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Obligingly Nelanna took the canteen back with a light nod. “Thank you,” she replied before drinking more of the cool water. Sirona then continued, explaining that the man Nelanna had heard was the one that saved her. And then she called out to someone, looking towards a tree not too far off from them. Nelanna reluctantly removed the canteen from her lips and followed the angel’s gaze. She blinked; how could she tell he was hiding? Nelanna couldn’t see him. Maybe the angel’s position revealed more on her side. Without waiting for someone to reveal themselves, and choosing to believe Sirona was right, Nelanna called out as well, “Is it true? You are the one that saved me?”

Ensarrian had thought he’d left to woods too soon. His body stiffened after a jolt of surprise when the angel called him out. Silently he wished that the elf hadn’t stepped in and saved her companion from his venomous bite. Little did they know that the elf’s sacrifice was not at all wasted. The jaws of a dragon could break through any normal shield, the task proving less difficult for some. Couldn’t the angel see that he didn’t want to be discovered? Suspicious of him she may be, but she should at least respect his wishes. The only reason he stayed was to watch over his ‘master’ a little while longer to ensure she was alright. And, though he would never say it aloud, he wanted to know what kind of person she was. Though acquiring such knowledge wouldn’t change the way he felt about being a familiar.

“I only offered my knowledge on dragons. I am no savior,” his tone was curt and sharp, suggesting he was holding himself back. Though he still didn’t remove himself from his hiding place. He was suddenly caught off guard by the warmth emanating from the elf, an odd feeling that put butterflies in his stomach.

“Even so, I am grateful to you,” said Nelanna. Though he could not see it, she offered him a warm smile. And it was that warmth, her gratitude, that had him so baffled. Obviously she was far more naive than her angel friend. His brow twitched as he attempted to resist giving in to the temptation of showing himself. How annoying.

“I wish I could see you so that I can give you a proper thank you,” Nelanna added. “But if you do not wish to come out, then I suppose it can wait. She looked at Sirona, “We cannot force him to do what he doesn’t want to do. For whatever reason he wants to remain hidden, so let’s leave him that way.” Already she had suspicions as well, but not with his intentions. Nelanna had not failed to notice the new heartbeat inside her, along with the waves of mixed emotions coming with it. If he did not wish to be open, then that was his decision. She could not force him to speak the truth, nor to confirm that he was indeed her new familiar.

Nelanna’s smile grew slightly when she felt his heart swell with relief. She then stood and patted away any dirt from her clothing, pretending that her body wasn’t still on fire. Somehow, it just didn’t bother her as much anymore, like she was getting used to it. “Well, we came here for a reason, did we not? As far as I am concerned we still have a mission to carry out down in the mines,” she chirped to Sirona. Gahara then approached her, pressing his large beak against her cheek for her attention. “Ah, hello there, Gahara. I apologize for worrying you,” she caressed his plumage, her smile turning apologetic as she looked into his large eyes. Silently she hoped he wouldn’t tell Cecil what happened, nor Kohaku. If they knew, the poor man who helped her would be tracked down and probably get a beating. She shivered at the thought and looked back at Sirona. “Shall we go then?”

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With Nelanna in a sitting position now Sirona kept close eye on her, even while she drank the water. When Nelanna held the canteen out for Sirona the angel shook her head. ”Keep it, drink more, it will help.” Like a doting mother Sirona removed her right gauntlet and placed the back of her right hand to Nelanna’s forehead. ”You still have a fever by the feel of it, drink more.” Sirona said and slipped her gauntlet back on, but the time was enough to show how pale her skin under her armour was and that she a bit of black tattoo work sticking out from near her wrist.

”I was speaking with him.” Sirona replied and pointed in the direction she had watched the man flee when Nelanna was waking up. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him there hiding. ”What are you hiding for? Come out.” Sirona spoke with a slight command in her voice and looked back to Nelanna. ”He helped save you, I would have taken wing with you in my arms but he stopped me. If it wasn’t for him you may well have died, Nelanna.” Sirona explained and looked back to him, now she was suspicious of him again. Why hide when Nelanna was waking up? Who was this man.

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The moment the elf started to wake he rushed away and hid from sight. His heart was racing, a soft breath slipping past his lips to calm his nerves. Somehow he had managed to keep the angel from turning on him, and he happened to escape before anything went wrong any further. He clutched the clothing over his beating heart. It was becoming difficult to ignore the second beat that gradually grew stronger. He groaned and shook his head. Damn. He had finally gotten his long awaited freedom and now this. Maybe she won’t notice. Silently he prayed that noticing his mana would be hard with the presence of her other familiar’s mana. After settling his nerves, he peaked out from his hiding place -the trunk of a rather thick tree- and watched the elf as she lifted herself into a sitting position.

Nelanna looked up at Sirona, her body still stiff and movements sluggish from the paralysis. “I’ve felt better,” she replied. Her flesh burned, blood pumping with heat like fire. It was so painful, like a tense flame burning her from the inside. But it wasn’t as intense as it was earlier, so she could handle it. She tried to shake it off and ignore the pain; worrying Sirona any more than she already has was the last thing she wanted. Smiling gratefully, she took the canteen and downed the water in gulps. It was refreshing, helping to wetten her dried throat and cool her heated body. It felt like her first drink of water after days of being trapped in a scorching desert.

