? Well my friends, you're in luck! This ingredient list is all mostly in one place, Canelux. So you won't have to travel very far to find all these ingredients. For the three ingredients that aren't in Canelux, you can travel to find them or enter the Make A Wish lottery! Make A Wish is free to enter and is controlled by the lady of luck, Shiloh. So if you don't want to travel around, try your hand at the Make A Wish thread. 

Dolor Fluvium's ingredients are 2 Banshee Tears, 3 Blood Ingots, 2 Mandrakes, 1 Mermaid Scale, 3 Burr Berries, and 1 Sarut de Noapte! Locations of each and every single item can be found right HERE. You'll be able to find where everything you need might be dropped while using Make a Wish to try to get as many ingredients as possible. Might as well do both at the same time. Wait…..

ANYWAY, lets have a look at a few of the locations for ingredients. The main location that these ingredients will be at is
Canelux where you can find Mandrakes, Mermaid Scales, and Sarut De Noaptes. I would recommend having a look at the Kingdom of Adeluna since you can find all three ingredients there! Mandrakes and Mermaid Scales can be found in Adeluna City. Sarut de Noapte can be found in theUmbral Depths. But if you're looking for a different change of pace then I'd recommend trying the spooooky Perditi Cemetery or the mysteriousKirika Lake

The second location is Parvpora and you'll be able to find Burr Berries and Banshee Tears there! If you are looking for horror, danger, and mystery thenTyr Island or Varaz would be the first places you'd want to go for these ingredients. Do you know what Fey are really like? Would you like to find out? Then head on down toKujishoku, the Spirit Realm where you will not only meet spirits but many mysterious and dangerous beings. 

Last but certainly not least is Onnen! In Onnen you'll be able to find as many Blood Ingots as you need for this potion. Want to learn a little bit more about Revaliir's past and maybe learn something about the first world tree? If so, I'd recommend to head over toAbshah'mal Monastery where they still worship the first world tree and possibly hold many secrets to uncover. But maybe all these secrets and dangers are wearing you out. Maisha Muais a bunch of Islands and you can take a nice relaxing vacation there. Let all the worries fall out of your mind as you let yourself enjoy the moment. 

BUT WAIT! Before you go there is one more thing. We are going to open recommendations for what to cover next week! If there is a Synth or Potion item you'd like to see us cover then put a comment down below and we will do that Synth/Potion item next week!

Happy Hunting!
And don't forget to….MAKE A WISH!

Disclaimer: All purple text is an indication of a link. This is a thread created for more than just information. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions. 

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