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Character Info
Name: Serafina Volkov
Age: 2300
Alignment: CE
Race: Vaewolf
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess / Female Alpha
Silver: 1347
Hey everyone!  It's with great joy that I announce a new addition to Revaliir's moderator team!  

Please join me in welcoming Jolly (Jordan) to the team!  We are truly looking forward to having him join us.  He's been a great help to our memberbase and an asset to the site.  We are so excited to have him!

Serafina is The Infernal Queen, or The Temptress

Serafina's God Rules/Abilities
I. Serafina can manipulate anyone into telling her what they wish to indulge in above all else.
II. Serafina can summon the souls of the damned from Inferos to do her bidding in the mortal plane.
III. Serafina can alter the mood in a room or area and cause any of its non-divine inhabitants to begin acting in over indulgent, lush, or incredibly violent behavior.

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