She had to stop herself from drinking all of Sirona’s water; it would be unfair to leave none for her companion, especially since it belonged to the angel. Licking any free water from her rosy lips, she handed the canteen back to Sirona. “Thank you, it helped a lot,” she breathed heavily, smiling, though wearily. “Who were you talking to, may I ask? Briefly I caught a glimpse of him, but my vision was blurry.”

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Sirona stood in silence as the man explained himself some more about what he knew of dragons. He sat down next to Nelanna and Sirona stepped around to the other side of the woman and kneeled down watching him. ”Your advice is all I have to go on right now, so I hope that you are correct.” She replied, yes she was suspicious, but Sirona usually was around people she didn’t know. Not that she knew Nelanna very well but Nelanna had quickly proven herself in a fight, so far this man had not.

After some time had passed Nelanna seemed around to rouse and Sirona smiled as Nelanna came to more she seemed ok. Sirona looked up to thank the man but he was gone, but, how?! How did he leave so fast that Sirona hadn’t seen him go?! Saving that to think on later Sirona turned her attention to Nelanna giving a smile as the woman came to fully. ”Easy, Nelanna. How do you feel?” Sirona asked, assisting Nelanna to a sitting position if she wanted it. ”You have been out for a few hours, would you like some water?” Sirona reached for and grabbed her water canteen and popped it open, holding it for Nelanna if she wanted a drink, helping her if needed.

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He watched as the angel contemplated his advice, his hard expression unwavering. Then finally, she gently set the woman down. He released a light sigh, visibly relaxing a little as his face softened. He crouched next to the woman, eyes gazing upon her flawless face. Despite the pain he knew she was in, she looked so peaceful. A result of the paralysis, unfortunately. Suddenly the angel turned on him, questioning him as he suspected she would. But before speaking, he reached down and pressed on the elf’s wrist lightly, placing his other hand over his chest. As he thought, her pulse was in line with the second one he felt beating within him. He could feel her heartbeat, and…wait, was there another one? It was far fainter, so much so he could barely feel it at all. She must already have at least one other familiar.

With a heavy sigh, he sat next to the elf, making himself comfortable before looking back at the angel. “And I wasn’t lying,” he finally replied nonchalantly. “I was speaking about dragons in general, the actual race. Lions and tigers are both in the large cat family, yet they are both different. Judging by the behavior and looks, one can decipher which is a lion, and which is a tiger. It’s the same with a dragon. The fact that this one could use poison shows that it’s somehow related to a green dragon, which is known for its poisons. It must be treated the same as a green dragon.” He sighed heavily, “I was going off of my knowledge of the dragon species. I suppose you can say I’m a dragon expert.”

“I understand you may be suspicious of me, but you can count on my advice. Green dragons are much like poisonous snakes, in both looks, and venom. It will wear off soon enough. Your friend will be fine.” He glanced back at said friend. He was certain that his poison somehow accepted her own instead of attacking her like it normally did. The two merged, creating the bond of a familiar and Master. He almost snarled at the thought, looking away from the elf.

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Before she could take off Sirona felt the man’s hand grab her arm, saying for her to wait. The angel turned and faced him, staring, annoyed she had been interrupted. When he only stammered at first she narrowed her eyes. ”What do you have to say?” She questioned, the annoyance dripping from her voice, and she was about to take flight again when he finally decided to speak in full.

He now claimed to know about the dragon’s venom, contrary to what he had been leading Sirona to believe up to this point. Yet his words to the angel’s ears rang true and after studying him for a few moments she knelt down and carefully placed Nelanna on the ground in as comfortable position as she could. The owl griffon’s presence hadn’t been lost on Sirona, but when it had approached when they came out of the cave and didn’t attack she assumed it was a companion to Nelanna. She looked to the beast, her words carrying magic in them to allow it to understand her should it want to. ”You are her companion, yes?” She asked.

After she got her answer Sirona looked back to the man again, her face taking on a neutral expression now. ”What do you know of this dragon? You made it sound like you didn’t know anything before, yet suddenly, when I can get her to a healer, you expel knowledge of it. I want you to explain why you didn’t say anything before, and, pray to the Gods that you are correct, if she dies here because of what you say…” She trailed off and let that hang in the air as she knelt back down next to Nelanna and held her hand, praying that she’d make it through this ordeal.

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The man listened, making a point to act as if nothing she said sounded very familiar. He remained quiet, even after she had finished speaking. He wanted to say something on the matter, but his knowledge on dragons might make him suspicious. He supposed he could pass as someone who studies the species, a dragon expert of sorts. Which, he was in a way. But that’s only because he is a dragon.

He took a turn down one of the halls and saw a light at the very end. “This is it,” he murmured more to himself than the angel. Once they emerged from the darkness, blinding light flooded his eyes, making him close them for a moment until they adjusted. This was a clear sign that he had been down in the mines for quite a long time. An owl griffon was present, and the moment it noticed the elf it came closer. A familiar perhaps?

The angel suddenly voiced a brief thank you, and prepared to take flight, the man’s heart dropping to his stomach. Without thinking, he reached out and grabbed her arm from slight panic. “Wait,” he said, then paused as he started wondering what the heck he was doing. Why didn’t he want her to take the woman to a healer? Was it because he knew there was nothing they could do to help her? Did his guilt drive him to want to stay by her side during her final moments? No, he wasn’t that kind of person. Well, he’d never admit it, not even to himself.

