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Author: Vasuki, Posted: Tue Jan 8, 2019 10:10 AM, Post Subject: Nocturnal Exploration

The thick accent that answered was not something Vasuki had been expecting. Still, he took in the words and deciphered them quickly. A treasure hunter – a pirate! Vasuki had never spent much time with any sailor, he had been based well inland the last time he had walked the land. As the sailor introduced himself – Vasuki realised he hadn’t invented a name for this body. He couldn’t use his real name, it was surprising how well the legends had endured.

“James.” He lied quickly. “Solider.” The man came into view as Vasuki spoke, he was dark and handsome, strong and fit. The demon couldn’t help but wonder how nice Nicolai’s heart would taste. “Together then, this way.” Vasuki used the axe to indicate the direction, then started to head that way. The mine shaft started to drop as they walked – they were going deeper and deeper into the darkness. Vasuki hid a shiver; it had only been three days since he had crawled out of the underworld and now, he was walking a path that looked like it led straight back in.

Illuminated by the pirate’s torch Vasuki saw a humanoid shape laying on the floor before them. As they got closer it was more than obvious the man was dead, another treasure hunter by the looks of him. Blood surrounded him in a sticky pool, Vasuki knelt and placed a finger in the blood. “Fresh kill, use caution.” The demon wiped his hosts finger on the corpse and held his axe ready.

Then there was a loud bang, a door being thrown open. The undead rushed towards the two men stood over the corpse.

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Author: Nikolai Romanov, Posted: Fri Jan 4, 2019 8:03 AM, Post Subject: Nocturnal Exploration


What self respecting Pirate wouldn’t be attracted to the prospect of free treasure lying around ready to be claimed? Ok there was the unfortunate addition of the potential for the undead walking around aimlessly amongst it but how could he claim to be a true Pirate if that put him off?

With a swift annoyance of his Captain (it didn’t take much to get the man to dismiss him from the ship) Nikolai had made the journey to the mines with a smirk on his face and a spring in his step - time to line his pockets.

As an acrobat he had been satisfied with his place within the performing tents, as an assassin he had made a reputation for himself but had not pushed his luck… as a Pirate the man had found himself somewhat more ambitious. The line of work suited him down to a tee - his skillset as both acrobat and assassin came in useful and it allowed him to travel far and wide. Not to mention ladies loved a bad boy with a thick, drawling Russian accent who could swashbuckle his way into their hearts…

Torch flickering in the darkness Nikolai scented the air carefully - sometimes being a Lycanthrope came in handy; keeping a check on the potential armies of the undead was one of them as was sniffing out rival treasure hunters. He didn’t mind sharing the booty, so long as he took the lion’s share of course.

Keeping light on his feet the First Mate stopped and cocked his head to one side, blue eyes dazzling in the light of his torch, dancing at the prospect of getting to play with another who had ventured into the darkness just as he had. ”Friend!” He called out in his thick accent. ”A hunter of sparklink gems and glitterink gold.” He added as he moved into view, hands held up to show he was no threat. ”I ‘ear there is plenty to be shared moy kompan'on.” He added. ”Nikolai Romanov at your serveece. First Mate of the Jolly Roger.” He continued smoothly though it was clear that the name of his ship was a struggle given it was not of his mother tongue.

Author: Vasuki, Posted: Thu Jan 3, 2019 6:55 PM, Post Subject: Nocturnal Exploration

Vasuki had wasted no time before making his next move. Escaping that damn god had taken a lot out of him – but now he had found a suitable hiding place. A very old, but very clever trick. Vasuki had found a suitability powerful human body and completely possessed it. Vasuki now occupied the body of a relatively unknown knight. He was tall, strong and well built. His eyes were sapphire blue and his hair long and golden.

The demon looked down at the kitchen table; the last bits of ‘Mrs Knight’ were scattered across the wooden surface. Nothing of any real substance, a few ribs, an arthritic knee, intestines and the like. Vasuki had only been out of the underworld a few days – he couldn’t be too choosy about the quality of his meat yet.

All his followers were gone, it had been over four hundred years since the last time he had walked this world. His name was nothing but legend now, a tale told to children to keep them in line. Once he had been worshiped as the King of snakes. His power was but a fraction of what he used to command – a situation he intended to rectify now that had had found a suitable vessel in which to hide.

That night Vasuki snaked out of the Knights small house on the outskirts of Adeluna. After ensuring three times that no one had seen him leave he made his way to the ruins. A demon as powerful as Vasuki could feel the pure dark magic radiating from the pit that used to be a ruin. It didn’t take him long to get there, the body in which he inhabited had been trained to run endurance in armour.

It didn’t take him long to find a suitable entrance, it appeared to be some sort of mine shaft. His stolen black cloak helped hide his entry, he didn’t light a torch – even in this body the demon could see perfectly well in the dark. Tonight, he planned on finding some simple followers – it reeked of the undead – a simple army but an effective one.

Vasuki was confident in his ability to dominate the simple creatures he encountered but being confronted by the God of Life and Dreams within minutes of being summoned had taught him to be cautious. An axe hung on his belt now, and his dagger in his boot – not to mention the dark magic he had at his disposal.

How long would it be before he bumped into some wretched demon hunter on some stupid mission to uncover buried treasure? Almost immediately after that thought Vasuki heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps behind him. His hand clasped the handle of his axe as he called out into the darkness.

“Who goes there?”

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