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Angela Rose

Character Info
Name: Angela Rose-Volkov
Age: Immortal Looks 20s
Alignment: CG
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess/Herbalist/Advisor
Silver: 17214

Within the wastelands of the Moritius Swamp a large fair has set up in a place that once was below the muck. Fairy lights are lighting up the whole area. There is a large clock tower decorated in the same lights like a fancy tree during the winter time. Something seems off though as you travel in. The merry laughter, the fun, the games~ It all seems so wrong…

There is a small stage near the entrance of the fairgrounds. Music comes alive but… the notes they seem off. Everything about this place seems off.

The curtain rises and the lights shine on center stage as the crowd is in an uproar! Fanfare blares and confetti flies from the hands of several garishly painted clowns as the silhouette of a figure emerges from behind the backdrop. Behold! The one, the only, the dashing and daring—Ringmaster Bram Godric! The chorus of cheers erupts into a roar as deafening applause ushers in a harlequin of a man, decked out in colorful patterned garb that would give the Hatter a run for his money. Blowing a kiss to the adoring crowds with a skeletal hand, the Big Man of the Big Top himself clears his throat theatrically before his speech.

“A-A—HEM! Greetings ladies and gentlemen, ghouls and fiends~ How lovely of you all to join us this evening! It is my dearest and utmost honor to welcome you to the greatest show you will ever see! Truly a sight for sore eyes with tantalizing acts and thrills so spine-tingling, so spectacular, it’s to die for! So take a stroll, let your hair down, and have a gander at our delectable assortment of unearthly delights! There’s a little something for everyone here, or else my name isn’t Bram Godric!” Composing himself, his face turns serious for a moment before flinging his arms out wide and throwing his head back in a maniacal grin. With a loud cackling voice, the ringmaster declares: “Now without further ado…LET THE SHOW BEGIN!” An explosion of sparks and color bursts into the sky showering the stage with sparkling embers, leaving the atmosphere positively electric!


Welcome to the Witching Hour Fairgrounds! It is a place where fantasy and reality come clashing together for this festive month of All Hallows’ Eve. During the day like Cinderella's ball this place is a dream come true for the whole family but once the clock hands strike twelve the night comes to play!

For twelve hours of daylight the fair will be gentle on your soul. It will give you everything you want and more from games to the big top circus acts! Pick a pumpkin and carve it! Take a fun hayride! Try your luck at our maze! THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO AND SO LITTLE TIME!

However, be warned that once the clock strikes midnight that all hell will break loose and fantasy will meld into reality. Night terrors will come alive and what once was safe will no longer be! So know where the boundaries are and pay attention if you want to survive. If you are mad enough take on the midnight reapers but be warned you only have twelve hours to succeed.

The Witching Hour Fair is hosting TEN different areas/subevents!

Eight of them can be found in the main description!
The Witching Hour Fairgrounds Description

There are 2 more subevents being hosted by members of staff! Stay tuned for what they have in store! They will post their links and stuff at the end of this announcement once they are ready to go!!!

There are THREE synth drops for you guys to collect for this event: Candy Corn, Poisoned Candied Apples, and Licorice Wheels!

These three items will be needed to craft the TEN event prizes that we are handing out at Namita's Relics (like always! Check out her shop it has good stuff!)

The event items are as follow:
Spectral Cloak
Bram's Nightmare
Night Terror Tiger
Eye of Nightmare
Hellfire Whip
Midnight Dial
Puppeteer's Harp
Derrick's Daggers
Trick or Treat Tonic
Marcil's Parasol

There is a x5 silver boost in the swamp for the duration of the event since it's our anniversary!

OOC: Brittlez the lovable Head Admin and Server Mom
IC: Angela is The Weaver of Life and Love.
Angela's 3 God Rules
1. Angela can create a garden of protection and healing around her on command.
2. Angela has supreme control over her domains and can trump the efforts of all others.
3. Angela can bestow her blessing upon the earth, accelerating the growth and vitality of all life present.

Character Info
Name: Trafalgor
Age: 31
Alignment: LN
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Druid/Monk
Silver: 1225
Pumpkin Carving Contest

Greetings Revalites! October is a time for celebration! Not only do we celebrate Revaliir’s anniversary, but it is also time to celebrate the things that go bump in the night. What Halloween spooktacular would be complete without one of the most well known celebrations of all things Halloween - a pumpkin carving contest!

Revaliir’s version of a pumpkin carving contest is going to take the form of - you guessed it - a creative writing competition. Using all of your literary skills, we want you to write out your most spooky, creative, epic, and downright amazing description of a pumpkin carving of your choosing. You can get as creative as you like, but will still need to follow the theme of the contest: Celebrating Revaliir. Interpret this to what you will, but it can be as broad or specific as you’d like.

Now, there are a few guidelines that your piece must follow, as well as specific criteria on which your entry will be judged by our faceless judges. Those guidelines and criteria are as follows.

Minimum submission length: 100 words
Maximum submission length: 750 words

Originality: Is this your idea? Is it unique? Maximum of 10 points.
Concept: How does your piece celebrate Revaliir? Maximum of 10 points.
Descriptiveness: Are you descriptive enough without going overboard? Maximum of 10 points.
Grammar: Did you use proper spelling/punctuation/grammar? Maximum of 10 points.

You may write your piece as your character, or as a purely OOC descriptive piece. Please note that we will give higher consideration and possibly additional points to those pieces that are written IC as opposed to those that are written OOC. Magic/special powers may be used in the act of carving the pumpkin, but no magical effects must remain on the finished submission.

Our third place winner will receive 500 silver; second place will receive 1000 silver; and first place will receive 1500 silver! All participants will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ for their participation.

After your submission, you can request ONE edit to your thread if you realize you have made a grammatical error. You cannot edit the actual descriptive content of your post. If you do so, you will be disqualified.

Entries are due before the end of the celebration event.

To post your entry, please reply to this thread! Only one entry allowed per user.

IC Post and submissions found at: https://revaliir.net/forum/vilpamolan-coast/perditi-cemetery/5095/?page=1#41358

"I come to you with empty hands. I have no weapons, but if I am forced to defend myself, my principles, or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons. Empty hands." ~Trafalgor

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