Suddenly, he felt his mana pulse like a heartbeat. And then it happened again, and again, until it became steady and constant. It felt similar to the feeling of pressing his fingers to someone to feel their pulse. Like there was another heartbeat inside him. He glanced at the elf, eyes widened with shock. There was no way…

“Uh…” he started again, looking back at the angel whilst trying to regain himself. He let go of her arm and stepped back, straightening his expression to a serious one. “You shouldn’t move her any more than you already have. The poison’s toxicity will only grow if you do so, bringing her death closer faster. That’s how dragon’s venom works. But it’s also works like a snake’s. It won’t last forever. So the best thing to do is keep her still here and let the venom run its course. It’ll wear off soon enough, and keeping her still will raise her chances of surviving this,” he paused to let his words sink in, the his eyes lowered and softened as they looked upon the elf, unaware that she too was beginning to feel a second heartbeat slowly sink in line with her own.

She could hear their conversation, curiosity growing. Who was Sirona talking to? How did he knew so much about dragons? Despite her pain, she summoned all of her strength to attempt opening her eyes. At least one. And somehow, they slowly opened just a little. Not enough for her vision to be clear, so everything was blurred. But the first person she noticed was the man. Messy black hair, and flaming eyes. Those were the only details she could make out before the paralysis overthrew her once more.

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Sirona shot the man a look when he started to speak of the dragon’s venom, that wasn’t helpful right now. Besides, it wasn’t like Sirona hadn’t been thinking that herself anyway. She made her offer if he helped her or get out of her way and she nodded to his reply, that was good of him. It was rare to see someone who would do something for strangers and not expect payment in return, she would still keep an eye on him just in case but for now what choice did she have?

He led the way for Sirona who was now carrying Nelanna in her arms like a sleeping child. After a time in silent walking the man asked if Sirona had gotten a look at the dragon. ”A little to close to be honest. I had a shield up and am wearing armour which would have helped protect me, but Nelanna shoved me aside to save me and ended up getting bitten. The dragon though, wasn’t overly large, probably not very young for their kind, or just a small breed. Black scales that blend with the shadows, yet it had a glow from around the scales that betrayed its presence in the shadows at the same time. I thought I could reason with it, explain that we weren’t here for its treasure, but it didn’t believe me and attacked. Its fangs were like a viper’s. But after it struck it fled down the tunnels.” Sirona explained.

As they came back outside again Sirona inhaled deeply of the fresh air before looking down to Nelanna again. She studied the woman for a moment before looking back to the man. ”Thank you, I won’t soon forget your help.” With that she opened her wings to take flight. ”Hold on, Nelanna, it might get a little cold in the air.”

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Despite her pain, despite her paralyzed body, Nelanna was most alarmed by Sirona’s voice. Guilt swelled in her heart for making the angel suffer. She wished she hadn’t been so reckless. Heh, she supposed she was grateful Kohaku hadn’t come with her this time. She’d never hear the end of it, and he’d never allow her to go out on her own every again. Cecil would probably do the same thing. Though, most would be annoyed about it, she found it touching. It meant they care for her.

Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted from the ground, as well as hearing the sound of a man’s voice.

He blinked when the angel lifted the redhead, wondering why he wasn’t the one doing it. Naturally the man should carry the woman, but he supposed that’s because men are normally stronger. This angel, however, appeared as though she could handle herself. So, he went along with it. As she mentioned the elf was bitten by a dragon, he raised his brow in feigned surprise. “A dragon with venom? I’m not sure a healer can…” he allowed his sentence to fade, deciding against saying something that could possibly upset the angel. Despite his doubts, he supposed they needed to think positively.

“I don’t want your money,” he replied, nodding in agreement to the angel’s suggestion. In truth he wanted to make up for what he had done, or at least be there with the elf if he couldn’t find a way to help her. Then, he turned and began leading the way. He didn’t really know the way back to the surface, however, his sharp nose allowed him to pick up scents from outside. He led the way down the halls, fiery eyes illuminating like the glow of a fire through the darkness, scythe in hand in case any danger got in their way. He glanced back every once in a while to see how the elf was doing, worry showing slightly on his features. “Did you get a good look at the dragon?” He suddenly asked, pretending to be curious as to what happened exactly.

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Despite her best efforts Sirona was losing the fight again the venom that was now in Nelanna’s system. Nelanna’s fever continued to worsen and Sirona ramped up her healing as best she could, but despite her best she was losing. She had managed to remove the physical venom but now sensed that this wasn’t normal, it was feeding off of Nelanna’s own mana to continue to spread!

When Nelanna screamed that shook Sirona from her concentration, her healing magic fading as a result. Her skin seemed to be on fire to the angel’s touch. ”Nelanna, hang on, please, hang on!” Sirona spoke, desperately trying to think of something to help. Nelanna started to go still and Sirona feared the worst. No! This wasn’t supposed to be! Nelanna wasn’t supposed to die here after defending Sirona! The angel didn’t think she’d be able to live with herself if someone died for her! ”Nelanna? Nelanna, I’m going to get you to a healer!” Sirona said a few tears in her eyes and evident in her voice as well.

She stood, in time to hear the man behind her and she spun. Unable to draw her sword in time a short blade snapped out from the wrist of her right gauntlet while a small magic shield formed from a gem embedded in her left gauntlet. She glared at him, she didn’t need this right now! He did seem worried though, asking what had happened and saying he had heard the scream, that wasn’t hard to miss in the tunnels as the sound bounced around the walls.

