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Character Info
Name: Cedric
Age: Mid 20's - Early 30's
Alignment: CN
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Commander
Silver: 16
Cedric was pushed back from the force of the explosion, he pushed himself up, "Two can play at that game" before stomping on the ground, the elemental mimicked Cedric's movements the soldiers writhed in pain as dark spikes rose and impaled the soldiers, it didn't kill them, but it sure hurt a lot. Cedric used this opportunity to re-use the flames, but instead of cover, it was to be used in combat, explosions rang out in the surrounding area, and it alerted patrolling scouts and soldiers. The inaccuracy of the spell cast by the dark elemental was often thought as useless, but because of the chaos and unpredictability, it seemed rather useful, necessary, even. The "undead" army marched forward, they were brain dead. They didn't dodge the incoming explosions, nor did they care for their safety, they wanted blood.

He ordered his elemental to nullify the commander's spells he cast on himself, a glowing symbol appeared below the general and it moved in synchronize in with his movement. It burst into flames before disappearing, not leaving a mark. Cedric wasn't sure if the spell worked, but he didn't have time to wait for results, his blade's heat rose and he charged recklessly and relying entirely on luck.

The second army had made it into the skirmish, but a loud noise erupted from above, it was the sound of airship engines. Adeluna's wizards made beams of light rain upon the battlefield and the foot soldiers climbed down from the airship and brawled with both the living and the "dead" Cedric's elemental was ordered to focus its energy on the risen dead army, and it did. It shattered the gem that was on the lance with its bare hands, ignoring the attacking soldiers of the commander, and siphoned its power through the lance, creating a large beam of dark purple surrounded by a black aura.

The army's soldiers were fragile due to the conditions and age of the army, but back when they first fought against the army of Adeluna, they were small, but a single airship and an elemental against a fierce army that challenged even Adeluna's might is an entirely different story.

Cedric punched the general in the face, and hitting him in the back of his head with the hilt of his blade, like the general once did to him. "Are you done yet? Your militia has seen quite the casualties, and the army you called upon has a major weakness." Cedric asked, the number of the ancient soldiers had a chance when the beam of darkness stopped and the rain of light that damaged the rear of the army became fewer and fewer.

The undead soldiers subdued the elemental and pushed it to the ground, but sensing no life in it, they marched on top of it, like a rocky floor. Cedric felt the marching on his own body, and this gave the commander an opportunity. Cedric stepped back, the elemental made progress trying to get back on its feet, but rather slowly. "If that thing stands up before you kill me, say your prayers." He threatened shakily, the marching soldiers didn't stop, but fewer soldiers stepped on the elemental, and the last of the army would come, and the rest of the Adeluna's soldiers would come. Over the horizon, 4 more airships are drawing closer to the ruins.

"Part fool, part hero, mostly fool."

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