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Author: Angela Rose, Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:43 PM, Post Subject: Event Conclusion!


When Angela had recovered she had already known the plan in place to save Dalanesca would not work. The Goddess of Life and Love became quiet and withdrawn from the rest of the group that had saved her and she even rejected the child she had fought so hard to protect. Up in her Sularian Library, she shut everyone out and became a recluse. The woman had barely said a word to her saviors, let alone her husband and children. Her eyes were full of regret and pain but she didn’t dare speak of it. The goddess was sure that those who had been around her had sensed something was dreadfully wrong. Sure the plant life was alive again but there was a feeling of dread and death lingering like an ominous cloud.

A week went by of this weird behavior before the Gods finally broke into the library. What they found made them stop. They had come into the room to talk sense into the Goddess Angela, to try and get her to help Dalanesca. However, the pages before them spoke of a very different tale. The chalkboard that Angela had been working on since she went into the room was full of theories and half done plans that had no end. Each one was crossed off.

The red-haired goddess was slumped up against the board with her head in her hands. “Angela?” Shiloh was, of course, the first to break the silence.

“It won’t work you know,” the words left her lips grimly. “The potion everyone has been working towards… It won’t work.”

It took Adraejen a while to realize what the writing on the board meant. “The potion weakened it?”

“So to speak. What the Voice has done inadvertently never was meant to save her. He didn’t know I doubt he could. Ever present as he is… He couldn’t have known,” Angela spoke through tired tears and frustration as she pushed her hair back and finally looked up at the group.

“Then tell me what it is we’ve been releasing into the realm. If the concoction isn’t working towards the cure… What have we been doing Angela?” The Voice appeared and crouched down by her.

“Weakening it and her. It’s been far too long now. Their souls are entwined. At least hers is with that thing. If we tried to separate them no-” Angela stopped and got upset but soon she pushed herself off the ground and dusted herself off. “Furthermore, she can’t be killed by just anyone. There are severe consequences to what I did back during the invasion. Even if we stripped her of her spheres, which I’m sure the Voice has started to, there is a chance she will still retain all the powers since she isn’t even of this world anymore.”

"Ang, Ang, Ang! Slow down, magic isn't my thing, take a breath and explain it slower, you sound like a lunatic when you're talking that fast. What is it exactly you want me to do? And leave out all the magical crap." Lokir explained, trying to get Angela to explain things in less magical terms, he was no mage, he only had a limited amount of magic before becoming a God.

“I think she is trying to say we have to kill The Reaper,” Nemesis had returned from his hunt with just enough information on where the goddess was.

“No, I’m saying I have to,” it came as a whisper from Angela but everyone in the room heard it. Before anyone could fight with her she looked up at Lokir. “I’m going to need you to do it.”

“Ang, there has to be another w-” Adraejen interjected.

“If there was another way don’t you think I would have found it?!” Angela shouted back at the God of Trickery and Arcane. “I love her more than anyone else in this room but if we don’t do this we’re going to lose every last bit of her. The Titan Resurrection I did for her… It did a lot more than just alter her. It made her immune to Gods. It’s why we’re having such a hard time with her even when we go in pairs.”

“I’m surprised you know the full length of the situation,” this time it was Zanar, God of the Hunt and Wilds, that spoke up. “You’ve been asleep since this started.”

“I am the earth, the trees, the life-force that thousands give off. I’m an expert in being nosy. Even if I was stuck in bed I could still keep tabs and that’s how I came to this conclusion. I may have been resting physically but mentally and spiritually I’ve never stopped working since I lost consciousness. If there was another way to do this we would be talking about it right now,” Angela spoke calmly for the first time in a long while. “Where is she?”

“Raising all unholy hell in Bohar Plains,” Nemesis narrowed his eyes on Angela. “You aren’t a killer.”

“I’m well aware. I’m also nowhere near as strong as the rest of you to fight full on. It’s why we’re going to need a distraction. A plan. I have one and hopefully, it will work. If it fails she’ll really kill me this time.” Angela flipped the board to a blank side and picked up some chalk. “First, this entire plan hinges on Lokir living up to his name as Strength.”

The Gods worked tirelessly putting together the plan that Angela laid out. In order for this to work, they would have to all work together. They would have to mask Angela and her life force until the time was right. The Goddess of Life and Love theorized that the creature possessing Dalanesca knew Angela could kill her and that’s why she was its first victim.

The Gods arrived on the edge of Bohar near where The Dark Kaiser had last tracked The Reaper. “Okay, Lokir. This is for you.” Angela was holding a long weapon wrapped in white silk. It had gold chains around it with a lock. “I worked tirelessly making this and it might be uncomfortable for you to hold it. The Voice and I made a replica of my soul and power within this weapon.” She unlocked it and let the chains hit the ground. Slowly she uncovered it and her power poured out like an unrestricted waterfall.

The spear was made of the diamond-like Lacriamium. The blade at the top of it was a filigree teardrop in shape and style. It was decorated in Opal etchings with marble holding the blade to the spear handle. It spanned a great length of ten feet letting off a soft light that was reminiscent of the moon. “This is the Mistral. This is the single most powerful weapon in existence Lokir. It has a single use before the power will dissipate into the earth. All you have to do is throw it and it will do its job.” Carefully she let the God of War and Strength take it from her.

“So I hit her with it right?” Lokir looked over the blade as he tested its weight.

“No, I actually need you to throw it so you just miss her.” Angela was going to start explaining her plan but the God of War and Strength was true to his nature.

“Miss her? I have a clear shot of her Ang! Just let me hit her. Let me end this! You don’t have to have the blood on your hands.” He began to shout at the goddess probably out of shock rather than anger.

