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Character Info
Name: Kythe Sitari
Age: Unknown (Ageless)
Alignment: CG
Race: Minadrias
Gender: Female
Class: Guild Leader
Silver: 1992
Kythe smiled, resting a hand on her ever swelling stomach. They were no where near finished in terms of rebuilding the ruins, but they had completed enough of the structure to start moving people into the Guild Hall properly. She had finally moved out of Lokir's Fortress, moving her family out from under his feet and into the Hall properly. Mélamar, the Elvish word for home, since the entire point of the Nossë was to create a family unit it only seemed right that they would rename this newly built Hall for the place it would become for them all. 

Nestled deep within the Ancense mountains the Hall was not easy to find, while the Guild was designed to be a family, to welcome the lost and the lonely and give them a place to call home, Kythe was also protective of her family - she would not see them in harms way unnecessarily. So the path to the Hall had remained hidden, the forests and mountain roads offering a maze of ways up to the nook where the Hall was situated, at the bottom of the mountain had been placed a Dragon's horn, hollowed out with the tip cut off to create a trumpet that could be blown into, the sound would echo up through the mountains to alert on of the Guild members that someone had arrived if one of them was not on duty down in the small cabin placed there to greet those looking to join or seek out the Nossë for their services. 

Word had been sent out, far and wide, messengers from the Guild leaving notices to say that the Nossë were recruiting members and taking on jobs. They had already made something of a reputation for themselves when they had appeared at the Red Court to offer their lives to the Lady Angela; their Guild Leader becoming the interim Avatar of Strength in order to heal the Goddess and bring her back from the brink of Death, it showed what they could do, showed what they were capable of and proved that they were looking to protect Revaliir even if it meant their lives. 

Kaya had been sent down to the cabin to greet anyone who came to see them, Kythe's personal guard on hand to lead the way back up the mountain and forest paths for those who arrived, where a feast waited for them in the newly reconstructed Hall, the Au-Ra who had lived in the area finally having joined the Nossë permanently, they had seen Kythe's devotion to the world and to them, not to mention her own family, and had become an extended part of them because of that. While the tribe were nervous at the prospect of newcomers they were move than willing to do their part. 

Nossë had opened its arms to the world, now they were waiting. 

Character Info
Name: Rynn Alzrahi
Age: 27
Alignment: CG
Race: Celestial Draconian
Gender: Female
Class: Dragon Knight
Silver: 449
A familiar sensation filled Rynn’s heart as she walked through the main hall of Nossë, a warmth that she remembered from the old Academy days before the war that she and her kin had been pulled into. Those days had been filled with teen angst and drama, and the silliest of worries about the next test, who loved who, and what was for dinner. They had all been forced to grow up so fast, and lose that childlike innocence.

But this was something she had longed for. She had Gideon to lean on, but she needed more. A family that she had lost. Not that Nossë would be replacing that family, by any means, but instead helping fill that void in hear heart.

She looked around for Kythe. A lot had happened since they had last met, with Lady Angela nearly passing, as well as another Goddess passing. It was a lot to keep up with, and overall Rynn found it to be over her head, instead focusing her efforts on helping those who had been affected by it. By the time it was over, Rynn found herself with an invitation.

After a while of mulling over the feast, she did spot Kythe, noting that she seemed different from a distance. A bit of fear struck Rynn, wondering if it would be rude to walk up to her in this instance. Nossë was a full on guild now, unlike the unofficial thieves guild that the boy, Xeik, headed.

“I guess…I can mingle…”

Character Info
Name: Kiba Balatro
Age: Looks in Early 30s
Alignment: TN
Race: Diowolf/Dragon Shade
Gender: Male
Class: Champion - Strength's Authority
Silver: 1807
A giant black wolf sat atop an out crest that overlooked the path that lead through the valley to the newly established guild hall. The ruins were a perfect location for a fortified guild hall. Considering all that had fallen upon Revaliir lately they needed a place to keep their people safe. Kiba wondered if they were going a little overboard with the seclusion. The wolf shook his angular head as he remembered the attack that had happened upon his old guild hall back in DaeLuin. No. They needed a location that would be out of the way and keep their newly established gathering safe and sound. Not only that, it was becoming a home for the bulk of the Balatros and Sitari clan that were seeming to merge together.

Kiba’s mismatching gaze shifted to the cabin at the very start of the path to the Nosse hall. Inside was where Kaya had taken up position to help guide those trying to get to the Hall. His expression softened as he thought of his love in that building waiting to help others. He should have been down in there with her, but he wanted to get a good visual on the landscape around. A massive invitation had been sent out for the gathering to the guild. There was no knowing who or what would want to arrive. Most of the necessary repairs of the hall had been done, but there were still quite a few needed things.

