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Angela Rose

Character Info
Name: Angela E. Rose
Age: Immortal Looks 20s
Alignment: CG
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess/Herbalist/Queen
Silver: 14628
With the new law in place in Europe, Revaliir is forced to add these new guidelines to how European User's data is used. Before anyone freaks out I want to explain a few things You might not know. (You might have seen in your emails everyone updating their ToS just like we are today)

Rev has always recorded your IPs. This is to make sure we can protect you guys from any threats. When we ban someone we don't ban the accounts but the IP so that they cannot access our site. The only time we ever look at the IP is to make sure that someone is who they say they are/when they need to be banned. All sites on the internet record your IPs. You must remember to protect yourself at all times.

Revaliir is also part of a growing group of sites that are designed to protect all users from threats who linger on sites. For example, if Revaliir gets a pedophile and we get proof. We ban the pedophile, get his info, and send it to the head admins of the sites in the Watch. Now the Watch knows that this person is a pedophile with absolute proof and can now protect their users. (You can come on Discord and ask me about it. I don't want you guys to freak out over this). In no way shape or form are we spying on everyone. This is more like an information network should something go terribly wrong. Matter of fact, I'm one of the moderators for said group.

Now here is the addendum which may change but for right now is enough to cover us. Should you not agree just contact staff and we'll inactivate your accounts.:

Terms of Service Addendum 6/3/2018

European users are now required to be 16 years or older to use Revaliir without the consent of their parents. By accepting this terms of service you are guaranteeing Revaliir and it’s staff that you have full permission to use this site.

Revaliir collects the Ip(Internet Protocol) addresses of all of its users by accepting our terms of service you acknowledge this happens. This is to ensure the safety of all of our users should a user become a threat.

Revaliir is part of a growing network of sites designed to ensure the safety of all users involved. Should a user be a threat their information will be shared within the network. This Neighborhood Watch will not share things that are not considered a threat. Some viable threats include: harassment, pedophilia, hacking, etc.

OOC: Brittlez the lovable Head Admin and Server Mom
IC: Angela is The Weaver of Life and Love.
Angela's 3 God Rules
1. Angela has the power to heal wounds/resurrect on command.
2. Angela can bring out someone's inner love.
3. Angela can peer into your thoughts be it for desires, artifacts you seek, and earthly knowledge you might have.
Also: If you check Angela's temple you can see she can make Artifacts! Temporary for plot or if you have a custom item voucher I can whip up something for that!
Angela's complete family tree is in her temple! (Alternate link is in my profile)

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