Sirona put her weapon and shield away, the blade snapping back into place with a click. ”She was bitten by a dragon and its venom is beyond my healing ability. I need to get her out of the cave so I fly her to a better healer.” She replied curtly going over to Nelanna and carefully bending over and scooping up the woman in her arms, proving that she was a bit stronger than she looked, but then again she wasn’t human anyway.

With Nelanna safely in her arms Sirona looked to the man again. ”If you’re willing to help please lead the way and look out for undead. If you require it, I have some coin on me you can have once we get back to the surface, otherwise, step aside.” Sirona gave him a moment to think and with or without him the angel started back the way she came with Nelanna in her arms, careful not to accidently bump Nelanna on the stone walls.

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Nelanna knew that Sirona was only trying to be nice; Nelanna’s sacrifice was completely wasted. Her angel companion was completely capable of handling herself, and her shield would have protected her from any attacks the dragon might have thrown at her. But the elf didn’t say anything, other than a brief, “Some Champion I am,” before laying her head down on Sirona’s lap as she was guided.

The burning in her arm continued to grow, and so did its pace. Only minutes ago it was creeping up her arm, but now it felt like wildfire spreading within her. Soon enough her entire body felt feverish, so much so someone might think that she was set on fire just by touching her skin. And the heat only grew, her breathing becoming more shallow and quick. There was a sting in her arm that almost went completely unnoticed as the poison was extracted. However, the damage had already been done.

Unbeknownst to the women, this venom was far different from any other. Though the liquid part had been removed, it was the manna filling it that does the damage. The mana is harmful, and the moment it enters a victim it uses the liquid venom to move through the body faster, but the liquid itself is not necessarily needed. And so the two can be separated, with the mana binding with Nelanna’s, leaving the liquid venom to be extracted. In other words, it’s the mana left behind that continued the painful attack.

At first it seemed extracting the venom was beginning to work, until the mana reached its climax. The heat in her shy rocketed, causing her to scream out as if she were being tortured. It only lasted a few seconds, but to her it felt like an eternity. Her body searing so badly she started to wish it would all just end. Then the paralysis set in. From a body trembling uncontrollably from pain, it gradually slowed, her breathing settling and her eyes shutting until she feel unconscious. Well, partly. She could still hear, smell, but feeling and moving of any kind were beyond her now.

Deeper within the mines, the dragon lurked. Once he had finally left their sight, he reverted back to his human form. He had lost control of himself that night, but something about seeing that woman leap to protect the other without hesitation struck something inside him. There was a flicker of sanity returning, enough to bring himself to become human again so his violent urges for gold made him kill more people.

He leaned against the nearest wall, face in his hand. He was furious. Those women had done nothing wrong. On the contrary; they wanted to help. And yet, he attacked them, poisoned the one with his deadly venom. God he hated that venom. He had sworn so many years ago that he would never use it again, having seen its terrifying impact on people. Death by it is excruciating. That woman didn’t deserve that.

Just then, a scream echoed down the halls, reaching his ears and filling his heart with alarm. His head shot up, body spinning around to look behind him. That scream…it came from the direction the women were. It had to be the redhead! “Tsk,” He furrowed his brow with a snarl, clenching his fists. She was dying no doubt, and that scream would surely attract more danger. In her state she won’t be able to fight, and her companion won’t be able to fight and protect. He had to help, keep the one safe from harm and see if there’s any way he could save her. He knew of no anti venom, but he had to do something!

He raced down the halls, cutting down any undead that got in his way with his scythe until he entered the cave once more. There, he found the angel holding the other who was already paralyzed. He approached the two, pretending he was just another adventurer who happened to be nearby. “What’s happened? I heard a scream?” He asked, looking over the two firmly, worriedly.

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For a moment the angel thought that the dragon would accept her words, but then it spoke and her face paled, uh oh! She held her shield up and used her right hand to assist in bracing it, starting to build up some magic to project around her to further protect herself. But then Nelanna called out and Sirona felt the woman’s weight hit her and throw her off balance as Nelanna ended up taking the worst of it. Sirona’s eyes widened in horror as she saw the dragon’s fangs sink into Nelanna’s arm.

It was over with so fast before Sirona could gather herself, and the dragon was gone down the tunnel again out of sight. Sirona watched it for a moment before moving quickly to Nelanna’s side and examining her wound. Sirona dropped to her knees beside Nelanna and gently took the woman’s arm, right through and Sirona could smell the venom in the wound, Nelanna must have been in serious pain. At Nelanna’s words Sirona looked to her and smiled, reaching out with her free hand to gently cup Nelanna’s cheek. ”Shh, save your strength, apologies aren’t necessary, you saved me.” Well, no, Sirona possibly had it handled, but it was the thought that counted. The fact that Nelanna would not hesitate to jump in front of a dragon for someone she just meant that Sirona now had that much more respect for her than she had before.

Sirona shifted around carefully so that she was resting on her knees and placed Nelanna’s head in her lap. ”Relax, take a deep breath, I’ll do my best.” Sirona smiled and closed her eyes, hands wrapped around the wounds, it might cause more pain but it was how Sirona’s magic worked and she wasn’t bothered by the blood either. She just hoped any venom wouldn’t affect her just by skin contact, that it needed an open wound to do anything harmful.

