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Angela Rose

Character Info
Name: Angela E. Rose
Age: Immortal Looks 20s
Alignment: CG
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess/Herbalist/Queen
Silver: 14680
I'm gonna say this just once. The only people who need to be worried about whos doing what quota for Gods or the like are Whitney and myself + the god involved. I catch anyone counting quota or attempting to keep track of which god could fall I'll blackball you myself from being a deity. That goes for Moderators, other Admins, and users. It's toxic and plain cruel. Messaging a god about their quota is unnecessary unless its to help them out which happens a lot (because you know we're a community and work together). Furthermore, the rules for quota are a lot more complex on the inside and there are hidden rules that Whitney and I follow so even IF a god was behind you don't know the full story and you don't know what Whit and I are dishing out. These rules are only known to Whit and myself as to keep the peace and make sure stress is at an absolute minimum for our deities.

This was a terrible problem on past sites and I'm going to kick it in the butt right now. I find out, I get proof of it, you are done. You'll have no one to blame but yourself for being a jerk. Most of us are adults. It's a shame when I have to sit here and deal with ADULTS screaming "It's favoritism" "It's not fair". Life isn't fair. You don't get handed a deity spot you earn it. You earn it by being a good member of the community. You earn it by doing an upstanding job not only OOC but IC as well. You earn it by making us turn our heads and notice your hard work, your application, and your overall storytelling.

So I'll repeat it once more: Life isn't fair. Not everyone is on the same playing field. I've watched AMAZING deities come through that I've placed my money on and watched them cripple under the weight of quota, site duties, and other things. Yeah, it makes me feel like crap that my pick that round didn't last but that's life. If you can't handle the stress of being a deity there's always going to become a champion of one.

So for the love of everything sane please act like adults with some form of compassion and a good sense of judgment. Also, I've already talked it over with Whitney who is in charge of keeping track of quota and she full on agrees with me.

-Brittlez, Head Admin

PS: I don't do favoritism and I like everyone just about equally when it comes to Rev including Brandon. Everyone knows I am 10x harder on those I know and 100x harder on the staff if they apply. No amount of chicken nuggets and alpacas is gonna get you good enough into my good graces to get you a spot that SOMEONE else is working hard to get and showing it.

OOC: Brittlez the lovable Head Admin and Server Mom
IC: Angela is The Weaver of Life and Love.
Angela's 3 God Rules
1. Angela has the power to heal wounds/resurrect on command.
2. Angela can bring out someone's inner love.
3. Angela can peer into your thoughts be it for desires, artifacts you seek, and earthly knowledge you might have.
Also: If you check Angela's temple you can see she can make Artifacts! Temporary for plot or if you have a custom item voucher I can whip up something for that!
Angela's complete family tree is in her temple! (Alternate link is in my profile)

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