Inhaling a deep breath, the giant diowolf picked his way down the cliff to land on the path. He was slow in his progress. Nose twitched as familiar scents reached his sensitive nose. His wolf lips twitched upwards in a smile as he realized that the family finally made it. Pace quickened until the stood beside the cabin to sit down on his haunches. He wasn’t sure if Kaya had known that he was by the cabin. A stolen glance was given at the building.

Loud laughter interrupted his thoughts as the carriage made its way up to the path. Kiba stood up to move out of the way of horse and cart. Teu had decided to use her delivery cart to pack the entire group into. It was a tight squeeze, but worked well enough. ”It looks like you all had a good journey,” he mused allowed while moving his head to nuzzle Teu’s cheek. The daughter smiled brightly up at her father and scratched his cheek where she knew he got itchy easily. ’Quite the lively bunch considering the distance. Zion and Cora decided to join us. They wanted to see the new place.’ Her head turned to look at Zion and Cora who were clinging respectively to their heroes. Alairia had Cora on her lap, holding her carefully against her. With the help of Raith and Cora, the newly blinded elf had found her smile again. There were still nightmares that plagued her but they were becoming less destructive. Kiba noticed that his granddaughter’s free hand was used to intertwine with Raith’s hand. She still needed his support it seemed.

Kiba shifted his look at Dae who was playing with Zion. He was messing with the young boy for his greater amusement. The diowolf moved his body in order to stand alongside the cart to escort them up the path. He looked at the cabin hoping that Kaya would come out to join them, but he didn’t want to call her out rudely. Kiba crouched down to allow the ever eager pair Dae and Zion to crawl in his back. Zion was giddy to ride on the giant wolf’s back, and Dae was the ever escort. ”Are we all ready to head up? We still have a distance to go. I think you all will like what has been put together.”


Character Info
Name: Attie
Age: 18
Alignment: CN
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Wanderer/Scholar
Silver: 757
A young woman with black short hair and glasses was wondering around the mountains north of Adeluna. She had heard of this thing called a guild near the Ancense Ruins and it had interested her. Or at least the name of the guild interested her. She didn't know what a guild was but she liked the name of it, so instead of asking more questions about it, she decided to go for a visit. Her eyes were busy observing the forests and the sky which resulted in her not paying attention to the direction she was headed. Attie slammed straight into a tree and fell backwards. Reaching up to feel her face, she opened her eyes to see that it was only a tree. 

"Now who would go and put a tree in the middle of the road…." She looked around and realized she had gone off the path, "Oh."

Pushing herself to her feet, she stumbled through the forest until she found her way. Attie continued traveling until she came across a cabin. Confusion cut across her face as she wondered why somebody would put a cabin in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps this was where the guild was. Walking up to the door, she knocked lightly, listening for any sign that would allow her to come in. 

"Hello?" She called out. 
Kaya Silverheart

Character Info
Name: Kaya Silverheart
Age: 200
Alignment: TG
Race: Half Minadrias-Half Dire Wolf
Gender: Female
Class: Healer
Silver: 660
Kaya had promised her mother that she would man the cabin for any new arrivals; she didn’t mind the solitude, it was quite nice to have some time to herself to think… though she found that all her thoughts tended to end in the same place.
Even the thought of his name made the young woman smile, let alone the image of those mismatched eyes and that slightly lopsided smile of his. Kaya had fallen for him almost immediately, she couldn’t help herself, her affections hadn’t been reciprocated at first but she hadn’t expected them to be – in fact she had half expected her own feelings to dissipate after some time, believing them to be little more than a young woman’s naïve belief in love at first sight… little did she know that was exactly what had happened to her.

It had been slow burning, but in a way, she had liked that. Secret glances, knowing (awkward) smiles, gentle jibing and jokes from the pair of them that had become tender touches, ‘un’intentional meetings and complete disappearances from the pair so that they could be together. Well. It had at first, until her mother had made the comment that she when she had mentioned keeping things in the family that hadn’t been what she meant – nor was Kythe blind…
Kaya smiled at the thought of that. She had nearly choked on her breakfast that morning, her mother’s blunt statement was filled with amusement while her father looked at her in confusion – he had not been quite as observant of the moments when his daughter had vanished though he had noticed her absences.

Keen senses caught the scent of not only her lover but the scents of his and her family. Her mother had been right – they were an odd little bunch really… Kythe’s poor brain had barely coped with the news that Kaya and Kiba were an item let alone the fact that Raith of all people was courting Alairia. The woman giggled as she reimagined the side glance her mother had given her at this news, Kythe had just rolled her eyes and sighed before announcing that they were never to discuss family trees outside of their respective houses… it was too convoluted.
Sneaking to the door Kaya watched her lover in his wolven form and smiled; the wolf inside her enjoyed seeing him like that just as much as she enjoyed him in his human form. The laughter of children caught her attention and she realised that her eldest niece and nephew had come… though from the scents their mother had not. Truthfully Kaya should not have been surprised by this let alone disappointed – Luna’s feelings towards their mother had been made clear time and time again.
The scent she hadn’t expected, however, was that of her brother. Raising her eyebrows in surprise she stepped out of the cabin to greet them, her smile wide as she caught her lover’s eye. Kissing him on the nose she looked up at her nephew. ”Well now Zion! Don’t you look grand up there! I do believe we’ve found a new Master in these mountains.” She grinned, winking at Dae and Kiba.
”Hear that Cora?! I’M Master.” Zion called to his sister.
”Yeah right, whatever.” Cora replied with a sigh, rolling her eyes at her twin.

