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Author: Angela Rose, Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 2:03 PM, Post Subject: Events for 2019+ Announcement

I promised on discord that I would give a rundown of how events will work from now on starting in 2019. You might have remembered me posting about a rotation of gods but I've taken it a bit further now:
There will be 1 World Event and 2 continent events for each continent. + there are special staff events like December and Feb.

4 Deity events will be placed throughout the year. This means there should be only 2 months where we will have a cooldown. Deities will rotate based on seniority. So you will always know who's events are which years. For example, next year is: Angela, Xunatar, Dalanesca, and Naota. 2020 is Drae, Lokir, Zanar, and Shiloh.

Deity Events are 2 weeks long (extensions possible but debatable) – These event areas are normally x2 bonus.

Staff Events like Valentine's day or Christmas are iffy. December is generally all month long because of the holiday being right in the middle and gives users the ability to be with family and not worry. Staff events will utilize the x3 event bonus. December will give everyone a month-long x2 silver bonus as a present.

Anniversary Event is all month long with a x5 multiplier bonus + 2x multiplier bonus for every area outside the event.

World Event- This is like our meta event something that gives Revaliir a story. This will be all month and I'll utilize the x4 bonus for this month. The goal with this normally isn't to be too repetitive. For 2018 Halloween we did war… for the 2019 World Event, we should do something else but still have it be meaningful.

Continent Event- These will utilize the x3 Silver bonus. General story or something fun on each of the continents to make it active/have an active part of Rev’s story.

Event Prize Numbers
Each event TYPE has a number of prizes they are allowed so Gypsy and I don't die… and people don't die trying to get them

Deity: 3 prizes, up to 2 drops
World: 5 Prizes, up to 3 drops
Staff: 4 Prizes, up to 2 drops
Anniversary: 7 prizes, up to 3 drops
Continent: 3 prizes, up to 3 drops

This is too keep you guys on your toes and deliver meaningful stories for Revaliir outside of the gods. Also to provide stories for the continents as well so we're not too heavy on one or the other. Since most god events tend to be in Canelux for obvious reasons.

-Brittlez, Head Admin

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