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Character Info
Name: Adraejen "Drae" Porthyrius
Age: 32
Alignment: CN
Race: Half Elf Were Bear
Gender: Male
Class: Blade Pact Warlock of the Fiend
Silver: 44914
There was no resisting it. It was like a constant tug, stronger so than the pull of Parvpora and Canelux when the sister moons shared the nights of fullness during the long months of Ignius on the soul of a Lycan. The unceasing need to be here in this place right at that moment. Drae didn't know why he felt compelled to come to Jasumin Lake and its surrounding lands locked in eternal Venti. The fire of sunset blazed across the sky and across the glassy surface of the lake, even the land cast into shades of deep gold and orange before the light from the sun left to illuminate the far side of the world.

Why? Why was he here? What was it that pulled him so to this spot? There was nothing to see, really, in the deepening twilight. Just the peaceful majesty of the lake. Hours passed, and Drae found him rooted to the spot, high on the hill overlooking Jasumin lake. Once the sun had vanished completely from the sky, Drae turned his gaze skyward. Stars shot across the sky in numbers that he could not recall seeing before. He watched in awe at the sight. As he stood there, transfixed by the heavenly display, he took note of a particularly bright star hurtling over the horizon. He stared at it, wondering why it seemed so odd. He realized quite quickly what he was staring at, and he swore and got to his feet. The bright light of the meteor grew brighter and brighter as it broke through the atmosphere and hurtled on a collision course with Parvpora. Drae ran as the light got closer and closer. There was no way he could outrun this. He turned on his heel and readied his Rod, the Chrysalis Ring on his hand activating and creating a shield of crystal all around him. With a roar, he swung his staff at the oncoming meteorite, fire and lightning colliding with the large celestial body.

There was an explosion, a bright light of white, green and purple flashing out across the hilltop completely enveloping Drae. His body felt like it was on fire and being electrocuted at same time. A shockwave of energy radiated from the impact, sending ripples across the autumn grass and across the glassy sheen of the lake in the distance. The light faded and Drae lay sprawled on top of the hill.

He remained still for some time, as though death had come upon him. However, despite being struck by… well, he wasn’t sure what it was anymore, he slowly sat up and rubbed his head. What the hell? He wasn’t entirely sure what had just happened, but he knew for sure it was not natural.

He shakily got to his feet and looked around. There wasn’t any indication that anything had actually happened there on the hill. No scorch marks, nothing. There wasn’t even an injury on him. But still, something felt different. There was a tremble in the air, a buzz that he could suddenly feel.

He has come! The Tree has called him. Hail the Keeper of the Keys! Hail the Master of the Arcane!

Drae whirled around at the whisperings. He could hear… it had to be the essence of magic itself. He could hear it in the grass that never saw the touch of Glaciem nor the scorch of Ignius. He could hear it in the stars that continued to shoot across the sky. He could hear it in the breeze that caressed him and tossed his hair.

It hit him then, quite like the shooting star just had.

“OH HELL NO!” Drae roared and turned in the direction of the World Tree in Canelux. “IS THIS SOME SORT OF JOKE?!” he yelled at the sky, the wind picking up with his cries and carrying his voice. “I’M A PARVPORAN! WE DON’T DO GODS! WE TORE DOWN OUR WORLD TREE!” he snarled. “WHY OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN REVALIIR WOULD YOU CHOOSE ME?!”

There was no answer, just the stillness of the night, and the pleasant buzz of magic all around him. His heart was pounding so loud in his ears that even IF the Voice and the World Tree deigned to answer him, he probably would not have heard it.

The magic, however did.
He bound the soul of Earth, found the knowledge to keep Life from being lost to Death!
The took Drae aback. He had been made a God because he had kept another God (Goddess, actually) from being lost? He had to admit, he had thought it pretty ground breaking, but Angela had been the key to that when she had started vomiting Lacriamium. He began to laugh, heartily, hysterically.


“SOME THANK YOU! YOU’VE TAKEN ME TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD WHERE SHE HAS LIMITED POWER AND MADE ME A GOD! HERE’S WHAT I THINK OF YOU AND YOUR GODS!” he yelled as he picked up a rock. He hurled it at the sky, the rock becoming infused with the strength of a God and the Magic that called him master and hurled off over the horizon like the shooting star that had struck him moments ago.

There was a green and purple over the horizon that made Drae jump backwards, momentarily in awe of what he had just done as another of the shooting stars was struck by his rock from the heavens and veered in its direction towards him. Drae glared at it as the huge object came toward him.

“Damn…” he muttered in awe as he watched the huge celestial body hurtle high over his head, over Jasumin lake, to touch down at the edge of the plains at the foot of the Zujiuchu Mountains. Curiosity got the better of him and he summoned up the energy required to teleport across the plains to the place of impact.

Magic crackled across the still steaming stone that looked as though it had been torn from the night sky itself. It was positively beautiful. It radiated magic, he could feel it calling out to him. He reached out to the stone, and almost as though it had a mind of its own, lightning crackled out and zapped Drae’s hand. Remarkably, it didn’t hurt. Drae felt like he had just absorbed the shock.

“Interesting…” he smiled. He reached out to the stone again, and again it tried to zap him. “Now, don’t be that way,” he said softly, reaching out to touch the stone again. Again the lightning came, but this time Drae did not pull away and lightly touched the still hot stone. A slight hum vibrated through his hand.

“Hello, Tar Eisalae. I am Adraejen Porthyrius, Keeper of the Keys to the Secrets of Knowledge and the Arcane, The One with the Silvered Tongue. You and I are going to be the best of friends.”

Drae is the The Keeper of the Keys to the Secrets of Knowledge and the Arcane, or The One with the Silvered Tongue
Drae's God Powers are:
I. He can create a magical null zone in a 30 ft diameter globe at will on a person or fixed point within view.
II. He can ignite the dormant magic in a person’s blood if the magic is present but inactive in a person.
III. He can assimilate any magical ability for personal use and archival purposes.

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