Sirona’s hands started to glow as she closed her eyes and focused on the wounds. Her magic was warm and comforting in its feeling, at least to most it had felt like that the few times Sirona had used it, that was how they described it. She focused first one purging the venom from Nelanna’s body, drawing it back out from the same wound, it would likely sting but there was nothing Sirona could do for that help except keep going. After she everything that she could Sirona then focused on healing the wounds, closing them quickly but neatly as well, whether she left any kind of scarring was to be seen. But Sirona would do her best to help Nelanna.

It was the least she could do.

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Sirona told Nelanna to stay put, leaving her to watch as the angel made her way over to the dragon. The red haired maiden pursed her lips a little; she wanted to go see the dragon, too! But she obeyed, waiting patiently as the dragon finished off its foes, and turned its attention to Sirona.

Its size wasn’t anything spectacular, just large enough to be ridden by a person or two, which suggested that it’s still very young. Its armor was black as the shadows surrounding them, making it very difficult to be spotted. However, the flame-like glow emanating from between the armor scaling on its chest made it easier to spot. Its blazing eyes turned on the angel as she warily approached, earning her a warning hiss -not one like that of a cat, nor a snake. But one that sends chills down one’s spine- and it turned to face her defensively with its head low.

Nelanna started getting a little nervous; even from her distance she could see something terrifying in its eyes. They were vicious and wild. This dragon was not one to be approached carelessly. And so, she crept closer as quietly as she could so she could help Sirona should the dragon strike.

At first, he listened to the angel’s words, and even seemed to contemplate. He allowed her to approach, but still remained guarded. She explained that she and her companion weren’t there for his gold, and that they could help each other. But there was a problem. It may be able to understand them, but it still was a dragon. A fire dragon, no less. One that is driven to gold and treasure. It had come once the mines were opened, the scent of gold filling its flaring nostrils. Blinded by the gold, it was driven down, and killed everyone and everything in its path. Gold makes the beast go mad, as if it were put under a spell. Such is the curse of being a fire dragon.

Once Sirona got one step too close, it’s eyes changed, alarming Nelanna. “You lie,” the dragon hissed in it’s own language. The scent of gold was keeping him from seeing reason, and briefly he was reminded of how untrustworthy people were. He raised his head like a snake preparing to strike and puffed out his blazing chest. Then, he struck down at her.

“Look out!” Nelanna shouted, leaping forward to stand in front of Sirona protectively. She raised her arm to block the attack as if it were a shield, which reminded her that jumping to save Sirona wasn’t necessary. The angel had a real shield. Her forearm was soon impaled by the dragon’s large snake-like fangs, and then she could feel a burning sensation enter her arm like liquid. She yipped at the pain, clenching her teeth to try bearing the intensity. Then, once it pulled away, it dashed into the darkness and vanished.

Nelanna clenched her arm, blood oozing out of the wounds and running down her hand, dripping onto the cave floor. The burning sensation slowly grew more intense, expanding up her arm at snails speed. “I’m sorry,” she groaned at Sirona, realizing how foolish she was. But she couldn’t help it. Her body moved on its own, leaving no time for thought.

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Sirona turned to face the horde of undead that had come seemingly from nowhere, but then something else felt just wrong to her. At first the angel thought that her companion was the one expelling the flames but when she started to feel just how intense they were Sirona started to second guess herself. Sirona was now forced to take cover from the fire, making sure her wings were tucked in tight, last thing she needed was singed feathers.

The undead were burnt straight to ashes in a short time that was the power of the fire, but Sirona from her position couldn’t see where it was coming from if not from Nelanna. Another blast of fire and Sirona shielded herself from it, by the Gods that was powerful! Suddenly Nelanna was next to her and her words made the angel’s eyes widen; a dragon?! Down here? Carefully Sirona peaked out from behind her cover and, ya, there was a dragon out there for sure it seemed to be looking for more undead. ”At least it seems to be against the undead. Stay here.” Sirona spoke as she stood slowly.

Stepping out from behind her cover Sirona sheathed her blade, the undead in this area were all burnt up anyway. She kept her shield in her hand, just in case, but with her blade sheathed and her hands out she carefully got into the dragon’s line of sight. ”Greetings, great dragon. We thank you for the help with the undead. We mean you no harm, and have no interest in your treasure that may be ahead, we are simply here to help cleanse this place of the undead.” She spoke, in dragon no less, or at least the dragon language that se knew, Sirona knew a few languages apart from Basic. ”If you are willing, we could help each other, my friend and I and yourself, continue to cleanse this place of the evil that is festering here.” Her voice was calm despite her nervousness, and she was still keeping her distance, a distance that she hoped would be enough to give her time to dodge a possible attack. Not all dragons were intelligent enough to converse with others outside of their own kin, so she had to prepare for that possibility.

Author: Nelanna Fox, Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:40 PM, Post Subject: [Event] What lies within [P]

Her smile grew at Sirona’s compliment. She then followed the angel, holding yet another flame within her palm to offer light behind the other’s glowing sword. Part of her was curious about the Holy magic and light magic Sirona suddenly spoke of, bringing her eyes to linger on the brilliant light at the sword’s tip for a moment. But she decided that could be something to discuss at a later date. Up ahead, the hall opened to what looked like a cave. She stopped behind Sirona, eyes hardening on their oncoming foes.

