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Character Info
Name: Kythe Sitari
Age: Unknown (Ageless)
Alignment: CG
Race: Minadrias
Gender: Female
Silver: 188
Kythe laughed softly; trust her husband to make light of the situation… but by the Gods she had missed him dearly. Being apart from her family had been agony; waking up every morning to an empty bed where once Pol had been had torn her heart in two every time she woke… to think that he was back with her once more caused a whole new ache but one she was glad of.
To hold him in her arms once more; for his scent to envelope her entire being while she tasted him on her lips… it was as if they had never been apart from one another. It was everything she had dreamt of since her Gods had exiled her to Revaliir and she could not have been happier. To think that she had her husband back in her arms and her daughter here with her Bondmate not to mention that they could raise the boys together… no one could have told her how happy she would be to be given him back.

Kythe chuckled at the sound from her daughter and cast the young woman a glance; she did not know her daughter anymore but she was glad to see a normal response from her given the situation they had found themselves in. The Minadrian woman watched as her husband began to process the news that she had given him; the realisation dawning slowly. These were his children; not another man’s but his own… in a way they were lucky that time flowed differently between the two worlds as it meant that Pol would be with her at the birth of their sons (their last, Kythe wasn’t sure she could go through another pregnancy).
”Yes my heart they’re yours. And yes, twins of all things. Never let a Dragon and a Wolf mate… they produce litters.” She chuckled softly, one hand caressing his cheek as she looked into his eyes. Laughing as he lifted her off the ground and span her she hugged him tightly, looking over to Kaya and holding out her hand to the girl. ”Come here my sweet girl, they’re your brothers too.” She said softly, watching as the young woman hesitated a moment until Valandil nudged her with his nose. Taking Kaya’s hand she squeezed it gently. ”Brothers of all things. Two of them; because your father and I can never do anything by half.” Kythe stated as she rolled her eyes.

Speaking of sons… Knowing that Raith was in Revaliir as well should have been a happy thing but given what Pol had said and the look on her daughter’s face it was far from it. Allowing her husband to lead her, sitting beside him and holding his hand in her’s while keeping hold of Kaya’s as well - part of her did not dare let go of either of them lest they vanish and she wake up to find out it was all a dream.
What Pol said did not surprise her; of the triplets Kythe had long since recognised that her son was too like her in terms of the rage held inside him… though truth be told he had more reason that most to be angry. She had hoped to coach him through it; to show him how to utilise that anger but she had been torn away before she could teach him too much. Sighing heavily she nodded. ”Let’s be honest love he’s not wrong; the only reason he and I survived is because of Liara, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have survived Raith’s birth and neither would he. As warped as his belief is it’s not entirely false.” And sadly Kythe could understand his viewpoint… as awful as it was to think that her son was here purely to kill her and himself she wasn’t surprised by it. ”He took after me.” She laughed sadly, kissing her husband’s finger. ”All fire and rage with no way to let it go… if he could have transformed maybe it would have been easier for him to accept but everything we have he was denied.”
Should she have been upset? Should she have been angry? Maybe… but something in her heart was just… numb to it. Her son had been without her almost his entire life - she could not blame him for his hatred nor could she blame him for it. She had been born into Prophecy, maybe that was how he viewed his life as well given how different he was to his siblings.

Smiling softly Kythe let go of her daughter’s hand so that she could caress her husband’s face. ”Pol you raised three children on your own. From what I can see of our daughter you have done perfectly well… Raith was lost to us the moment he realised he could not transform like his sister’s could and my absence from their lives has not helped matters. But we will find him. We’re together now and we’ve always been stronger together. As a family. Speaking of what about Luna?” She asked. ”Is she alright? Did she come with you?” She asked, suddenly very aware that their youngest daughter was not here.
Pol Silverheart

Character Info
Name: Pol Silverheart
Age: Unspecified
Alignment: TG
Race: Wolf-Shifter
Gender: Male
Silver: 0
The smile that had found its way to Pol’s face as Kaya walked over to join her parents, faded into a disapproving scowl for his wife. “You of all people should know better than that, my love,” he said as Kythe tried to argue that Raith’s misguided notion of what should and shouldn’t have happened was accurate in some way. “Fate has always been something you have fought against, and at least to my recollection, succeeded in more than once. You and he survived, just because Liara saved you both doesn’t mean your death is what should have happened. If that were true, each of us should be dead a dozen times over. I cannot begin to count the number of times I survived to the ministrations of a skilled healer, or a God. If something was ‘fated’ to happen, then didn’t happen, then it wasn’t all that fated in the first place.”

Even with Kythe’s personal dealings with Myna’s Fate, Pol had always been reluctant to put much stock in the notion that certain things are fated, or prophesized. He had seen firsthand that strong willed mortals could defy and turn back fate far too often for him to believe that it really meant much of anything, other than it was a force like the wind. Sometimes it blew into your sails and propelled you forward, others it blew against your sails and made your life difficult. But it never made your life impossible.

Pol shook his head as he listened to Kythe speak. “No, I refuse to believe that, Kythe. Perhaps I wasn’t who he needed, or I didn’t have the words or actions to help him. But he was not lost to us, we lost him. He was a child Kythe, a hurt and confused child, a child we were not capable of helping despite our desire to do so. Who he is today, that’s a referendum on us, even if we did everything we could, given our respective circumstances.”

He paused to take a breath. Of all the things in the world he wanted to talk about, this was at the very bottom of his list. Speaking of Raith was important, and necessary. But it was a wound that had never healed for the former ranger. No one is meant to be one way or another, they are products of their surroundings, and for their son that meant Pol and the absence of Kythe. It was like their son had had a wound that had not been treated properly and turned rancid. He was not destined to be wounded and suffer an infection, the universe dealt him a blow as a child, and those meant to care for him had been unable to. The only way to overcome a failure was to acknowledge and accept it.

Thankfully his wonderful wife quickly found a new topic, and a much more positive one, to distract them. Pol shook his head again, but a slight smile crept onto his face giving the gesture an entirely different tone than it had during the previous topic. “No, Luna didn’t come with us because she is doing very well back in Myna.” His gold eyes flickered quickly to Kaya, then back to Kythe.

“Kaya and Raith have always been a little more Minadrias than wolf-shifter. But it didn’t become clear until they grew up a little more that Luna was a little more wolf-shifter than Minadrias. She…grew up a bit faster than Kaya or Raith did.” Pol leaned in to speak a little more quietly, not sure if Kaya had completely gotten over this yet or not, and suppressed a chuckle. “I’m sure you can imagine what a fun time it was when the second born matured faster than the first,” he whispered before leaning away and continuing in his normal speaking voice. “So Luna stayed home because she had a life. She married, and had two wonderful children. Twins actually,” he couldn’t help a chuckle as he meaningfully glanced down to his wife’s belly where their twins lay. “A girl and a boy, Cora and Zion, your grandchildren. So you’re a grandmother, Kythe, congratulation,” he said with a smile before giving her a quick kiss.

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