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Character Info
Name: Dalanesca
Age: Immortal (29)
Alignment: CE
Race: Deity (Human)
Gender: Female
Class: Assassin/Rogue
Silver: 8996
As much as we love our member base here at Revaliir, we always love expanding our family!  That is why we would love it if YOU would help us with advertising our site!

We are offering a one (1) week silver boost to anyone who posts any kind of advertising for us: social media, other forums, blogs - if we verify it, you'll get the boost!  Please visit this thread to post proof of your ad, and we will subsequently issue your reward.

On another note, if you directly refer a user to Revaliir, you will also be eligible for a reward.  After the user posts three (3) IC posts, post their username and that you referred them in this thread and we will issue both you and the new user 50 silver each.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me - and happy advertising!

No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold… nothing satisfies me but your soul

OOC: I'm Whitney!
IC: Dalanesca is The Reaper of Souls, or The Siren.

Dalanesca's God Powers/Rules
I. Dalanesca can manifest her power to temporarily send any non-divine to one of the Circulos Inferos in Luxuria Mortiferum.
II. Dalanesca can summon the Souls of the Damned from the depths of Luxuria Mortiferum to do her bidding in the land of the living.
III. Dalanesca can incite any desire within someone by merely looking at them, and just as easily with her mind.

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