Following the angel’s lead, Nelanna drew her blades and joined the battle. She slashed the chest of the nearest undead, quickly spun around it as it stumbled and stabbed it between its shoulder blades. Then, as she withdrew it, the other blade came swinging, lopping its head off with a clean cut. As far as she knew, beheading them was one of the best ways of making sure they stay dead.

It fell to the ground, and she turned her attention over to the next one. One by one, she slashed their heads off, burning others to a crisp if they were too far for her blades to reach, all the while looking around for her companion to make sure she was still alright. Finally, when she reached a good stopping point, she paused to watch Sirona finish off some undead on her end. Nelanna smiled with admiration gleaming in her eyes. Just when she was about to call out to Sirona, another swarm of undead suddenly appeared from the darkness of the cave. It was almost as if they were hiding away the whole time.

Nelanna’s eyes hardened again as she prepared herself for another fight. However, on her side of the cave, from somewhere up ahead, red flames exploded into the mob of undead, reaching across the cave and burning everything in its path to ash. Nelanna had to step behind a tall rock nearby to avoid getting hit by the flames. Their heat was so intense as they went by, grazing the side of the rock and turning it black. Once the flames burned out, Nelanna dared to peek out from behind the rock, and was amazed by what she saw.

Most of the undead on her side of the cave were wiped out, leaving nothing but piles of ashes and a scorched ground where the flames had been. Another burst of flames appeared, aimed at a different group of undead further ahead, destroying everything in its wake. And in that moment, she caught a glimpse of what was throwing the fire from the dim lighting. It looked like a shadow, almost blending with the darkness of the cave, but its shape was clear enough.

Her eyes just about sparkled, and without hesitation she ran to Sirona’s side, lopping off the head of an undead that was coming up behind the angel. “There’s a dragon up ahead!” She announced, all too excited to see the fascinating creature that she’s admired since childhood.

Author: Sirona, Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:23 PM, Post Subject: [Event] What lies within [P]

Sirona watched as Nelanna stepped in front of her, feeling the mana was it was gathered up into a spell. She blinked and glanced away from the sudden flash of light from Nelanna’s fire magic as it lit up the darkness and set the undead on fire. Their cries of pain made even the angel’s skin crawl but she looked back to see the undead falling to the ground, nose wrinkling at the newest profane scent in the air. That was horrible!

Nelanna turned back to her and Sirona grinned at the woman’s words. ”Tells me I found a good ally to have down here.” She replied her grin turning into a smile as she picked her way carefully past the once again dead undead, keeping an eye for any that may not have been as dead as they appeared.

But when nothing jumped out at the Sirona held her sword out the blade itself had a glow to it as fog slowly formed around its cold surface. At the tip of her blade Sirona formed some more holy light but instead of blasting it ahead of her, she kept it attached to the tip of the blade and shined it down the cave as they walked, lighting the way. ”Holy and light magic does have extra advantages.” She chuckled to herself as she continued.

It didn’t take too long before they came across another pack of undead, this was rather large in an open cavern. Unfortunately the way the cave wound itself around Sirona’s light gave them away that they were close so the undead were already shambling towards them. ”Well, so much for a surprise attack this time.” Sirona sighed.

Without another word the angel charged forward with her blade raised and shield up. She bashed one zombie aside while slicing another’s head off. The one she bashed away Sirona turned on, a blade snapped out of the left wrist of her armour and she used that to decapitate the undead before she sheathed that again with a snap and was able to use her shield again.

In her shield hand Sirona formed a ball of holy light and tossed it among the undead, making them groan in pain as the light burned them where they stood. While Sirona continued to move about them taking heads and limbs off as she could, trusting to Nelanna to be safe on her own and not catch her in friendly, literal, fire.

Author: Nelanna Fox, Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:00 PM, Post Subject: [Event] What lies within [P]

Nelanna unintentionally let a sigh of relief escape her lips when Sirona was not displeased by her wanting some of the treasures. For a moment there Nelanna was worried she had already displeased the angel, lowering her chances of making a possible new friend.

Then Sirona began explaining why she was worried for the safety of others. Nelanna tilted her head to the side in thought. It made sense that the undead would make no attempt to leave the sheltering darkness of the mines, so those outside were safe as far as they knew. However, why would anyone wish to enter without preparing for danger beforehand? She supposed only a fool would do something like that. Thankfully, Nelanna was not one of those fools. Sheathed on her back were her twin falchions, a dagger strapped to her right thigh, and her mana full and ready to throw some powerful magic blows towards her foes.

As if her thoughts had the power to summon, more undead appeared before them. Nelanna smiled at Sirona’s words and stepped in front of the angel, offering her a reassuring pat on her shoulder as she went by. Then, after closing her eyes only for a moment to build up her mana, she directed it down her arm until the flame in her palm grew more brilliant. Her arm then became outstretched, aiming the attack directly ahead at her oncoming foes. The halls suddenly filled with heat as bright red flames came spiraling down the hall, touching the walls and singeing them to black with its wide range.

The cries of the undead echoed through the hollow halls, until they were completely burnt. Nelanna’s flames weren’t hot enough to turn them to ash entirely, but it was enough to kill them as needed. Her nose scrunched up as the foul scent of burning rotten flesh reached her nose, and she placed her hand over it and her mouth to try blocking the aroma. She turned back to Sirona. “What does that tell you?” She replied with a playful giggle.

