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Alba Zeno

Character Info
Name: Alba Zeno
Age: Nineteen
Alignment: TG
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Adventurer
Silver: 214
Alba groaned as he climbed out of the caves he was in for the last few days. Looking around in awe and slight confusion, the young knight found himself in the mountains north of Adeluna city. Ruins of a once great structure were nearby and overgrown with nature claiming the structure. He climbed the vines to see into the ruins and what used to be an enormous throne room was there. 

"This place could hold treasure…" Alba whispered to himself before climbing into the room and looked around. Walking up to the broken and weather-worn throne, he sat in it and for a moment saw the throne room as it was in its prime. Ghosts of the royals and nobles were dancing and seemed to be happy until a man ran in and said that a great danger was approaching. A ghost of a man with a rare crown on his head stood and ordered everyone to escape as he grabbed a golden blade and went out to fight.

Alba got up and looked around. "W-what happened here?" He stood and decided to go looking for the body of the king and the origin of the destruction. Maybe there were treasures to be found.
Gimli Thranduil

Character Info
Name: Gimli Thranduil
Age: 78
Alignment: CG
Race: Elf (Sindarin, also known as Grey Elf)
Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer/Pyromancer/Fighter
Silver: 0
Gimli has been standing in another portion of the ruins when he heard a voices. Cheerful voices. He crept slowly into the dilapidated throne room, all a ruin of its former glory, and watched as ghostly nobles danced and made merry. Suddenly, a ghost in the visage of a man rushed into the great room, and warned the people gathered that a great danger was coming and that they had to escape. Another man, their leader by the looks of his crown, ushered everyone safely away and got his sword, a magnificent golden blade that shone brighter than the sun, then he charged out of the scene. As this vision ended, Gimli pondered for a minute about its meaning. What purpose did this vision have? And why did it appear when that youth sat on the throne? 

All good questions, but they were easily answered by Gimli as he had learned about the lore of Adeluna and it’s surroundings. This was a reminder of what had happened here, kind of like a piece of history trapped in time and place.  

“You there, boy, what are you doing here, viewing this piece of history. What you saw here was the sword that this continent is ruled by, and that is all that I can say about it so far. Not because I don’t know you, but because I myself have not fully figured out it’s purpose. But what are you doing here? It is not safe here for the younger ones. Especially, not for you…” said Gimli, whose eyes were ablaze with curiosity…

~Gimli Thranduil

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