“I’m sorry Lokir. It is my responsibility and I won’t let another take the burden. Please, just stop being difficult and throw it just close enough. I need it to catch her attention. After that, I’ll take over and do what I have to do.” The smaller Goddess put her hands on Lokir’s shoulders as she spoke.

“You are the one being difficult! I can hit from here and end it! We can’t afford to have you in any danger!”

A stubborn look came over Angela’s face as she glared up at him. “Throw the f**king spear next to her or I’m telling Basse to withhold for two months…” Angela’s voice was low and threatening. There was no deceit that Lokir could read. Perhaps that alone was more terrifying than the whole Dalanesca situation.

With as nosy as Angela was there was a shiver up Lokir’s spine. “I… GRR, for f**k sake… FINE.”

Lokir focused all of his godly might into one good swing. The spear shot off becoming a comet in the sky as it soared towards its target. Dalanesca was ripping apart another one of the villagers that had crossed her path when she stopped looking in the direction of the incoming object. “So, you did survive.” The Reaper’s demon voice sounded angry. She needed Angela to be death.

The Reaper had no time to respond as the spear got her in its sight. It blinked from where it was in the sky and smashed into the ground causing a circular impact at least one mile all the way around the impact site. The crater it left was at least ten yards deep as it surged with divine energy. The impact of the spear shook the whole continent, the oceans around, and even in Parvpora and Onnen where Gods were weak did the coastlines feel the tremors.

There was mild laughing as Dalanesca wiped the blood from her face where the spear had grazed her. “All that work… and that’s all you have to show?” The Reaper was disappointed as she brought her hand up and tasted the blood. “It’s pathetic.”

“No, it really wasn’t Dal.” Angela appeared behind her as the energy of the crater hid her presence. The Mother took hold of the Reaper and forced her hand through Dalanesca’s chest with a wicked crack of the woman’s ribs. Green magic came from her hand as she began to extract the Reaper’s magic. “It’s pathetic you didn’t see what was really coming.” The words were cold as divine fire launched from the skies.

Dalanesca was quick to pin the Elder Goddess beneath her. “I’m going to really kill you this time.” Her heart hung from her chest thanks to the surprise attack. It took but a few moments to notice that the skyfire was pure life essence and not truly flames as it became increasingly clear there was no time to move. They hit the goddesses directly with the Reaper accidentally shielding the Mother. It had obviously sounded easier to do when they were planning it. Angela had banked on what type of personality the Eldritch being brought upon her sister Goddess. It was both a relief and a curse.

There were wails from the crater as the flames of life raged even wider than the crater. Angela had made sure Dalanesca couldn’t escape and she that was why she had been out of energy to resist being pinned down before the impact. “You bitch,” the Reaper was wailing in pain as her half-charred form stumbled about and finally fell. “You-” Angela held Dalanesca in her arms. The Goddess of Life could see The Siren’s hand slowly crumbling into ash as she took hold of it. “Ang… I’m so scared.” There she was.

Angela gave a sad smile to her. “I know. I’m so sorry I coul-”

“No, I stabbed you in the heart Ang. You could have lost Wis.” Dalanesca hid the half of her face left into the bosom of her sister goddess. “I can’t forgive myself for that.”

There was a shake from Angela as she offered a kiss to Dal’s forehead. “Hush yourself. It wasn’t you.”

“I was its tool! I let it use me! I wasn’t strong enough. I-… I-” Dalanesca’s voice grew quiet and Angela watched as her friend’s breathing went shallow. “I don’t deserve a friend like you.”

“Now, you are speaking utter nonsense. After all, we’ve been through you should know better.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too Dalanesca.” There was silence after that as the Goddess of Death and Lust went silent in both noises and movement. There was the unnerving crackling of her body as it turned to ash. Angela closed Dalanesca’s one good eye before she broke down in tears.

It took several days for the holy flames to burn out. The Mistral Spear could not be pulled from the impact crater now in the Bohar Plains. The locals have taken to calling the area The Ouroboros Prairie after the two Goddesses of Life and Death. The Mistral stands as a prayer ground for those traveling. Many call it a symbol of peace and prosperity since when the spear landed the life all around went out of control.

Angela, the goddess of Life and Love, constructed a temple near the Mistral. It was obsidian with gold detail. A statue of Dalanesca, the Goddess of Death and Lust, stood out in front ever watching all those who visited. Carved into the statue’s base was an inscription that Angela had chiseled herself:

“Here lies Dalanesca, The Reaper and The Siren.
Songs speak of the coming Ignius
The happiness and joy that it will bring
But then you left us full of heartbreak
Forever leaving us feeling stuck in Glaciem.”

The Mother was clear with all those who asked if Dalanesca was truly a monster. “No, she was a victim. Let this be a warning of what is coming though and prepare. This isn’t over… It’s just beginning.”

Thousands who heard Angela gathered in the Plains as The Goddess lit a pyre with Dalanesca’s body in the center. The Gods stood with her as they each added their own torch. It was a proper send-off. Dalanesca had died being a victim but she had always been a warrior. “Now, you can finally rest. Your long journey is over…” Angela spoke softly to her sister goddess.

TDLR: Dalanesca has been killed because the Eldritch Being took over her too much and it was the only way to save what little bit of her there was left.

A new area description is coming to the Bohar Plains for the Ouroboros Prairie.

Because of the way Angela sucked Dalanesca power out Angela has inherited Lust into her Love Sphere since we only split them for the funnies. Her title will probably change to reflect this but it is a minor change.

Whitney is removing Dalanesca as Goddess and has chosen ANOTHER to take her place. I’ll just put “Coming Soon” Here

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