Author: Sirona, Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:56 PM, Post Subject: [Event] What lies within [P]

”A pleasure, Nelanna.” Sirona replied with a smile and a slight nod of her head in Nelanna’s direction. At Nelanna’s words of why she was down here the angel smiled again. ”No shame in that, Nelanna.” Sirona spoke honestly, who was she to judge? As long as Nelanna would use that money to help herself and her family if she had one and not for any malicious reasons it was fine with Sirona. ”I’m not above taking some treasure for myself if I come across anything. An angel I may be, but I know the use of silver and gold as well as anyone else.” She explained with a slight chuckle.

”Just the pack I just finished off, I haven’t been down here too long either.” She thought for a moment. ”To the outside? Perhaps not as they are averse to the light so I don’t believe that they will try and leave the mines. I am more worried about anyone else coming down here that aren’t prepared to fight their way through the undead.” Sirona explained. ”Now, I suppose it’s time I continue further into the mine, join if you wish, Nelanna.”

After a moment Sirona turned and started to head down a tunnel, her sword leading the way, shield up in front of her. She was about a hundred years through the tunnel when a garbled groan came down the tunnel, just barely echoing as it did. ”Ah, there are more. Do you have a means to fight? Or shall I take care of them?” She asked, wanting to know where each of them stood as far as fighting went.

Author: Nelanna Fox, Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:01 PM, Post Subject: [Event] What lies within [P]

“My name is Nelanna Rey Fox, but you may call me Nelanna,” she red-haired maiden curtsied in greeting, moments before she noticed the large wings spreading slightly behind Sirona. She blinked for a moment, then smiled brightly. Is Sirona an angel? She wondered, briefly attempting to think of other races that had wings like hers. But the though was quickly abandon as she returned her mind to the here and now.

Sirona started again, explaining her reason for coming and how long she has been down her. And honestly, it made Nelanna feel ashamed when she was asked about her reason for coming. The winged woman had a noble reason; to protect others from the dangers in the mines that could find their way out, while Nelanna was here to gather some treasure before she lost all of her money and wound up on the streets. She wasn’t greedy, taking all the treasure her pockets could hold was no interest of hers. She didn’t wish to become rich, only to survive in a world that is run by money.

Either way, it’s a selfish reason. While she’s looking for ways to take care of herself, others are at risk of being in danger because of the undead within these tunnels. Her smile faltered as she rubbed her nape sheepishly, “I’m ashamed to admit my reasons aren’t so noble. It’s…quite selfish, really.” She paused, averting her gaze whilst silently scolding herself. “I haven’t been down her very long either,” she added in an attempt to change the subject before Sirona asked anything more on the matter. “How many undead have you come across thus far? I haven’t even seen one until I discovered you fighting them. Do you truly believe they would put those on the outside at risk?” She tilted her head, blinking curiously.

Author: Sirona, Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 1:26 PM, Post Subject: [Event] What lies within [P]

The immediate thread taken care of the angel sighed, undead, unholy vile things brought back to life by evil magic. She hated it, all of it, it was the kind of evil that she believed needed to be wiped from the face of the world, cleansed in holy fire if needed.

With her only source of light being her sword glowing in the dark she easily caught the extra light from another tunnel that was close to her. She spun around only to see a female elf standing there with a flame in her hand for light, Sirona relaxed when she realized that the elf wasn’t undead, but living and, it seemed, willing to help. Sirona managed a smile from under the hood of her armour. “Greetings. Your assistance will be most welcome, killing the dead again can be lonely work, to know that I am not the only living being down here would be a comfort.” She replied with a slight bow. ”I am Sirona.” As she spoke her name her wings unfolded just a bit as she unconsciously stretched them for a moment before they folded against her back again.

“I have not been down here long, I don’t know how far these tunnels go down. I am not interested in the treasures that have been rumoured to be down here, I am simply here to cleanse as much of the undead as I can from this place. The idea that they may bring harm to others sickens me.” Sirona explained. ”What brings you down here?”

Author: Nelanna Fox, Posted: Wed Jan 9, 2019 8:38 AM, Post Subject: [Event] What lies within [P]

The tunnels seemed to go on endlessly. If it weren’t for her fire magic Nelanna was certain she would be maddened by the dense darkness, and the only sounds she could hear were the heels of her boots meeting the ground with every step. It echoed down the hall, until she could hear it multiplying just up ahead. Curious, she expanded the flame in her palm to cover more ground, revealing a split path before her. The tunnel turned to two, one path leading to her left, the other to her right. She tilted her head, wondering to herself which path she should take.

Looking between the two, she made another fire in her other palm. Then, one after the other, she swung her arms in the direction of each hall, using her mana to throw the balls of fire down each path. Briefly she was left in darkness as the flames swiftly lit the tunnels, revealing what laid ahead until the flames were extinguished by hitting the wall at the end of the paths. There seemed to be nothing special about either tunnel, and Nelanna had seen that both opened to more tunnels at the very end. They were practically identical. She supposed there was no way of knowing which path would lead to treasure until she sees where they lead. Only if Kohaku were with her, or Cecil, then they could have split up to cover more ground.

She quickly shook the thought from her mind, hardening her eyes as she made another fire in her palm for light again. Both Cecil had his own worries, and Kohaku was becoming distant again, just as he always did around this time of year. She could always feel, even now so far away, that Kohaku is suffering inside. She didn’t want to bother either of them. Nelanna had to help them, even if that meant staying away for a while and handling things on her own.