Once the children fell silent Kaya turned her jade coloured gaze on her brother. ”Hello Raith.” She said curtly.
”Big sister. Don’t worry, I’m not here to kill mother, if that’s what you’re worried about. Though I would like a word with her.” He smiled.
”Just keep out of trouble.” She replied in exasperation. ”I’ll come up as soon as I can, Teu take this candle so that the little ones on the trail don’t lead you all astray. I’m still not convinced that mother has taught them that we’re all allies yet.” She sighed, handing the woman a lit candle.

Once the group had made their way up the hill and vanished out of sight Kaya returned to the cabin, settling back on her chair to listen to the sounds of the forest at the bottom of the mountain path to see if anyone else came by.
Time passed her by though she had no concept of how long. The knock at the door woke her from her daydreaming and she scrambled to the door, the elven looking woman smiling warmly as she opened it to greet the woman on the other side of it. ”Greetings friend! My name is Kaya Silverheart, I assume you have come looking for the Nosse? Well you have taken your first step! Here, take this lighted candle – follow only the green flames, not any other colour, just the green ones. The little wood-folk like to lead people astray but this candle will signify that you are a friend and they green lights will see you safely to the Guild Hall at the mountain top where my mother will greet you. Welcome to the Nosse.”

Character Info
Name: Kiba Balatro
Age: Looks in Early 30s
Alignment: TN
Race: Diowolf/Dragon Shade
Gender: Male
Class: Champion - Strength's Authority
Silver: 1807
The diowolf shifted his giant paws as he made sure that his new arrivals were comfortable on his back. He could have easily fit the rest of the large family on his back, but there was a comfort factor for Alairia that could have made her not be as relaxed as she was now. Kiba looked at his granddaughter with a loving gaze down at her as she played simple hand game with Cora. It was good to see her smile again. He glanced to see Teu had turned in the head seat a little to look at the cabin behind Kiba where the door had opened up to show Kaya standing there. Teu gave a welcoming wave to the woman who now was going to be part of their little odd clan. Even if her father and Kaya were going to be paired together, Kaya did not wish to take the spot of mother figure…as others had attempted to in the past. Teu liked Kaya and the way her father was around her. The half elf smiled warmly as the features on the giant wolf softened even further at the sight of Kaya. He was happy again, and the family had been brought together.

As she lightly kissed the tip of his nose, Kiba leaned into her chest to nuzzle into her. He inhaled her scent as if it would get him through the rest of the day. His Reztreal focused on her aura that always radiated brighter when she was around him. It was hard to ignore the effect that they each had on one another. The diowolf was still bewildered at how she encouraged him to remember his deceased wife, and didn’t want him to leave his ring aside. He would always remember Nami. She was an important pinnacle in his life. As Kiba watched the family interact, he knew that he could build something new here with Kaya at his side.

Teu nodded as the candle was given and lit. She placed it on the seat beside her to make sure it stayed in her protected purview. -I will make sure to keep an eye out. Thankfully we have an expert escort to head up.- Her tone was soft and kindhearted. Seeing the love between Kiba and Kaya only reminded her that Kieran was not with her for the important journey. He had things he had to handle for his family and could not hold it against anyone. There would be another trip that he would make to go with them next time.

The elf turned around to look at the family left in the cart. She checked on each before urging her cart horse forward up the trail. There was a lingering look at Alairia as she was tucked against Raith’s side and then had Cora with her as well. Despite all that had happened, Teu was relaxing on the idea of the two as a pair. He genuinely seemed to love Ria for everything that she was despite how different they really were. Ria was healing and so was Raith. Teu worried for them both as their injuries had been intensely severe and in ways she had never imagined would happen to anyone she knew, let alone her child. Teu shook her head to push away the thoughts and had the cart follow Kiba up the trail.

Kiba turned his massive head around to look at Kaya. ”Don’t be down here too long. I want you to be with me.” He gave her a wolf grin before moving into trot. With the direction of the diowolf they had made it in good time up to the main hall. The family seemed impressed with it all. All stayed together as they made it to where the rest of the guests were gathering. Teu smiled a young woman who was mingling among the Au-Ra. Kiba had changed back into his human form with a comfortable suit that let him move easily.

Making sure her family was situated, Teu went to find Kythe. The young woman wrapped her arms around Kythe from behind in a hug before shifting to be at her side with head resting on Kythe’s shoulder. ’We are here!’

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