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Angela Rose

Character Info
Name: Angela Rose-Volkov
Age: Immortal Looks 20s
Alignment: CG
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess/Herbalist/Advisor
Silver: 14519
Heroes to the world hear a calling from the Goddess Angela, “Go to the edge of Mamlak in Vada Valley. You will find a tool you will need for the struggle ahead. Go now and collect it.”

Pre-Event Event? Link! post in Valley of Vada to get it!! here's the description :3

Edit: I did get asked a question by AJ on Discord – You guys can post more than once but only 1 of what Angela is offering will drop!

OOC: Brittlez the lovable Head Admin and Server Mom
IC: Angela is The Weaver of Life and Love.
Angela's 3 God Rules
1. Angela can create a garden of protection and healing around her on command.
2. Angela has supreme control over her domains and can trump the efforts of all others.
3. Angela can bestow her blessing upon the earth, accelerating the growth and vitality of all life present.

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