She turned down one of the halls and followed to the end where the path split once more, then made another turn. As she went further the tunnels split into more and more, as if this place was some kind of maze. But that wasn’t the only thing she noticed. There was a smell that began gradually growing, a horrid reek that made her want to lose more than just her appetite. She groaned with disgust, her eyes narrowing, brow furrowing as she covered her nose and mouth in an attempt to block someone of the smell. Nelanna had been around long enough to know that something must be rotten, perhaps dead, somewhere within these mines.

And then she remembered it. There were undead among her. That must be it.

Suddenly, a sound caught her attention. She could hear something clanking against metal, and hear the cries of the undead. She paused in her spot for a moment, looking ahead. At first she couldn’t see anything, for it was further than where her flames light could reach, hidden under the cloak of darkness. Then, there was a quick flash of light, briefly revealing the form of another person fighting the undead. Their voice was heard, and was followed by another spell. Holy light.

Though it had not been aimed at her, Nelanna turned her head and covered her eyes to protect them from the sudden brightness of the spell. And when it was over, she was free to see once more. Smiling softly, she approached the stranger, expanding the flame in her hand a little so the two could see each other more clearly.

“Hello there,” she greeted kindly. “Are you in need of any assistance?”

Author: Sirona, Posted: Mon Jan 7, 2019 2:49 PM, Post Subject: [Event] What lies within [P]

The sounds of fighting could be heard deeper in the tunnel of the mines. It wasn’t the usual sound of metal on metal, but the clang of armour, the moans of the undead could be heard. There was also a light that was moving around casting shadows along the stone walls.

Sirona hadn’t been too long in the lands of Canelux before these mines had opened. When she had heard the rumours of them and the undead that lived within, she had felt a pull to go to the mines and help cleanse them. The angel had arrived alone and had delved in alone with no fear, her sword, shield and magic at the ready to combat the undead disease below the earth. She was a holy knight, it was her responsibility to cleanse evil from the world wherever she could, and this was as good a place as any to start in Canelux. She knew that more adventurers would arrive in time to plumb the depths for treasures hidden deeper, and she knew that not all of them would be prepared for what they may face. To that end as well Sirona knew she had to do what she was doing, if only to protect future people from the undead.

Sirona stood at around five foot and nine inches tall in her armour, black and white in colour. She had no helm on, but a hood of protective material was over her head, allowing her full movement of her head. Her light blue eyes had a glow to them in the gloom of the mines, skin fair and flawless, at least on her face. She had black tattoos on her cheeks, chin and bottom lip, and black hair down to her shoulders, under the hood now out of the way. Her armour had enough gap in the back to allow her large white feathered wings to open fully and allow her to fly. However in the more cramped space of the mines she had her wings tucked up tight against her back so that they would not hit the walls around her.

Sirona swung her blade at a shambling undead and cleaved it in two, her blade was created from sapphires and had a chilled feeling to it. It glowed brightly and was the source of her light at the moment in the are she was fighting, there were only six, now five, undead in this part and she was dealing with them one at a time.

In her left hand she had a small shield she was using to bash at the undead to keep them at bay and knock away their clawing hands. Sirona charged a bit of magic and tossed it their way and a blinding flash of light shined out for a moment, blinding the undead for a few moments. A few moments that Sirona took to focus a stronger spell. She muttered in some other language for a second before throwing her sword hand out again, pointing her blade at the undead. From the tip of her blade erupted a wide arch of holy light that burned away the undead, causing moans of main and distress from them.

As they writhed from the attack Sirona stepped in and cut them down one at a time with little effort until she stood there alone, with only her blade giving her any light to see by.

Author: Nelanna Fox, Posted: Sun Jan 6, 2019 4:18 PM, Post Subject: [Event] What lies within [P]

It had been a long journey from Virens to Ancense, but she knew that it would have taken much longer if she didn’t have Gahara. Nelanna leaped off of the owl griffon once they landed near the entrance to the mine was located, and there she stood next to the borrowed familiar. “This is the place,” She said, glancing around while stroking Gahara’s feathered neck. Part of her was fearful of what she might find inside the mines, and as her eyes finally laid on the entrance, she gulped. Just how much danger was she about to put herself in? Looking into the beginning of the mines she could see the extending darkness looming within.

“Do you think it was a mistake coming alone? I have no idea what awaits me,” she asked, looking up at Gahara. She didn’t know the griffon as well as her own familiar, but she was well aware that she could rely on his advice and protection just as well. “Surely I am not the only one here for the same reasons. Perhaps another can join us?” Deep down she was ashamed of her fear of entering; this would be her first time to do something so dangerous. She hunts, and trains for battles, but she never really experienced a real battle, and she knew she was likely to experience her first in the mines.

Shaking her head, she put on a face of determination, eyes locked ahead. She had to remember why she had come. She and Kohaku needed the money, and now that Cecil was around, it made that need even more great. She smiled softly, “Never mind. I’m sure we can do this. I have you, after all.” With that, she began leading Gahara into the dark tunnels. As the light faded behind them, Nelanna snapped her fingers, pushing her mana through her hand to start a small fire in her palm like a torch. The area around them lit up dimly, revealing the dirty walls closests to her, as well as the flooring.

Her eyes wandered around, wide with interest and amazement. This place was so old, full of history. Gradually her fear shifted to excitement. Just what would she find in this place?

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